Guardian First, Abbreviated (守護者筆頭、略して○ Shugosha Hittō, Ryakushite ○) is the fourth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on July 31, 2018.


Ainz Ooal Gown observes a trio of Vampire Brides doing poses, when Albedo barges in, demanding to know what they are doing.

Hearing from Shalltear Bloodfallen that Ainz had recommended overacting in terms of skills and spell casting, Albedo believes that none of the NPCs and subjects are acting out with passion. Ainz's inner voices tells him to speak out the truth about this huge misunderstanding, but as he attempts to inform the Overseer Guardian, only to have her insist that she knows his thoughts.

Dominating the conversation she openly stating she is incognizant of her master's wishes. Declaring such is her duty as his servant and wife, before running out leaving an aghast Ainz.

Characters Introduced


Play Notes

  • Ainz's inner ego is shown to be more confident and resolute than his apparent acting personality.
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