Battle Maids (戦闘メイド Sentō meido) is the second episode of the Pure Pure Pleiades. It was first broadcasted on August 11, 2015.


Albedo explained to Ainz that the Pleiades are requesting an audience with him. Ainz initially approved of it but when he was just about change his mind to refuse by saying he doesn't feel well, Albedo immediately left the room and called the Battle Maids.

When the Pleiades arrived, he ordered them to converse to him normally so they won't notice that he is panicking, which the Pleiades agreed, although each of them have their own unique way of doing so.

Characters Introduced

In Order of Appearance


Play Notes

  • During their comfortable presentations of themselves, as ordered by Ainz, Yuri is the only one of the Pleiades that acts the same.
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