Great Confusion (大混乱 Dai Konran) is the twelfth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on September 25, 2018.


Ainz Ooal Gown calls upon CZ2I28 Delta and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta to perform an operation on his behalf. The pair ask what is required of them, as they perform their overacting, from Ainz. The Overlord states it is to stop that action, to which they comply.

Ainz clarifies that they will cancel out the overreaction craze that has spread throughout Nazarick. The two are to set traps with talismans and lure people in Nazarick into it. Once their prey is captured, they are to use Total Calmness Modified Mark 2 to normalize their minds. He understands that the Guardians are high-level beings and will be difficult to capture even with their skills.

Ainz is about to authorize them to use a World Item until CZ2I28 suggests that he call all of them to assemble and use Total Calmness on all of them at the same time. Ainz embarrassed realizes she is right. Back at hos desk, Ainz notes that everyone will soon assemble, just as he leaves his desk he overacts [Greater Teleportation] until he realizes how stupid it is and does so normally. Arriving to the Throne Room has become a setting for a competition called First Action Contest much to the dismay of Ainz.

Characters Introduced


Play Notes

  • This episode is the first Pure Pure Pleiades episode that makes a reference to the World Items.
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