Cutting Through the Lies with Fists (嘘を切り裂く双拳 Uso o Kirisaku Futakobushi) is the third episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on August 18, 2015.


As Narberal was training in the Amphitheater of the 6th Floor, Ainz came and complimented her. Ainz successfully convinced her that he had a reason for ordering them to converse normally with him, making him dance happily. As Narberal asked what he is doing, he made an excuse that his dance is a new magical pose that only he knows of and that pose allows him to cast magic faster, reducing the casting time.

Fascinated, Narberal asked him to teach her the magic pose, which Ainz had no choice but to agree. As the two of them danced, the other Pleiades arrived and joined the dance.

After that, they thought that they had matured more thanks to Ainz teachings, which caused Ainz to feel even more guilt and ashamed for covering his lies with more lies.

Characters Introduced

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Play Notes

  • When Narberal utilizes powerful magic abilities, she is unable to take on another form, able to retain her human form.
  • Though he can cast 8th tier magic, in her best condition she can reach the 10th tier.
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