Out of Order (ばらばら Barabara) is the seventh episode of Pure Pure Pleiades 2. It was first broadcasted on February 20, 2018.


Narberal Gamma introduces Ainz Ooal Gown to the 7th Department where Demiurge is the manager. Walking in the two spot Demiurge speaking with Evil Lord Envy about the coordination of other departments. Realizing that the president is in the room, Demiurge bows and greets his superior.

Ainz praises Demiurge reliability and performance. Demiurge proudly states that he is unworthy of such praise as he is a slave to the president. Ainz becomes worried of the exploitative philosophy.

When Demiurge asks him about "that matter", Ainz is unsure as to what he is referring to. He feigns acceptance of the matter, which Demiurge takes as permission to implement action. Leaving Ainz wonders what the plan is, as does Narberal.

Characters Introduced

In Order of Appearance


  • Nazarick Corporation

Play Notes

  • This episode reflects the miscommunication Ainz and Demiurge have in the Light Novels.
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