Customers' Feeling (顧客の思い Kokyaku no Omoi) is the eighth episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 2. It was first broadcasted on February 27, 2018.


Back at his desk, Ainz Ooal Gown learns that the last department is the 8th Department. Yuri confirms stating it to be the final protective line of Nazarick. Curious Ainz asks what kind of department it is. Remembering the 8th Floor Guardian, Victim Ainz wonders what this Victim is like. Opening the door to the 8th Department he finds that the department to be empty save only for a desk manned by Victim.

There Victim is manning multiple phone sets with various customers. Yuri explains that he is handling complaints and that Victim has been protecting Nazarick's image from the backlash of customers by himself.

Ainz is distressed and wishes to add more staff to assist the burdening duty, only for Yuri to state that there is none that can match Victim's tact. Thinking back to the other Pleiades Ainz has to agree with her, and Yuri also adds CZ2I28 Delta assist Victim.

Characters Introduced

In Order of Appearance


  • Nazarick Corporation

Play Notes

  • CZ2I28 is shown to have an multiple mechanical arms when handling calls.
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