New Melancholy of the Ruler (支配者の新たな憂鬱 Shihai-sha no Aratana Yūutsu) is the first episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 3. It was first broadcasted on July 10, 2018.


Ainz is panicking on what to do as he discovered the Pleiades practicing doing dramatic poses in conjunction with displaying their skills and casting. Yuri notices him and bows respectfully to her master.

Ainz asks why are the practicing these moves, to which Yuri explains that Solution upon seeing Ainz amazing spell casting in Re-Estize after he order the transition of the Pleiades Six Stars to the Pleiades Seven Sisters, suggested that they incorporate such actions in their own attacks and spell casting.

As they never seen Ainz pose before, they believe that such dramatic poses increase the effect of magic and skills. Ainz attempts to explain that isn't the case but is at a loss of words, which the maids take as a confirmation to their theories. Yuri states that they must train themselves for the betterment of Nazrick and orders her sister to do the same.

Characters Introduced

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Play Notes

  • CZ2128 breaks the third wall, stating that the title of the series is the same as before.
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