Shalltear Again (シャルティア再び Sharutia Futatabi) is the second episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on July 17, 2018.


Walking through the halls of the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown contemplates of what he should do about the Pleiades. The maids are now obsessed in thinking doing dramatic poses in synchronization with their attacks and spells will heighten their ability.

They got the idea from Solution Epsilon after the incident where Pandora's Actor disguised himself as Ainz. While departing Re-Estize, Pandora's Actor flamboyantly declared his spell Greater Teleportation. Ainz realizing that there were other people besides Solution present at the Doppelgänger's actions; Victim, Cocytus, Demiurge, Sebas Tian; decides to interview each of them before this fad gets out of control and reaches Demiurge's ears.

Passing by a room, he hears Shalltear's voice. Peeking in he see to his shock she is also practicing like the maids. She stops briefly complaining she made a mistaken, throwing a tirade of how she could not afford to make a mistake until she has earned Ainz's affections and redeem herself for her previous betrayal.

Throwing back her head, she spots Ainz and greets him. Approaching him, the vampire asks how was her actions and spell casting. Ainz is shocked for words, but as Shalltear pushes for a response he hastily agrees its good.

Characters Introduced


Play Notes

  • Shalltear's behavior while acting out her spells is akin to a magical girl from an anime series.
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