Oh Dear, I Wonder (おっとどうなんでしょう Otto Dōna Ndeshou) is the tenth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 2. It was first broadcasted on March 13, 2018.


Ainz Ooal Gown thanks Sebas Tian after the butler served him a cup of tea. In this world, Ainz learns that he is the leader of the secretaries.

Before Ainz could go further he notices a lascivious Vice President Albedo hovering by his desk. Albedo believing sweets to be best for an exhausted brain, has prepared Ainz a snack. As Albedo dotes around Ainz, the latter sees that her emotions are the same as her counterpart in his world.

He later asks Sebas Tian what causes Albedo to act this way. Though he is not in any position to talk about another person's emotion, Sebas Tian states it is love. Ainz already expecting that answer, is given another surprise when Sebas Tian declares that he is also in love. Ainz initially misunderstands until Sebas Tian explains that it is his love for the company which he expresses.

Characters Introduced

In Order of Appearance


  • Nazarick Corporation

Play Notes

  • Albedo prepared Ainz a canelé which is a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla, with a thick caramelized crust.
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