A Predator's Heart (捕食者のむね Hoshoku-sha no Mune) is the fifth episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on September 1, 2015.


Ainz confirmed the race and classes of the Pleiades members (Yuri almost took off her collar and let her head fall off in the process). He then asked how the Pleiades didn't show much expression, which Yuri replied that they are still nowhere near Ainz's level.

While Lupusregina, CZ, and Narberal spoke of how Yuri can emit a scary aura sometimes, Ainz stared at Entoma and comments on how good she is at making poker faces, which Solution explained to him that her face is a mimic.

Curious of what were the other faces she would make, Ainz ordered her to show it, which she responded by removing her mask, showing her real face to Ainz, making him scream.

Characters Introduced

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Play Notes

  • According to Narberal, Yuri's angry aura makes one feel as if she can do 9th tier magic.
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