MVP (MVP MVP) is the thirteenth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on October 2, 2018.

Summary Edit

Ainz Ooal Gown calls the gathering to attention to stand in a line before him. He immediately uses Total Calmness Modified Mark 2 on the NPCs. Just as Ainz finishes Demiurge appears and asks what is going on. Glancing at the banner draped in the Throne Room: The First Action Contest Demiurge accurately surmises the situation to be the result of misinterpretation of Pandora's Actor while disguised as Ainz. Ainz s glad Demiiurge caught on the situation until Demiurge further postulates that the scenario was to make the Guardians think independently. Ainz seeing it logically accepts that it was part of his plan. He secretly tells him that he will order to act more imposing and dignified. Departing Ainz overacts [Greater Teleportation], leaving Albedo admiring his departure as elegant.

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  • Aura and the Death Knight are the only ones that Ainz didn't bother to use Total Calm on.
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