Soaring Spirits of People (舞い上がる人ら Maiagaru Hito-ra) is the ninth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 2. It was first broadcasted on March 6, 2018.


Ainz Ooal Gown realizes he didn't go down to the 4th Department. Before he can go with Lupusregina Beta, Albedo barges into his office forcibly inviting herself to accompany them. Opening the door to the 4th Department Ainz finds the manager, Gargantua to be alone and sleeping at his desk.

Lupusregina mentions that the entire space is for Gargantua and he will never wake no matter how loud it is. Ainz wonders why they employ the golem, but decides not to touch the subject. He asks why Albedo was so insistent in coming with them to the 4th Department. Albedo shouts that only he could do it, confusing Ainz. Lupusregina deduces that Albedo didn't want the president to be alone with her.

Albedo denies this despite stating that Gargantua's department is the one place you can do anything and thinking that the maid and Ainz are an item. Albedo starts screaming in jealously. Ainz states that they wouldn't be true as they would be technically be in the sleeping golem's presence.

Characters Introduced

In Order of Appearance


  • Nazarick Corporation

Play Notes

  • Gargantua is depicted as a normal sized golem rather than one of titantic proportions.
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