The Daughter of a Man Tangled with the Trend (流行に絡まっている男の娘 Ryūkō ni Karamatte Iru Otoko no Musume) is the seventh episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on August 21, 2018.

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Demiurge reports via Message everything is going accordingly, which pleases Ainz Ooal Gown. As he has not been able to return to Nazarick, Demiurge states to his master to contact him for any situation that may arise. Ainz nervously states that he will do so. After the spell ends Ainz says that he will be in trouble when Demiurge gets back. Ainz still has no answer of how to resolve this predicament with the overacting trend. He hears Mare Bello Fiore cry out causing him to investigate. Asking what's wrong Mare tells him of how the other NPCs in Nazarick are into the overacting trend and is trying to practice. However he is having trouble. Ainz tells hims not to push himself, only for Mare to uncharacteristically shout in a resolute voice say it can't be allowed. The action originated from Ainz and he as a Floor Guardian would be a disgrace if he couldn't follow through. Mare tells Ainz to watch over him as he spell casts Wood Land Straight, causing a small tree to grow beneath him as he poses.

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  • Aside from Shalltear who overacted when doing Greater Teleportation, Mare is the second character to actually overact and use a spell at the same time.
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