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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Protagonist (主人公) is a homunculus NPC allegedly created by the Supreme Beings and the player playing the Mass for the Dead game.


No clear details are given on the protagonist's physical description and looks in the initial start of the game. It is only until later is the character portrayed as wearing a full suit of jet-black armor with a red mantle as part of his "Dark Warrior" identity which is played by Pandora's Actor. Though the protagonist mostly discards the armor to maintain a low profile when in the field.


Despite being one of the least known NPCs in Nazarick, the protagonist is just as loyal to the Supreme Beings as any of the Floor Guardians and Area Guardians. Due to the knowledge he acquired from the library, the protagonist is no doubt one of the most intelligent of the NPCs.

He even surprises the Guardians and Momonga himself with his foresight as two major events show the Protagonist is capable of being ready for events yet to come such as in the Roble Holy Kingdom where he shows he learned the New World text and gifting Pandora's Actor with a lip-bug that had eaten the Protagonist's vocal cords insuring Pandora's Actor wouldn't be found out while in disguise as the Dark Warrior. After his existence was made known to the rest of the dungeon, several of the denizens of Nazarick would go to him for assistance in research.

Due to his life in obscurity, and his lack of a definite role given to him by his creator, the protagonist is eager to prove himself as a valued subject of Nazarick as he believes that it will provide meaning to his life. Unlike the NPCs of Nazarick, such as Demiurge, he is friendly to humans and is behaves quite like a human. The only time the homunculus expressed any cruelty was when he encountered a cannibalistic demon.

However, as common for someone of Nazarick, he has a personality that won't make him hesitate to use humans. Though he does not dare to maintain relationships with people who are unnecessary for Nazarick's reconstruction, such as the Swords of Darkness. His loyalty to to Nazarick is undeniable, and is willing to offer his own flesh in service.

After dormant memories in the protagonist's mind were uncover upon crossing into the "other side", the protagonist has since been filled with inner turmoil about his existence of not being truly a member of Nazarick or even a proper creation of the Supreme Beings. Since then he had begun to feel inadequate due being just an idea that was unworthy by the Supreme Beings to be realized and is burdened of knowing he may be a tool against his beloved Nazarick.


A homunculus that was created by a trio of the Supreme Beings and situated in Ashurbanipal. The protagonist has never been appointed a true position in the dungeon. Before the Great Tomb of Nazarick moved to another world, he busied himself in continuing to learn the wisdom of his predecessors by reading the collections of the great library to help the Supreme Beings someday.

Later in the game the background of the homunculus is later proven to be false. The protagonist, rather than being a creation of the Supreme Beings Nishikienrai, Herohero and Beast King Mekongawa, is in fact a figment of an idea that the trio planned but never initiated due to the lack of a need for a diplomat in YGGDRASIL. Hence the protagonist was never included originally in the Great Tomb of Nazraick.

When the dungeon was brought over to the New World, the idea of the protagonist and his character's story was brought to life and manifested in the Sea of Possibilities. After being created the homunculus was deposited in the library and the memories of all the NPCs were altered to include that the protagonist had always existed as part of the dungeon's data.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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The protagonist awakens to consciousness, finding himself in a ruined library of Nazarick. Confused on what transpired, the homunculus rushes outside to find out what is going on. To his shock, he comes to the Lemegeton to find all of its golems shattered and its countermeasures destroyed. Seeing the unthinkable, the homunculus assumes that an enemy raid has occurred on the 10th Floor. Afraid that he is alone, the protagonist hears sounds coming from the Throne Room. He then rushes there to see if there are any survivors. The homunculus has a chance meeting with Momonga who upon spotting him questions him on his identity. The protagonist quickly gives the Overlord his identification as one of his friends' creations, which confuses Momonga due to the former's speech and calling for a GM Call. Aside from that, Momonga is skeptical whether the homunculus is an NPC as he never has seen him before in the tomb and thinks he an enemy pretending to be an NPC that somehow survived.

Momonga then demands the protagonist to tell him what is going on, but even the homunculus is unsure of the situation or what his master is talking about. One of the nearby Pleiades maids however vouches for the identity of the protagonist, after they have been successfully resurrected. Though none can provide any answers to how they died or what has happened. They are interrupted when the anomaly, a Crack, where the Throne of Kings once stood begins to flicker when more strange beasts appear from out of it. The maids attempt to fight using their full powers, but to their astonishment find their skills and levels to be reduced since their revival. Momonga then takes control of the situation and orders the maids to fall back for now. Though the protagonist refuses to retreat, opting to fight beside Momonga which the Overlord permits him to do under his permission.

The two defeat the invaders who have left strange purple crystals. It becomes clear to Momonga that they are not in YGGDRASIL anymore. Momonga then resurrects Albedo who too cannot recall anything about her death and organizes a plan to retake the dungeon. So far, there are other Cracks that were found in Nazarick and have been heavily guarded by undead summons. The need to understand what is going on is paramount. Faced with an unknown world and enemies, Momonga becomes overwhelmed by the losses, until the protagonist encourages his master to persevere. The homunculus volunteers himself to explore beyond Nazarick, citing that while he was weak, he is the perfect candidate as his revival costs were minimal compared to the rest of the NPCs. Despite the practicality, Momonga still does not wish to send off a child of his comrades to his potential death. But the protagonist pleads to be of some service to give his life meaning. Seeing the determination in the homunculus' words, Momonga agrees to give the protagonist a mission.[1]

Before setting out, a slime Mercenary NPC that was summoned using YGGDRASIL gold coins by Momonga was set out to help the protagonist investigate the surroundings outside the Great Tomb of Nazarick after the Mirror of Remote Viewing detected a human village that was attacked by Chaos Beasts. Locating a survivor, Momonga dispatched the homunculus and Narberal Gamma to find survivors and interact with them. Unfortunately, the [Gate] transport was affected by the close vicinity of a Crack, throwing them off course. The three used the slime to detect any dangers such as wild slimes. Eventually, Narberal and the protagonist adopted calling the slime, Slimeko for convenience sake and later had her create the alias Surako while in public with human society.

The protagonist and his comrades soon encountered the Swords of Darkness and Nemu Emmot on their mission to reach Carne Village and save its inhabitants. The NPCs from Nazarick soon attached themselves to the adventurers and the protagonist gain insightful information on the New World. When the group finally reached the village, they had to defend it from marauding goblins.

Later when they reached the shelter containing the survivors from the village, the group learned that Nemu's sister Enri might be dead as she and another villager led some of the monsters back into the forest. Once the Sunlight Scripture arrived to watch over the villagers, the protagonist and comrades joined the adventurers in finding Enri. However, all they could find was a severed arm and brought it back to the village. While the villagers were evacuated by the Swords of Darkness, the trio remained with the Scripture to investigate clues on the Cracks. With his comrades, he joined forces with the Theocracy in battling the Chaos Beasts and even helped to kill a Giant Chaos Beast when it went after the refugees.[2]

During the interim of the adventure, the protagonist briefly returned to Nazarick and took a respite by organizing the books in the library. He was summoned by Momonga to conduct a survey of all the NPCs desires and their overall happiness.[3] After regrouping with the Sunlight Scripture, Narberal had departed to return to Nazarick. Both the protagonist and Slimeko stayed behind, with the latter acting as a relay to deliver a report to Momonga.[4] They were joined by the dark elf twins Mare Bello Fiore and Aura Bella Fiora to help them in the investigation. The protagonist and Slimeko managed to convince the commander of the Scripture, Ian Als Heim to convince his men to cooperate with the elves despite their prejudices. When the group managed to enter the forest, they had a run in with the Wise King of the Forest. It attacked them with mental magic. After the beast was beaten by Aura she made it her pet, and forced her, now named Hamsuke, to guide them to the Crack.[5]

When the expedition reached their destination and found it to be a well spring of Chaos Beasts, their party was overwhelmed by the miasma and the Chaos Beasts, forcing them to retreat. While Slimeko's group fare better than the Sunlight Scripture, there were still too many to defeat on their own. It was then they were rescued by Leinas Rockbruise and her imperial knights who were sent from E-Rantel. Together with the knights, they fought against the Chaos Beasts and defeated the boss, learning that once all the Chaos Beasts in the area were defeated the miasma from the Cracks would cease.[6]

The protagonist would briefly return to Nazarick and be greeted warmly by members of the Pleiades. When not in his library he would accompany some of his colleagues and observe the dungeon's defenses against the Crack conducted by Shalltear.[7][8] He would also provide consultation to many NPCs seeking other ways of improve their abilities in areas such as strategy and work ethic.[9][10] And he would have other opportunities to meet the other members of Nazarick such as Pandora's Actor who attempted to fool him while disguised as Momonga.[11]

The protagonist and Slimeko would accompany Ian to the city of E-Rantel, where they were greeted by Saint Clementine. Though the homunculus and slime were warned about her by Ian, the two were escorted by her to register as adventurers at the Adventurer's Guild. They came across a new adventurer named Soi, arguing with the receptions to be be granted permission to be given a higher rank job. The adventurer became greatly annoyed after her complaints to assist Clementine were ignored. After word had been received about the protagonist's strength from the surviving refugees of Carne Village, Clementine used her authority to allow a promotion exam to take place for the chance for the protagonist to rise up in rank. Soi hearing this also demanded the same and the two agents of Nazarick were forced to partner with her as they fought against several adventurers of incremental rank. The trio having beaten adventurers all the way to platinum were offered a chance to be promoted to that rank, but instead the protagonist declined with a reason where he would much prefer to earn the rank through the system rather than promotion. Soi then took the opportunity to join the protagonist and Slimeko's party much to the latter's chagrin.

However after the three were in private Soi revealed her identity as Solution Epsilon, one of the Pleiades who had been sent to infiltrate the city in advance. Later, the trio took on their first mission to examine the sewers of E-Rantel and report the status of the sanitary slimes there. The team discovered that the slimes had underwent some mutation to the point where they seemingly become more aggressive and hungry. After killing all the slimes in the area, they return back to the guild with the samples. There they made an acquaintance with Sophie Noia, a slime eccentric which causes Slimeko to become uncomfortable around her.

On their next mission, the three adventurers head to a quarry to provide security. To their surprise, they find Sebas Tian working there, having infiltrated E-Rantel before the hero's initiation as an adventurer. Subsequently, he became something of a leader among the refugees due to his kindness and charisma. It's learned that Sebas Tian had been trying his best to protect the humans at the quarry from the Stone Eater raids, however Soi points out that his actions might lead to drawing unwanted attention to himself. In order to make the miners less dependent on his strength, the group help Sebas Tian place himself in a situation where he was seemingly injured by the demi-humans. The act was enough to convince Sebas Tian's loyal comrades to come to his aid and drive the monsters out of the camp. Later after the trio returned back to E-Rantel with a shipment of rocks for the wall, they went to the Sunlight Scripture base where Ian introduced them to Nigun Grid Luin. Nigun was unconvinced by the hero's strength and wanted to test him, demanding the adventurer to spar with him. The protagonist face off against Nigun, enough for the senior priest to admit the hero's strength. After the three finished their business with the Theocracy, the three returned to the inn where the homunculus retired to sleep.[12]

The protagonist would later be part of a mission organized by Albedo to acquire a flower tree for a hanami for Momonga. To find something suitable, he, Slimeko and Narberal went to a tavern in E-Rantel and learned about the existence of the Legendary Tree. Once Albedo was informed that it was rumored to exist in the Tob Forests, she commanded the protagonist to join an expedition to search and retrieve it.[13] During his stay in Nazarick, the protagonist made more friends with the other NPCs of the dungeon, forming a rapport with Neuronist Painkill as she knowledge seeker like him, albeit in a different manner.[14]

The homunculus's adventurer duties and Nazarick's agendas would intersect in some cases. At the time when Nazarick was covertly using an abandoned mine near E-Rantel to acquire minerals, the Re-Estize Kingdom had send several adventures led by Blue Roses to reclaim it. The protagonist and his partner Slimeko aka Surako infiltrated the ranks of the adventurers on the mission and monitored Blue Roses progress as they pushed through every obstacle Nazarick sent to deter them. It took the discreet activation of a poisonous gas trigger to finally force the adventurers to retreat and then declare the mine to be usable thus allowing Nazarick to continue their operation without interference.[15]

More unexpected events would occur in Nazarick that required the protagonist's attention like entertaining guests from beyond the Crack.[16] And on another occasion organizing a contest between Albedo and Shalltear to judge who was more worthy of being a queen to Momonga. Though after the two took the tests it ended in a draw, causing the two women to demand the homunculus to make another ruling. The homunculus refused as he stood by the results, leading both Floor Guardians to seek another evaluation from Momonga himself.[17] He would also partake in a mission to explore an island that Shalltear opened using an unstable [Gate]. There with the Pleiades, he and Slimeko were able to locate a forgotten pirate port, salvaging lost cargo to bring to Nazarick.[18]

The protagonist's adventurer team's fame would eventually rise due to protagonist's deeds becoming more publicly acknowledged. The next job they took was at the E-Rantel's Cemetery, though Slimeko detested it as she believed it was just a common task. However when they are doing the assignment, Slimeko notes to her companions on the large number of undead despite only being on the edge of the graveyard. Later after finishing the job, they receive a new request from Lizzie Bareare from the Pharmacist's Guild to acquire herbs from the Great Forest of Tob. In addition to that, she asks them to do a personal task for her, to retrieve some items of her grandson's dead childhood.

When its revealed that the items they are retrieving belonged to Enri Emmot, Slimeko realizes that Lizzie was Nemu Emmot's new guardian. The three adventurers take the job as it would allow them to maintain an association with the famed pharmacist. Their first destination being the forest, the adventurers reunite with Hamsuke who later proceeded to guide them to the spot where herbs are grown. After they collected the herbs, the party separated from the Wise King and then headed to the ruins of Carne Village. They search through the debris and eventually found the personal effects of Enri Emmot. Upon their return to the city, Slimeko hand over the items to Lizzie, who hoped that Enri's former belongings would be enough to help mend her grandson's ailing heart.

The next quest brings them close to the vicinity of the Katze Plains. Under a request of the imperial garrison, the protagonist and Slimeko reunite with Leinas Rockbruise to help her and her colleague Nimble Arc Dale Anoch escort supplies from Vadis Free City to E-Rantel. During the journey with a convoy back to the fortress city, the imperials and Nazarick agents run into various threats like Skeletal Dragons and a Death Knight. The protagonist's team's help was immeasurable to the imperials who offered the group a place within the Empire if they decided to join them.

Upon returning to their inn room, the trio start reviewing their accomplishments, when they have an unexpected guest: Saint Clementine. The holy woman then invites them to come to the mayor's residence to discuss a matter of importance. After she leaves, Soi and Slimeko become worried that their duplicity has been discovered. The protagonist calms the two, stating to them that they should not panic as they should act accordingly. There, they are brought before various important figures of the city. The topic of the meeting, concerns the findings on the slimes that the protagonist and his team brought back to Sophia Noia. It appeared that the slimes were given high concentrations of alchemical solution, hence explaining the cause of their rapid mutation. Of the main suspect for this is a woman named Hilma Cygnaeus, a high ranking member of the Pharmacist's Guild but also a former member of the notorious criminal syndicate, Eight Fingers.

Due to her dubious past and her current position in the Pharmacist's Guild, she was considered to be a culprit who is possibly responsible for the slimes' growth and mutation. The only way for the alchemical solution to have gotten to the slimes was if a member of the guild was poaching the supplies, making her suspect despite Hilma's pleading that she is innocent. Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, leading as the accuser for this case, notes that the alchemical solution could only have come from a supply of herbs, which the protagonist and his team recently provided to the guild. The accusation causes the three adventurers to become culpable to Hilma's crime.

The three worried that they are under intense scrutiny, are vouched for by Saint Clementine as the protagonist reputation is well-known in the Adventurer's Guild and could not be part of such a nefarious scheme. Upon further investigation into the facts of the case, the protagonist and Soi manage to prove Hilma's innocence and their own by pointing out that no record of any stolen solutions were made by the Pharmacist's Guild. Furthermore, it is discovered that the alchemical solution in the slimes that lived in the sewers originated from runoff water from a nearby herb cultivation plot nearby the treatment plant. In other words, it is a freak accident that was accumulated over the course of years and worsened due to the larger scale of herb cultivation.

Though the trio proved their innocence in the incident, it left an unresolved problem that a breed of mutant slimes were growing in the sewers. To show their loyalty to the city, the protagonist volunteers to have his team clear the sewers of the slimes as they know the terrain due to a previous expedition. The protagonist's team then arrive at the sewage treatment plan with the key to open the gates. There, they are met up with by Sebas Tian who came at Saint Clementine's request. To draw the slimes out in the open, Slimeko is selected to serve as bait on luring them out. Sitting out in the open, her presence draws the mutants out of hiding.

Before the slimes could touch her, all three of her companions swiftly eliminate them. Despite the experience being too close for comfort, she enjoyed being useful and the thrill. The party soon discover a nasty surprise when they encountered a bloated giant slime that had feed off the waste in the water tank. The slime proves to be difficult to handle, as it has regenerative qualities, but Soi using her own acidic slime manages to eat the thing down until its core remains. Slimeko then retrieves the slime core to show as proof of their kill to the city representatives.[19]

There would be other missions assigned to the protagonist by Momonga, such as surveying a newly opened area of a mine to seek out new veins of ores.[20] And in other instances help prevent an infestation of seemingly unkillable Pumpkin Monsters in the dungeon after it was found out that there were contaminated by miasma from the Cracks. Recalling a similar situation happened in YGGDRASIL during the Halloween Festival event, the homunculus provide Aura and Mare the tools and method on how to kill the monsters.[21] Around the same time new visitors from another world stayed as guest to Nazarick, this time a battalion of magic caster soldiers, and the protagonist chaperoned them while outside of the dungeon.[22]

While back in E-Rantel, the protagonist having ended a conversation with Leinas, learns that a lizardman named Zaryusu Shasha attempted to enter the city was turned away by the guards. Hearing that the demi-human was seeking to acquire the aid of adventurers to investigate the cause of the rising temperature of the Great Lake, the protagonist and Surako go to introduce themselves to take up his request. The request is taken as the protagonist suspects that the temperature change in the lake is actually Caloric Stones. Once the adventurer gets approval from Momonga, he, Surako, Aura and Cocytus join Zaryusu to uncover the mystery. In the end they discover that it was actually due a mineral that emitted heat spilled into the Great Lake from the mountains. Though it was not a World Item the mineral was still of some use to Nazarick and the results opened a dialogue with Green Claw.[23]

Upon returning to Nazarick, the protagonist and his comrades give their report to Momonga who welcomes them back. The Overlord having been kept in the dark of their progress, praises their success in gathering so much information and flawlessly infiltrating the city without suspicion. For their efforts, Momonga believes that a reward is in order for each of them. Though they try to politely refuse, they give into his insistence. Once the formalities are out of the way, Slimeko watches as the protagonist informs Momonga about his invitation from Lakyus to meet Princess Renner. While wary of the risks of meeting such a high profile character so soon, his master in the end, accepts the protagonist consul to move forward with the meeting.

Once the meeting is over, Demiurge takes the protagonist and Slimeko aside to share his thoughts on Momonga's non-committal statement of building a new system of their own rather than skulking in the shadows of a nation. From this, Demiurge tells his two juniors that he believes it to be their master's intention to pursue the goal of controlling all the neighboring nations to give themselves more freedom. With that said, Demiurge directs the protagonist and Slimeko on their first mission in this great endeavor.

Together with the protagonist and Soi, Slimeko under her alias Surako meet the princess at Ro-Lente Castle in the Royal Capital. There, the team are contacted by the princess to be part of the security group for the Three Kingdoms' Conference of the Tripartite Alliance that will be hosted in E-Rantel. To prevent an international incident from happening, Renner gave the protagonist and his friends a new mission to embark on. This mission propose to the protagonist and his friends involved having to go and solve a string of strange disappearances among the refugees in the fortress city.

Once the team accept the job, they, Lakyus and Gagaran travel back to E-Rantel to solve the disappearances. There at the refugee quarter, they meet with the rest of Blue Roses: Tina, Tia and Evileye. Despite their search, the group have come up with no leads to the whereabouts of the missing people. To catch the culprits, a plan is enacted to make use of Surako as bait, whilst the others work in the shadows to monitor for signs of the enemy and trap them. Surako is disguised as a refugee, using and wearing several clothes donated from a pair of helpful civilians who lend aid to their task. The undercover adventurer proceeds to move through the alleys, under the watch of her assassin allies. Nothing seems to occur, passing by each assassin at designated locations, until after she walks past Soi who then detects someone to be approaching Surako. She alerts the others to the scene.

Surako is soon about to be grabbed by three men in dark robes, but they are stopped by several gunshots aimed at their legs from a hidden cloaked figure on the rooftops. The distraction gives enough time for Soi to come and save the undercover slime. After the men uses Skeleton Warriors to buy them time to escape, they are lost by the adventurers momentarily. Soi though manages to locate a secret passageway in the alley, allowing them to continue the chase. Two of the robed men who attempts to avoid being captured decided to commit suicide, but one of them is stopped by Soi. Blue Roses then takes the man into custody to be interrogated.

After Blue Roses departs, Surako thanks Soi for intervening in saving her from those men, however the undercover maid redirect her thanks to Shizu who reveals herself to have been shadowing the group after Soi called for reinforcements. The maid then departs, wishing the group the best of luck in their mission. Once the authorities had interrogated the man, it was determined that the culprits were members of Zurrernorn. It was believed that the cults was going to enact a ritual that could create powerful undead called Death Spiral.

Their investigation eventually took them to the E-Rantel's Cemetery, where the adventurers split into three teams to cover more ground. The protagonist and his team now alone, enabled CZ to come out of hiding to aid them. An increase in the rise of undead was seen east in the graveyard where the adventurers regrouped and found a secret entrance to mausoleum. There, they end up encountering resistance in the form of Six Arms, who were once members of Eight Fingers, now turned mercenaries were working for Zurrernorn in their plans. The adventurers managed to kill an Executive of the cultists as well as one of Six Arms. Nearly all of the members of Six Arms are captured, save for Zero who managed to escape being a threat at large. With Zero still a possible threat out there, Princess Renner places the duty of tracking him down and bringing him to justice falls to Blue Roses. To cover the Kingdom's security requirements for the upcoming summit meeting, the protagonist and his friends are asked to act as escorts for her family.[24]

Later the protagonist would be involved in several Nazarick hosted events like a fighting tournament.[25] And also go on a quest to locate the Pure White Peryton and hunt it for the main dish at Nazarick's Christmas party.[26] In an incident which saw Nazarick being under some sort of spell that caused all the NPCs within the dungeon to celebrate the New Year holiday, the protagonist and his team being away from the dungeon when it happened were unaffected. Momonga seeing that the spell needed to be broken, recalled the protagonist and his friends to join him and Shalltear in investigating Fake Nazarick where a strange Chaos Zone was formed. There they found the real mastermind behind the New Year atmosphere, a being named Shiramochi-ō.[27]

Though the entity and his summons were defeated and the spell should have been broken, Shiramochi-ō used the last bit of his power to rewind time, creating a new loop of the event. In the new timeline, the protagonist and his allies were once again called back to Nazarick to figure of the source of the New Year's epidemic, though this time they were joined by Sebas Tian and also a strange boy named Shiro who appeared in the dungeon. As the adventurer progressed with Shiro bonding with the denizens of Nazatick, it was revealed that he was actually an amnesiac Shiramochi-ō. Once the White Mochi King regained his memories, he was obligated to be their enemy by his creators. However due to the amiably company and his respect for his new friends he refused, and voluntarily sacrificed himself to free the Nazarick of the spell. After the spell was broken, the protagonist was one of the few who still retained their memories of the event.[28]

The decision made by the protagonist over the Queen War would eventually come back to haunt, as Shalltear would come to him though this time bringing him an idea as to why Momonga refused to make the decision of which suitor should be queen. She insisted that it was a test from Momonga called the "Trial of Love" to see if either she or Albedo had the tenacity to continue pursuing him. Though the idea was strange the protagonist could not discount it as a hidden agenda by Momonga and agreed to aid Shalltear in devising a strategy that would win the Overlord's heart. Their plan worked as it attracted Momonga's attention as Shalltear began take her duties with more seriousness without the usual lewdness when interacting with Momonga. While it seemed that Shalltear was about to pass the so-called "Trial of Love", Momonga revealed that they did not. Disappointed the protagonist hoped that Shalltear would pass the trial again in the future.[29]

The protagonist and his friends having accepted a job from the royal family, chaperoned them to the venue of the summit. Once there, she and comrades observe King Ramposa III's talks with Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix of the Baharuth Empire and Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan of the Slane Theocracy on the state of the world since the emergence of the Cracks. While the situation with the Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts have yet to be resolved, the nations agree that more investigations must be conducted to determine the cause of the phenomena. The revelation from the Theocracy brings intrigue to her and her comrades when Cardinal Raymond discloses that appearance of the Cracks and Chaos Beasts coincide with a cycle that happens when a new power appears in the world at regular intervals. Tensions flare between the heads of state of the Empire and the Kingdom on what direction the Alliance should take to handle the crisis from here on out. Eventually, a recess is called to pause the meeting to allow the representatives to rest. The escorts are relieved for the duration and have a brief encounter with Fluder Paradyne.

The meeting eventually resumes, and the protagonist and friends continue to watch the proceedings. Emperor Jircniv continues to place his agenda before the Alliance, one being the implementation of a merit-based system to equally divide resources. This goes in opposition to King Ramposa's idealism as he fears that those unable to contribute will not afford to exist in the system by the Bloody Emperor. Jircniv is blunt on the reality of their situation that their resources are limited. If Ramposa III wants to protect his people, he then needs to get stronger people in the Kingdom to work. He recommends that the Kingdom bring forth all its able bodied people to contribute to the alliance and only then would he be satisfied. Gazef Stronoff taking a stand for his liege pledges that he swears that the troops of the Kingdom led by him will be the work of thousands. The emperor is skeptical on such a claim, but offers a chance to prove it, by having the escorts of the Kingdom and Empire show their abilities in a match.

The protagonist and his friends, alongside Gazef are placed in a series of mock duels against Nimble, Fluder, and to their surprise Zero who had gained diplomatic immunity in the Empire. Together with the Warrior Captain, the protagonist's adventurer team overcome each opponent with the final match including the protagonist Soi, and Gazef against Fluder Paradyne. The match is an intense one but the group manage to drive Fluder to the edge, until he immobilizes them with his [Triple Arts Magic] magic. His spell is cancelled by Enhela Read Gahi, who declares the match to be over as an emergency has occurred. It turns out that a group of Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts have begun invading north of E-Rantel and broke through the imperial and Theocracy defense lines.

Seeing that the nations will need to devote a reasonable amount of forces to subjugate the monsters without leaving the city vulnerable, the protagonist volunteers his party to handle the monsters and help evacuate any surviving soldiers. Ramposa readily accepts the help and approves of the mission. The party then heads to the front lines where they, Nigun and what is left of his men met up at the edge of the city, trying to reestablish a perimeter. Learning from him that Ian and Leinas remained behind at the battle lines to buy time for him and his men, the group quickly head to their last location. Outside the boundaries of the city, they are joined by both CZ and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta who help them fight their way to the survivors. They make it in time to find survivors unconscious, but alive before a Chaos Beast that can use Martial Arts. The Nazarick agents battle and succeed in killing it, and with its death the leadership of the horde collapses which in turn led to saving the city and earning the Alliance's gratitude.[30]

To understand the power behind the Cracks, Momonga would launch an expedition to a nation that had fallen to its power, the Roble Holy Kingdom. The protagonist and his adventurer team also accompanied him to act as intermediaries in case they encountered any surviving humans. There the expedition examined the ruins such as the Great Wall and also Kalinsha, getting a general idea of how the nation succumbed to the Chaos Beasts. At the city of Kalinsha the expedition came across a Dragon Chaos Beast within a cathedral. It was the protagonist who determined that the dragon monster was guarding something as it refused to fly from the area. The item was then recovered by Nazarick after its guardian was defeated.[31]

Some new arrivals from another world would appear in Nazarick, though one of their unexpected guests had a mental breakdown reverting to a dark personality due to extreme stress after arriving in Nazarick. It prompted both Nazarick and their guests to work together to defuse the troubled entity with the protagonist acting as the main negotiator.[32] After the crisis was averted, the protagonist took a break in the canteen to enjoy a hearty meal.[33]

Albedo would solicit the aid of the protagonist and his team again to search the Tob Forest, this time to locate the real Legendary Tree to use it as part of a command tower for Nazarick's Enhanced Treants.[34] He would also aid the Overseer Guardian again, though it was to help her devise a means to seduce Momonga. To get her close to Momonga the plan was to have Albedo become a maid on the 9th Floor and slowly gain his trust in order to arrange for her to be alone with him and force herself on the undead. However his and Slimeko's assistance was found out by Solution after they were interrogated, who reported the plan to Shalltear, saving Momonga from being raped by the Overseer Guardian.[35]

To gather more resources for Nazarick, the protagonist would join a mining survey team composed of several of his comrades and a new batch of visitors from another world. The plan was to locate a gold vein that was believed to be located somewhere near the depths of the Azerlisia Mountains. Upon finding it the protagonists witnessed one of this team's new allies cast a powerful spell that destroyed a Fire Dragon hoarding the gold ore.[36]

After word reached Nazarick that there was evidence of players in a seaside village, the protagonist and his adventurer team were dispatched to validate it. Coincidentally they met up with Blue Roses there who were seeking a dwarf named Tsuibayaya who was also the the one the Nazarick agents were searching for. Under the cover story that they were seeking the dwarf to have him forge new armor and weapons for them, the protagonist's team worked with the team to locate Tsuibayaya. They found the dwarf at the beach searching for the Legendary Mermaid and would only fulfill the adventurers requests unless they brought him the scales of the Legendary Mermaid that he wished to use to create the Sage's Swimsuit.

The adventurers worked to decode the legend that would lead them to the mermaid with the protagonist's team undertaking the task to find the place where the entity lived, whilst Blue Roses retrieved the key. Once the Legendary Mermaid was found and his scales were acquired they brought them to Tsuibayaya. The dwarf them pleased with the final product gave it to Gagaran and provided the armors he promised Blue Roses. While seeing the members of Blue Roses off, the dwarf expressed that he was at a loss what to do as he finally accomplished in creating the perfect swimsuit. However the protagonist reignited the dwarf's craftsman spirit by having members of the Pleiades show themselves wearing swimsuits after which Tsuibayaya pledged to work with Nazarick to create new variants.[37]

The protagonist would deal with more difficult task like escorting a paranoid visitor from another world followed by his trio of so-called goddesses to the Tob Forest to allow them to hunt for their own food. Though their hunt is interrupted when a being called the Grim Reaper came and attacked them forcing the protagonist to get his charges and him to safety until the situation could get under control.[38] More unpleasant tasks would come before the homunculus such as reluctantly investigating one of their own, Sebas Tian who was suspected by Solution to be trading Nazarick's secrets to a third party. Both he and Slimeko hoped the accusations were false but they followed their orders from Momonga to look into a brothel in the Black Market where Sebas Tina was frequenting.

Their investigation led to learning that Sebas Tian was not actually a traitor but pursuing a personal independent investigation in the criminal underground of E-Rantel that was controlled by Cocco Doll to free a woman named Tuare at the brothel. The undercover adventurers helped arrest Cocco Doll, but when they went to retrieve Tuare at the brothel they found that it was actually a feeding ground for a sinister demonness named Isabella. The existence of a New World demon caused the protagonist and his allies to see the value in capturing her for information. Once the demon was properly contained in the confines of Soi's body, the protagonist provided a false story that the demon escape to the city officials. And he was pleased to witness Momonga officially bringing the matter of Sebas Tian's loyalty to Nazarick to a close.[39]

He would encounter some new visitors from another world, who came from a Crack outside of Nazarick, at E-Rantel where he team greeted and befriended them. Though it of course was to gauge the visitors on their threat level and to inquire about some information on another group of visitors that found snactuary in Nazarick. It was the protagonist who arranged the two groups to meet and incite a conflict at Momonga's orders in order to determine who were the aggressors and the injured party in the conflict. Once it was determined to the Overlord that the one she sheltered were being harassed by the other faction, the protagonist and his allies were permitted to defend the former and allow them to escape back to their world via a Crack.[40]

During a meeting with Demiurge who asked the protagonist and Slimeko on a hypothetical question of what would happen to the Kingdom if it sent one of their best assets out in the field and never came back. He of course was using this to bring up the topic of Gazef Stronoff's disappearance which the protagonist stated he would make use of that situation to Nazarick's advantage. The two later returned to their high class inn in E-Rantel where Solution is at. They are interrupted when Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself appears and escorts them to his father. There, the protagonist and his friends learn about the reason of Gazef's disappearance and how he and his men were tracking the origin of the Chaos Beast horde that attacked the city. It was reported that he found a cave where they originated, but ever since exploring its depths they lost contact with the troop from that moment forward.

The king implores the protagonist's aid, offering anything in return. The protagonist seeing an opportunity is at hand, requests Ramposa III to consider forming an alliance with the protagonist's nation and presents a formal letter that he wishes to be approved. If such an alliance were made then the protagonist's nation would approve of the latter's involvement of this mission that the Kingdom wishes for them to undertake. The Kingdom having no choice but to consider it, agree to the terms. The adventurers then head out to the location, and are met by Shalltear Bloodfallen who assumes the alias of Shall and an adamantite adventurer. Before setting out to Gazef's location, the group head to the Crack site in the Great Forest of Tob to practice a rescue operation as the poison is seen as an obstacle that might impede Gazef's safe return. After Shall discovers a method to safely dispel the poison fog, the group then depart from the forest to continue onward with their mission to retrieve Gazef, whether he is found dead or alive.

The group arrives at the cave where the Warrior Troop was last seen and also reunite with Blue Roses who were also dispatched. However, it is being guarded by two powerful Chaos Beasts. Defeating them takes not only the combined efforts of Blue Roses and the protagonist's team, but also the intervention of Brain Unglaus, an old rival of the Warrior Captain as well.[41]

After the opponents are taken care of, the protagonist volunteers to head into the cave to search for Gazef and his men while the others guard the entrance. Going deeper, they discover the remains of what appears to be a base camp in the cave. However, it has been turned to rubble as the ceiling had collapsed on the soldiers and magic casters that were in charge of communication. Slimeko using her slime body determines that there are no survivors in the rumble. Using her senses of smell, Slimeko guides her companions along while following the trail of blood and bodies they encounter.

Soon enough, they eventually come across a surviving soldier who remain alive. Slimeko attempts to approach him, but her companions quickly step in, narrowly missing being killed by two Stone Eaters that were using the body as bait. After defeating the demi-human tribe the group continue on, until they come into a vast cavern where a Crack has formed. But to their shock the entire area is covered in body, from wounds of a blade. As to who the perpetrator is, it was found that Gazef Stronoff is the only survivor there and had succumbed to the poisons of the Crack which had ended up turning him into a feral monster. Shalltear then steps in to engage him. The protagonist and his friends watch as Shalltear fights Gazef tirelessly until he has exhausted himself of all his Martial Arts and is quickly subdued by Soi.

The group then discover that Gazef wasn't alone as a mysterious tentacle beast emerges out of the darkness and tries to take Gazef's body. The Nazarick agents prevent Gazef from being eaten and turn their attention on killing the new threat that stood in their way. They succeed in slaying the monster, which is then turned over to Nazarick for study while they transport Gazef back to E-Rantel.[42]

Once they return Gazef back to the Kingdom, the protagonist and Slimeko attended a gathering in the Throne Room where Demiurge laid out Nazarick's plan of world domination. As a part of those plans, once her team returned to E-Rantel, they gained an audience with King Ramposa who wished to reward them for Gazef's safe return. It was there that she witnessed the protagonist negotiate to have the Re-Estize Kingdom turn administration over to his 'nation' in order to establish a system that could better handle the current state of the world. Though the royals were skeptical on the group's political affairs, they agreed to think on the matter to the protagonist. Once the meeting ended, Slimeko praised her partner on how easily he handled the royals. While they are discussing the meeting, Slimeko hears a familiar voice coming from an alley. She goes there to take a look followed by her companions, where they find Nemu being accosted by two men.

Before they could intervene in the mugging, a strange pale faced boy wielding a staff approached the men. The men attempt to intimidate him only to be swiftly killed by his magic. Seeing Nemu's relieved face, the adventurers confirm that the girl knows the young man. They make themselves known to the girl, who happily greets the protagonist and Slimeko. Nemu then introduces them to Nfirea who turns out to be the grandson of one of their previous clients who asked them to collect things from Carne Village. It was here the young man asked them about Enri Emmot's fate. After Slimeko and the protagonist told him about how she died, Nfirea briefly exposed a face of anger towards the Chaos Beasts for their role in killing his friend. Having learned what he needed to know from both Slimeko and the protagonist, Nfirea then bids the group farewell as he leaves together with Nemu. Slimeko having watched the young alchemist noted that he was unstable due to his cold-blooded reaction to killing the crooks, though the protagonist and Soi commented that he was interesting and should be kept a close eye on.[43]

After Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix accepted a deal with the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth to defeat an army of Chaos Beasts to save E-Rantel, the demon and his band began to collect their payment which was all the wealth of the city and the emperor's life. At the eve of the emperor's execution in the city square, the protagonist seemingly appeared to save the emperor from danger. He rallied the defeated citizens of E-Rantel to take arms to drive out the demons from E-Rantel. The protagonist proceeded to display his strength by defeating the Evil Lords and Abyss Demon. Next, his battle with Jaldabaoth ended with the demon making a full retreat after having lost to him in combat. The act of valor and his courage inspired the citizens of the Alliance to hail the protagonist as a hero to the people. Unknown to the populace, it was all staged by Nazarick and the one who assumed the protagonist identity was none other than Pandora's Actor.[44]

Back in Nazarick, the hot spring facilities of the dungeon were reported to be back to working order. Taking an interest in hot springs in culture, the protagonist collected material from the library on the matter. The renewed interest on the baths also opened another matter such as Solution's desire to be Momonga's bathing attendant, followed by several of the other female NPCs. To resolve the matter the Miyoshi Cup was created to decide who among the participants would be selected to challenge Momonga's current bathing attendant. For the event the protagonist and Demiurge acted as commentators.[45]

While out on a mission to E-Rantel to gather food supplies for Nazarick's second Christmas party, the protagonist missed an emergency meeting called into session by Momonga and the Floor Guardians to address a mysterious cold front that was affecting the lizardmen tribes in the Great Lake. Since the adventurers were on another assignment, three members of the Pleiades were sent to investigate.[46] When several previous visitors from another world had returned to Nazraick, and being targeted by an evil clone, he would play another role in setting up a date between Leinas Rockbruise and one of the visitors from the other world. This was a trap to attract the clone's attention whilst the forces of Nazraick laid in wait around E-Rantel to ambush it.[47]

The protagonist would launch several projects in Nazarick such as using leftover Valentine Chocolate from YGGDRASIL's Valentine's Day event to be used for diplomatic purposes for the Sorcerer Kingdom. To create a confection that was acceptable to the taste of the inhabitants of the New World, he oversaw Project Valentine and hosted a cook-off among the female Floor Guardians.[48] Another plan proposed by him was to improve the mental health of the inhabitants of E-Rantel after their harrowing experience by the Demon Emperor. It led to the creation of testing an idol plan and LittleMass which was composed of Shalltear and Aura as the singing idols. The protagonist acted as the idols' manager during their act in Nazarick.[49]

The idol plan was deemed a success based on the positive feedback from the general maids and so a similar event was hosted outside Nazarick in E-Rantel in the form of an adventurer exhibition. The protagonist worked with Pluton Ainzach to coordinate the event using his popularity and backing back the Sorcerer Kingdom and also the Tripartite Alliance. Since the event would require him to fight, he had Pandora's Actor disguise himself as the "Dark Warrior" to fight in his stead while he coordinated from his inn room during the matches.[50]

When a mission from Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself required his team with work with Blue Roses to investigate Marquis Blumrush and his involvement with several missing brides that vanished in his territory, the homunculus took it in order to quickly resolve incident so that Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself would not get involved. In addition he accepted a small assignment from Demiurge to steer the adventurers' investigation in not just uncovering Marquis Blumrush's illegal activities but also implicating him as an accomplice of the Demon Emperor. The plot was to oust the marquis from his territory and claim the mines he possessed for Nazarick. Though the plan succeeded and Nazarick benefited from the fall of the noble, the protagonist was worried of the involvement of a third party that was funding the noble using Zurrernorn as a middle man.[51]

During the events of the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" the protagonist was absent from Nazarick making him unable to join in the festivities of the competing Shalltear and Albedo. He was on business in E-Rantel helping coordinate with the Tripartite Alliance, though Momonga hoped to give him a good story of the event that was in progress.[52]

Still in E-Rantel, the protagonist was asked by Momonga to investigate the personnel of the Temple of the Four Great Gods as Shalltear had made contact, under the guise of her adventurer persona, with a strange religious girl named Anne. Later the homunculus and Slimeko met this Anne character after Shall guided her to the city, and introduced as her acquittance. When Clementine approached the group and fled on seeing Anne, the protagonist was left confused on the saint's action.[53]

In regards to the protagonist's part in the attack on E-Rantel by the Demon Emperor, in reality the former had allowed Pandora's Actor to assume his identity during the demonic raid. To make the Area Guardian's cover more believable for others to accept without suspicion, the protagonist willingly allowed a Lip Bug to extract his vocal chords so that his voice could be used by the former. Though the procedure was painful, the protagonist had no regrets considering it a small sacrifice to further Momonga's interests. The homunculus recovered thanks to healing magic and once the operation was done, he attended a meeting with all the participants before Momonga. Momonga pleased with their work, permitted each of the participants to be granted a request.

When it came to the protagonist, the homunculus requested to separate from Nazarick. His wished initially caused cold tension in the meeting, as it was almost treasonous, but the protagonist explained that now that his so-called heroics have made him the spotlight in the eyes of the Tripartite Alliance, in order to safeguard his association with Nazarick he would need to stay away from them to avoid a possible future scandal to ensue. Plus now that the nations in the Alliance were turning to him to manage E-Rantel, permanently staying there was more practical to make the city more effective. His reasons for the extended leave from Nazarick was approved by Momonga though he was reminded to keep daily reports of the situation in E-Rantel nonetheless.

The protagonist would then soon attend a summit of the leaders of the Tripartite Alliance, where King Ramposa III would officially transfer the city's administration rights to the protagonist's nation. This was in part due to the many successful initiatives of the protagonist. This includes how it led to the completion of the Fourth Wall in E-Rantel, expansion of farming lands, residences, peaceful integration of demi-humans and the expansion of the labor and defense force. Since the signing of the rights required a person of high station from their side to attend, Albedo invited herself to the meeting, acting as the Prime Minister of their home nation.

At the venue of the Alliance, the signing was about to be formalized, though there were voices of objection from Enhela and Cardinal Raymond. The members of the delegation of the Slane Theocracy seeing that the protagonist represented a non-human nation were wary that giving the rights of the city would lead to an abuse of power under one individual. To allay their fears, both Albedo and the protagonist assured them that they had no interest in mongering power, and their first concern was to resolve the incidents with the Cracks. However, the Theocracy was permitted to act as a deterrent, in that if there were any breaches in trust, the Alliance would have every right to retract the administration rights from the protagonist's nation. The Theocracy content with that offer retracted its objection and from there, the newly revealed Sorcerer Kingdom signed a treaty with the Tripartite Alliance.

Once the signing was completed by Albedo, the protagonist set off to complete his duties as the new Territory Guardian of E-Rantel. His first action was to do an inspection of the new E-Rantel Magic Research Institute where he installed Nfirea Bareare as director, after he previously solicited his help by bribing him with a Minor Healing Potion. After arriving at the institute, the protagonist and his friends were given a tour of the facilities that were geared towards investigating all topics related to the Cracks. Once there, they found Fluder Paradyne upon arrival as he had previously been recruited by the protagonist by sharing his knowledge of Ashurbanipal and promise to meet the Supreme Being. The protagonist found Gazef Stronoff in the institute as the staff were still trying to develop a cure for the warrior's contamination. After the protagonist participated in fighting against Gazef's strength to allow Fluder to gain some data, he and his friends left the area. Returning back to the Alliance's venue, he was contacted by Blue Roses who reported that they had finished constructing a cordon around the Northern Cave.[54]

When Shalltear failed to return back to Nazarick from her mission at the Northern Cave, and came under the influence of a World Item, the protagonist was present at the emergency meeting where Momonga announced that he would battle to kill Shalltear to release the vampire from the mental control. Like many of those that attended the meeting he rejected the idea as it put too much risk on Momonga. The protagonist instead managed to convince Momonga on an alternative plan, by using an army of summons led by his adventurer team and support by Albedo and Mare to fight Shalltear. Before fighting Shalltear, the homunculus engaged with Shalltear in a conversation to learn more about the enemy who did this to her, but after interviewing her he found less than satisfactory answers. The moment he ordered Nazarick's forces to attack Shalltear became hostile and intent on targeting the protagonist. The vampire managed to defeat all the forces the homunculus put into play. Just before Shalltear was about to kill the protagonist, he is saved by Cocytus. Aura using Depiction of Nature and Society as planned by the protagonist is used to drag Shalltear into another dimension. There Momonga is waiting to slay a weakened Shalltear. After the vampire's revival in Nazarick and the ill news that an unknown enemy was out there in the New World, the protagonist became more aware that his position as Territory Guardian was now more important for Nazarick in order to uncover the perpetrators of the heinous attack on his comrade.[55]

In the coming days, the homunculus would learn from an adventurer rival of his by the name of Igvarge, the leader of Kralgra, that workers from the Empire were conducting a large-scale subjugation of the undead, searching for the Ghost Ship and its captain. Kralgra though would locate the Ghost Ship in the end and kill the lich in captain at the cost of their lives. The defeat of the lich was not made public to anyone in E-Rantel. After the protagonist informed Momonga of the movement in the Empire and the workers interest in the lich, he and Momonga believed that the operation in the Katze Plains was related to what happened to Shalltear. So the Ghost Ship was recovered and put back into service. In addition Momonga used one of the corpses of the adventurers to create Iguva=41 to serve as the captain of the Ghost Ship. The plan was to ensure that the lich would meet the workers seeking the Ghost Ship and determine what they were planning.

Meanwhile the protagonist feigned ignorance of Igvarge's death to the adventurers at E-Rantel. When the declining numbers of undead were noticed by the adventurers of E-Rantel, the protagonist covered the actions of the workers which turned out to be led by Zero so that their mass undead purge in the Katze Plains would not be known. Instead he attributed the decline to the actions of his rival's sacrifice. The protagonist and his team acted as the main contact to Iguva as well as their worker spies: Regi and Shizuni. From them he reported to Momonga that Zero was looking not only to rebuild Six Arms but also aid some nobles in launching a coup against Emperor Jircniv after sensing weakness when he was defeated by Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. The homunculus along with his colleagues in Nazarick were disappointed that the plot had nothing to do with Shalltear's mind control, but agreed that the information presented a new opportunity. They were perplexed at Zero aligning himself with the aristocracy and the emperor's lack of retaliatory action. Though there were many explanations of the emperor's lack of attention to the forming rebellion in his empire, the protagonist obeyed Momonga's order to "wait and see".

More information from Nazarick's spies would be passed, and the protagonist would learn that the nobles were attempting to form a smuggling route through the Katze Plains to the Theocracy to gain slaves and weapons for their rebellion. Around the same time, members of the Sunlight Scripture brought a request to determine the reason why the undead were coming in such low numbers at the plains. It seems that the priests Nigun and Ian were unaware of the nation's alliance with the rebel nobles of the Empire. The protagonist offered to take the job with the permission of Pluton Ainzach who agreed to send out Darkness. The protagonist though aimed not to allow the priests to get to the bottom of the cause of decline in undead as Zero's was currently guiding the rebel nobles through the Katze Plains. So he and his team staged an incident where a Death Knight was dropped in front of them by the passing Ghost Ship. The undead was enough to confirm Nigun that the undead were not vanishing but hiding deeper in the fog and opted to retreat to let his superiors know.

As for the operation with the Empire, he learns at a meeting of the events that transpired. Zero was a double agent of Jircniv who handed the rebels to the Four Imperial Knights and that the emperor's reclusiveness was an act to bring a false sense of confidence to his enemies. The operation was deemed as a success as Nazarick had three spies in the membership of Six Arms. Thanks to them they were able to ensure that the current regime was preserved in the Empire, as the emperor was a supporter of the protagonist and thus the Sorcerer Kingdom. At the end of the briefing the homunculus learns of his master's next target: the Dwarf Kingdom.[56]

On one of the protagonist's visits to Ashurbanipal, he and Slimeko encountered Momonga there and took the opportunity to ask his master about a strange book he found with ominous words related to the future. Momonga taking a look at the text deemed to be an unfinished work of one of the Supreme Beings and was about invaders from the moon. After reading the passage, Momonga had the idea to organize a Tsukimi for a moon-viewing party for the NPCs. The party was already being prepared whilst the protagonist was away. He and his team were just heading back when night rewound back to day. Rushing back to Nazarick, he conferred with his master who agreed that they needed to head back to E-Rantel to determine if this was a natural occurrence.

Going back to E-Rantel, the adventurers like the Swords of Darkness confirmed that whatever was going on with the sun in the middle of night was not natural. The Adventurer's Guild held an emergency meeting as it was feared by Pluton Ainzach that the extended day was a prelude to an attack by demons. Also joining the meeting were Blue Roses, though the protagonist and Slimeko noticed that Lakyus and Evileye were in lewd bunny girl costumes for some reason. Once the meeting was over, the protagonist and his team relayed their information back to Momonga via [Message]. The Overlord shared information that the daylight was caused by some sort of magic item that could be called a Fake Sun, however Nazraick was unable to decipher why anyone would place such an item in the sky. The protagonist having a belief that this was no accident, and given the uncanny references from the book he came to the conclusion it was actually a prophecy. Under that misbelief that Momonga knew of the future due to his godly intelligence but was unable to tell them in fear of altering the future, the protagonist decided to work in his stead. With the strange behavior of Blue Roses, he believed that the must have a part to play in the coming disaster. He was given permission to investigate the adamantite adventurers by Momonga. To be sure that Blue Roses were the "invaders from the moon" he went to Renner to inquire on Blue Roses' latest activities. However the princess was only able to tell the hero that the clothes he described Lakyus and Evileye wearing were uniforms for workers at a gambling hall. The protagonist tried to find the current job Blue Roses were on but even with his reputation the contents were sealed for confidentiality. Hitting a wall the protagonist conferenced Demiurge in so that they could share information.

Thanks to Demiurge's help he was able to deduce that the Blue Roses he met in E-Rantel during the fake sun crisis were fakes and Princess Renner was able to confirm that the real Blue Roses were away on a job. Darkness confronted the imposter and after defeating them were revealed to be five Amorphous Heteromorphs who were the reason for the fake sun. Learning of their powerful illusion abilities the undercover Nazarick agents brought them to their base to serve under the Sorcerer Kingdom.[57]

The protagonist and Slimeko would return to the library to find Shalltear and Albedo researching on the Halloween Festival. It was then he and Slimeko brought the issue of the popularity of chocolate in E-Rantel since its debut during the adventurer exhibition and how it was destabilizing the Adventurer's Guild's position. In order to supply the demand for the confection, the three arranged to create a new cheap mass produced type of chocolate for the citizens of E-Rantel. After it was agreed, he and Slimeko went back to E-Rantel to tell Pluton Ainzach of the plans of the Sorcerer Kingdom to develop the sweet and allow the guild to be in charge of its distribute for a small profit in return. Once that task was completed he and his partner returned to Nazarick in time for the banquet of the Halloween Festival on the 6th Floor.[58]

A trio of magical girls would be the current guests of Nazarick. Noticing the plight of the diminishing military might of the Empire and the havoc of the Chaos Beasts, the trio with permission from Momonga applied themselves to covertly hunting the monsters from the air. Credit for the kills were given to the protagonist and his team, who made public appearances at the scenes of battle to enhance their image as saviors in the Empire. The protagonist then bore witness to when the trio of magical girls re-establishing contact with their allies who were trying to bring them back to their original world.[59]

The protagonist as Territory Guardian, continued to maintain the peace and reconstruction of E-Rantel. Whilst discreetly heading to the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, he and his team of Darkness were greeted by Saint Clementine. Exchanging some words, the protagonist learned that there were rumors about a mysterious "Red Shadow" appearing on the rooftops at night. The description of the being vaguely reminded him and his team of Santa Claus which was an impossibility in the current world. Still it was interesting news that warranted investigation. The group headed to the institute where Fluder and Nfirea welcomed them. There the protagonist witnessed Soi fight the still feral Gazef Stronoff. Though from the researchers observations they believed Gazef's condition was improving, becoming more stable and less primitive. To ascertain what treatment to continue, the researchers required more Contaminated Beasts to experiment on. On a moment alone with Fluder, the old wizard made a plea to the adventurer to order Nfirea to take a vacation as the boy's physical condition was declining in his obsession with the Chaos Beasts. Not wanting efficiency to degrade, the homunculus agreed to the wizard's request.

After convincing Nfirea to return home to rest, the protagonist return to Nazarick to give his report on the developments in the city and the employment boom. For his mission to acquire more Contaminated Beasts Momonga would dispatch Yuri Alpha and Entoma Zeta to the task to hunt with him and Soi in the mountains. As for the "Red Shadow" the protagonist had left the task to Surako to post an official request to the Adventurer's Guild to investigate the matter.

The protagonist then listened to Soi's report on a conversation she overheard from Evileye and Clementine in the alley, of how the children in E-Ranetl from the old section of the city were getting sick. Since the disease took place after Jaldabaoth's attack on E-Rantel, the culprit was quickly found out to be the work of the bad status effect from one of Demiurge's minions. However nothing could be done at the moment as even though he was Territory Guardian of the city, he was still a member of the Sorcerer Kingdom, him addressing the affliction of Re-Estize Kingdom citizens would be seen as foreign interference. For now it would be best to allow the administration to address the issue which Momonga affirmed and adjourned the meeting.

On the expedition for Contaminated Beasts, the protagonist turned his party's attention in hunting a vulture, as Surako had suggested it and also to acquire flying-type monsters for a change. Once the specimen was secured, he and Soi were recalled back by an urgent [Message] from Surako in E-Rantel. The two left the accompanying Pleiades maids to attend to the capture of more beasts and returned to the Adventurer's Guild where they found an angry Evileye with a terrified Surako. In private Evileye berated the members of Darkness for posting out a request for information on the "Red Shadow" as it was akin to putting a bounty. Evileye explained that she was the "Red Shadow" and on an unofficial request for Princess Renner to investigate the sickness among the orphans. Since the request did not go through the guild was in violation of the rules and could lead Evileye into a lot of trouble. To avoid their colleague from getting reprimanded by the guild, the protagonist agreed to cancel the request using an excuse that the person of interest was found without revealing the identity of Evileye.

At that moment Pluton Ainzach came to see what was the commotion, which both Darkness and Evileye acted as if they were comparing notes on the line of dolls of the "Dark Warrior". Hearing this Ainzach then showcased the guild's newest product: dolls based on Soi. Later Darkness returned to the institute to deliver the procured specimens, though the protagonist was sadden that Nfirea did not comply to rest while he was home. Together with Fluder, they had an intervention to explain the importance of moderating his obession, citing it would not just be detrimental to the institute but to his friends and family. On the last note the words rang true to Nfirea, who the next day took action to make a request to the Adventurer's Guild to provide him escorts to help him locate the Fruit of Longevity to cure the illness affecting the children. Seeing this was the action to improve the children's welfare, the protagonist volunteered his team to the request as did Evileye. The adventurers and pharmacist then headed to the forest where they met with Hamsuke who acted as their guide to the tree where the fruit could be located.

Unaware to Evileye and Nfirea, Nazarick sent out monsters and Chaos Beasts to attack their party in order to create the illusion that the Great Forest of Tob was still a dangerous place to send humans to. This was intended to frighten mostly Nfirea as a means to manipulate, not to keep him from going further but as a way to determine to see if they could control his actions. However none of the summons were enough to dissuade the pharmacist who slayed the summoned Chaos Beasts without mercy. It was then left to the protagonist to try his more subtle approach to steer Nfirea towards Nazarick's aims.

Once the giant slime guarding the fruit was killed, the protagonist helped to devise a way to deliver the fruit without ramifications from the temple. The medicine was made into something that was edible for children a plan was put into motion. Using Christmas Costumes, the protagonist has Soi and Evileye dress up in them to give them the appearance that they were the rumored "Red Shadow". Meanwhile he had Yuri Alpha dress in her own costume to distract the guards while the other two gave out gifts which also contained candy with acted as the medicine for the children. In the end the plan was a success and no one the wiser to what transpired. This was a cause of celebration for Momonga, who then brought the protagonist and his team to a Christmas party on the 6th Floor where the other NPCs commemorated their work.[60]

While at a management meeting with Momonga, Albedo, Demiurge and Slimeko, the protagonist was happy to report that E-Rantel was well underway in being self-sufficient. However an issue on the upcoming "New Year" brought some concern from Momonga. Since the event brought some kind of mental effect over those in Nazarick, Momonga believed it was prudent to conduct "general cleaning" for all floors of Nazarick. To help the protagonist and Slimeko better learn about the history of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Momonga invited the two to escort him while he toured the floors, planting Death Knights. The protagonist and Slimeko accepted the offer and after they did a sweep of Ashurbanipal they joined Momonga on the 3rd Floor. From there to the 5th Floor and then the 7th Floor, the protagonist learned new tidbits about each floor and their significance to the Supreme Beings. By the time the party reached the 9th Floor they encountered Foire and Cixous eating mochi which was initially mistaken to be a sign that the "New Year" epidemic was upon them. That turned not to be the case as the maids were just eating some treats prepared by the cook at the orders of Albedo who was researching everything on New Year. In consideration of how much fun everyone enjoyed the New Year holiday, Momonga decided that rather than reject it they should instead pursue a celebration. This eventually led to the creation of the Kakushigei Tournament, which the protagonist and Slimeko acted as the moderators and commentators for the event. The tournament ended in a tie between two teams and in an unexpected turn of events initiated a ritual that caused everyone in the Amphitheater to be brought to the Bishamonten Shrine. The protagonist joined the party to hopefully end the event brought by what appeared to be a new incarnation of Shiramochi-ō. The new White Mochi King proved too strong even for Momonga's Floor Guardians, but with the timely intervention of a returned Shiro, they managed to defeat him. Once they were returned to Fake Nazarick, the whole of Nazarick welcomed Shiro as a guest and recognized ally and celebrated New Year's with him.[61]

The protagonist would be at E-Rantel when he received news that a National Foundation Day Ceremony would be held to officialize the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom. When Mare Bello Fiore brought demi-humans from the Abelion Hills as additional residents for the city, he was praised for his diplomatic skills in setting up the training center to screen out the newcomers and assign them a placement. Despite the praise by his peers, the protagonist privately admitted to Solution and Slimeko that he was not so much an expert in the field of diplomacy as most of his knowledge originated from the books in the library which he applied through trial and error and experience. Knowing that the upcoming event would be important he permitted Solution and Slimeko to have some time off so that they could brush up on the diplomatic protocols and etiquette. The protagonist arrived at the ceremony which took place in Fake Nazarick where Momonga commemorated the founding of the nation. Later he and his party caught up with their lizardmen friends at the banquet and later participated in the ball. At the end of the event, the protagonist was among those that admired the newly unveiled Sorcerer King Momonga Statue created by Demiurge. A day later he was asked to give an assessment of the ceremony by Momonga at a staff meeting which he announced that it passed with good marks. When it was revealed that there were prototypes of the statue, the homunculus requested a statue for installation in his post at E-Rantel.[62]

While in E-Rantel to check out the Adventurer's Guild, the protagonist and Slimeko were approached by Ian and Nigun who expressed their concerns over the "Dark Warrior" dolls that were given at the guild. In their observations the priests saw that the dolls were the focus of a hero fetish but was slowly turning into religious worship. Their concern was warranted and the two adventurers promised to speak with the guildmaster on the issue. At the guild the members of Darkness saw that the dolls and chocolates from Nazarick were encouraging people to post jobs at the guild, giving more opportunities to the adventurers. Ainzach seeing the success wanted to launch a new product of souvenirs but after being told of the issue raised by the Sunlight Scripture, the three agreed some changes needed to be made. Before committing to any changes, the protagonist went back to Nazarick with Slimeko to inform Momonga and his advisors. In order to see how humans would react to the new changes of a line of products, LittleMass was called back into service to test out a series of experiments with the Homunculus Maids. The idea of introducing a new character was brought up on whether it would diminish or enhance a franchise was brought up, leading to Albedo being selected as the new idol as "Neutrally". To commemorate the addition, LittleMass was reorganized as LittleMasStar. From the idol campaigns the protagonist was able to deduce a new type of dolls with quotes tags would stimulate interest, as well as instituting a lottery system to keep appeal. After the experiment was deemed a success, the tactics learned were applied with the Adventurer's Guild's dolls which then began creating a new doll line based on characters of Blue Roses. The first doll made was of Gagaran which was personally created by Tsuibayaya.[63]

While walking through the corridors of the 9th Floor with Slimeko and a general maid, he and his associates were hit by an ability from a re-summoned guest to Nazarick. He and his peers found themselves transformed into copies of the said guest, causing a headache to Shalltear and Albedo in identifying who was who. Later he joined the pursuit team to track down the fleeing guest who was suffering from an extreme mental change. The trail went to E-Rantel, where the protagonist assumed his adventurers identity with the other members of Darkness and the female companions of their escapee. Finding the fugitive lasciviously flirting with Saint Clementine and Gagaran, Slimeko made an excuse that the youth was suffering from inebriation in order to explain his behavior. Once they were at a secure location, her associates managed to negotiate for the fugitive’s cooperation in returning with them. Said conditions required dates with members of the Pleiades which was granted. The dates took place in the Tob Forests and were monitored by members of Nazarick and the youth’s female companions. Eventually the situation was resolved after the youth regain his original personality after expelling all his excess energy that was causing him to go out of control. Shortly afterwards the guest and his friends were pulled back to their original world. [64]

More recently while completing his duties as Territory Guardian of E-Rantel, the homunculus began to see an uptick in illegal gambling in the city. Due to his lack of understanding on human's motivations for gambling, the protagonist was at a loss of how to address the issue. Bringing the issue to Momonga and Demiurge, led to the pair in creating Casino Resort Nazarick in order to experiment the behavior of gamblers. For the experiment the protagonist and Slimeko acted as floor monitors, assisting the dealers, Narberal and Solution. Once the experiment was over, Nazarick determined that installing a casino in E-Rantel could yield tremendous benefits in their plans to control human society.[65]

A problem with the manufacture of the "Dark Warrior" doll line emerged in E-Rantel, as the materials in the production originating from human society were of poor quality. After being alerted by the Adventurer's Guild on the complication, the protagonist and Slimeko reported it to Momonga, Demiurge and Albedo. Rather than expend Nazarick's supply of high quality fabric, the idea to develop a new fabric line using local fiber plants was put into action. The homunculus and slime needing some information went to Nfirea at the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute for insight on any suitable plants for weaving. In exchange for the information, they agreed to acquire a strong slime for the the institute's experiments. The endeavor was overseen by Albedo who wanted to examine the fiber plant collection herself, along with Aura who accompanied them as an escort. The trip took them to the Great Lake where they acquired a method of producing canvas fabric and then to the Great Forest of Tob where they met up with the Nazarick agents stationed there. Together with their aid, they collected several plant specimens for study and use. Once a Super Giant Sanitary Slime was caught and bagged, the protagonist and Sliimeko returned to the Adventurer's Guild to inform the guildmaster of a possible solution to the fabric quality.[66]

After a [Gate] to the isolated island was re-established by Shalltear through an experiment, many of the Floor Guardians reacted in excitement of a possible expansion of the Sorcerer Kingdom to the open seas. However the protagonist voiced caution as it was still too early to determine that the [Gate] led to the same island. And also due to his studies, he believed that the island was actually located in the middle of salt lake, and thus Nazarick would still need to consider that there were people on the opposite banks to the island.

He was assigned the task by Momonga to escort Aura and Mare to the Great Lake to receive aquatic combat training from the lizardmen. On the way the group visited Hamsuke, Kyuko and the Death Knight stationed at the Tob Forest. Once they group helped clear the Chaos Beasts in the area, the headed to the wetlands where they were received by the Lizardmen Alliance. After explaining the situation, Zaryusu and the chieftains agreed to help the dark elves familiarize themselves in waterside battle. Once training was finished, the protagonist received a formal request from Zaryusu to join their expedition to the island. The request was brought to Momonga by the homunculus and slime, which was approved by the Sorcerer Kingdom. With his master's authority he then returned the wetlands to retrieve Zaryusu for the expedition to the island.[67]

The protagonist and Slimeko brought the traveler back to Nazarick. Before going on their mission, he and the slime were given their own swimsuits after Zaryusu prompted why the two were lacking the equipment. Not believing that Momonga would forget such an important detail, the homunculus believed it was due to a greater plan by his master to make them prepared.

The protagonist finally crossed into the [Gate] with Slimeko, Aura, Mare, Zaryusu and Entoma. The previous members of the survey team were able to confirm that the island was indeed the same one they visited in the past. However more questions were raise of where the island was, as Entoma could not see anything beyond on island only sea and a thick fog. Other than that, the island had changed very little and there was no hints of anyone to have visited since they last came. The group had a few scuffles with dens of slimes that inhabited forest and reef areas but the dangers were negligible. By the time they reached the cave that led to the pirate ship, Zaryusu listening the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom talk about the potential use of the island, expressed his ambition that the area could be used as a fishery for his people. The idea of the lizardman was not discouraged by the protagonist but suggest led that he present it to Momonga after the end of the mission.

They found the wrecked ship as it was, but when Slimeko accidentally caused it to crumble with a slight touch, the disturbance woke up several skeletons that were buried in the mud. After defeating them, the protagonist hypothesized that the undead were members of the rest of the pirate crew that jumped overboard when it was attacked by the Giant Mollusk. Once the ship sank, it must have landed on top of their corpses trapping them.

The group returned to the beach, where they were greeted by Momonga, Victim, and Albedo. They were given thanks by Momonga for their hard work. The protagonist would give a more detailed report of the island back at Nazarick. The exact location of the island still presented a problem, especially the fog that surrounded it. The protagonist has a few theories of the nature of the island, though none were conclusive until more information was gathered. Momonga believed that it was fine to begin construction of a base and to allow the lizardmen habitation.[68]

In a rare visit form Shalltear to the library, the protagonist and Slimeko assisted the vampire by providing documents concerning the concept, "campus's love comedy." During the incident that saw the Great Tomb of Nazarick transform into Nazarick Academy, the homunculus was mentally controlled and made to believe that he was a student at the academic institution.[69] At the school, the protagonist witnessed the new transfer student Shalltear join the class and also earn the enmity of rest of the students when she disrespected Momonga. He was also in Momonga's "information Warfare" class and found the topic fascinating. After school he went to the position as librarian at the institute. When the incident was resolved, he was finally released from the mental effect and was recovering.[70]

The protagonist and Slimeko were called to Ainzach's office, expecting another discussion about the guild's new merchandise line. But they were met by a stern guildmaster who informed them that he and the guild were facing slander by the other guilds of being a greedy organization that threw away the lives of its adventurers. In order to improve public relations to eliminate the rumors, Ainzach wanted to create a display of relics to honor the fallen adventurers. The relics he wanted were of Igvarge and his fallen team of Kralgra. Though the homunculus had bitter memories of the arrogant mithril adventurer, he agreed to search for his 'colleague's' adventurer plate as he did not want to lose Ainzach's trust. After checking with the undercover members in New Six Arms that they did not have the plate, the protagonist went to see Momonga to inform him of the situation. It was then he was introduced to Nigredo who used her magic abilities to find the mithril plates using one that Momonga manage to salvage. Through her help, two of the three remaining mithril plates were located in the Katze Plains, but one was found to be in the possession of a Skeletal Dragon. Before going out to fetch it, the protagonist met with Ainzach to hash out a future policy regarding the retrieval of mementos. It was agreed that such jobs would not be given a reward but be considered charitable services, and sponsored directly by the guild and the Sorcerer Kingdom. Through the negotiations, the guild with the backing of a nation, would give a portion of the profits of its chocolate sales to it. Together with Albedo and Demiurge, the protagonist schemed a way to manipulate Six Arms into aiding his team to acquire the mithril plate, but arranging an encounter in the Katze Plains, thanks to the prompting of Regi and Shizuni. The protagonist's role as the Dark Warrior was then taken over by Pandora's Actor so that he could use his superior physical abilities to awe the workers in order to enhance Darkness's reputation. After the success of the mission, the protagonist advocated for further collaboration with others. He was last seen agreeing to assist Demiurge in developing a new idol plan project for E-Rantel.[71]

During the incident which saw a new visitor come through the Crack via Demiurge's experiments, the protagonist and Slimeko met with the visitor, being escorted by Aura and Mare, just outside E-Rantel. They helped collect information of anyone with the name "Elizabeth" but sadly the two could not find anyone who passed through the city with the name. Later it was reported by agents that the woman that the visitor was seeking was seen in the village of the lizardmen. The team then rushed to the location, but were stopped due to being hindered by a horde of Chaos Beasts that had overrun the Tob Forest. Later the horde and its mastermind turned out to be a manifestation from the Sea of Possibilities born out of teh subconscious fears of their visitor. The protagonist assisted in defeating the entity, and upon returning to Nazarick went to Ashurbanipal to do some research on the names "Britannia", "Meliodas", and "Liones". He found that there were references to the names related to the story of the knight Tristan which he reported to Momonga, some moments after the visitors returned to their world.[72]

The protagonist being nominated to host E-Rantel's Harvest Festival, at the suggestion of Saint Clementine, brought a proposal to his peers in Nazarick to conduct a Halloween theme event. This was due to his misinterpretation that he was following Momonga's ulterior plan, in which to use the festival to deceive the humans that the Sorcerer Kingdom's origins laid with the Boastful Sage and create a history of their nation. Not only that it would serve to lure any players to E-Rantel when they hear about the allusions to Halloween. The protagonist's proposal was accepted by Momonga and later by the city leaders. The homunculus would later go to the Tob Forest to retrieve a Longevity Nut to serve as a prize for the mock battle demonstration. While in the crowds at the festival, he used Tsuibayaya to testify that the rumors of the Sorcerer Kingdom was indeed part of the legacy of the Boastful Sage by arranging the dwarf's encounter Slimeko wearing a swimsuit, leading him to his public outburst of the relic. After the success of the festival, the protagonist reported back to Momonga and celebrate another festival there.[73]

At his master's orders, the protagonist helped to move forward with creating the cover story that the Boastful Sage was historically tied to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Through "Daily Household Magic Item Improvement Plan", the he went with Slimeko toto secure Tsuibayaya's cooperation in crafting the various magic items that were proposed by the denizens of Nazarick. The proposals themselves were disguised as an ancient manuscript of the Boastful Sage which was enough to convince the dwarf to buy the deception along with the bribe of a swimsuit for him to study. Later after the items were crafted in two days time, he and his partner acted as facilitators for the "Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair".[74]

A recall order was given by Momonga, prompting the protagonist and his team of Darkness to return to Nazarick. At the Amphitheater she and the others who were stationed out in the field gathered. After they were all present, Momonga who arrived and informed them that New Year's was upon them and that they were among those unaffected by the New Year's spell. The protagonist joined Momonga's subjugation team to assist Shiro in claiming the Seven Lucky God Key Items and bore witness to the defeat of the returned White Mochi King. Afterwards he joined the celebrations of New Year and cheered at the return of LittleMasStar doing a live performance with Narberal and Lupusregina.[75]

While in E-Rantel, the protagonist with Slimeko noticed the drop in sales of chocolates at the guild. He brought this to the attention of Momonga and the Floor Guardians who agreed that this needed to be addressed. To correct this, the protagonist and Slimeko were sent to collect suggestions and opinions from the various people in E-Rantel on ways to improve the candy. The survey data was given to the team responsible for improving the product, leading to the creation of Golden Chocolate In A Bottle. Later when it was introduce to the guild where it became a hit with the customers.[76]

At another briefing with Momonga in Nazarick. the protagonist and Slimeko provided another stellar report of E-Rantel's recovery. When they returned to the city, they found that there was an emergency as it was suspected that Zurrernorn remnants were at work to destroy E-Rantel. Thinking that the cult would want to visit their old haunts, the protagonist team volunteered to investigate E-Rantel's Cemetery. Their investigation served another purpose in maintaining the secret existence of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute.

At the institute the protagonist was relieved to find the facility fine and that the cultists had not approached their former headquarters. Since they were there, the protagonist allowed Sophie to regal him on her pet project a "anti-slime agent" that inhibited predatory instincts in slimes. The talk of slime causes the protagonist to recall a report of how a suspected cultist was pouring strange liquid into the sewers gutters, made him realize that there was a connection to it and the sanitary slimes of the city. By doing some induction thinking and guesswork the protagonist suspected that the cultists were attempting to mutate the slimes in the sewers for their nefarious purposes.

On his hunch, he sent Soi to bring a sample of the agent to the sewers were Blue Roses were conducting their investigation. The move proved to be the right one as the agent helped to repel a Super Giant Sanitary Slime that the cultists created. Later at a strategy meeting, the protagonist revealed the agent to be a tool and product of the Sorcerer Kingdom to garner a positive image of his nation. He gave vast amounts to the defenders of the city and Blue Roses in the operation to hunt down the slime.

For the operation, since the slime was very acidic, the protagonist recommended the adventurers to use their swimsuits to avoid damage. Since Gagaran swimsuit was destroyed in a previous mission, the protagonist allowed her to act as a coordinator on the surface whilst her comrades dealt with the slime with Soi and Clementine with them. While topside, the protagonist shared his theory that Zurrernorn may have been inspired by the idea of mutating slimes from an earlier incident with the Pharmacist's Guild alchemical solution infecting the sewage.

Once the slime was defeated, the protagonist let the women have the glory as he celebrated their victory. At Nazarick, he informed Momonga, Albedo and Demiurge of the incident. Like the other NPCs, the protagonist was blinded by his awe of Momonga as he believed that the undead had foreseen this event in the past but stayed out of it as he was confident to allow the protagonist to handle it. He also reported that the citizens of E-Rantel, having been exposed to swimsuits during the event now showed avid interest in the items.[77]

While having a meeting at the Adventurer's Guild, with the guildmaster, the protagonist learned that there was some desire by chocolate patrons on wanting something new. The news was reported to Nazarick, and shortly afterwards, and soon enough Cocytus was assigned the task to lead the develop of a new "chilled chocolate". Narberal was sent to E-Rantel to gather information. To assist her, the adventurer team Darkness interviewed various chocolate enthusiasts in the city, the protagonist and Slimeko speaking to the members of the Sunlight Scripture. Shortly later on, the protagonist was present at the unveiling of the Chilled Chocolate Confectionary and announced that the finished product would sell in E-Rantel. When he brought it back to E-Rantel, the item was a hit, though due to its limited amount, the protagonist considered we consider selecting buyers by lottery in advance.[78]

The protagonist reported to Momonga of his plan to move forward with a sales plan for inventions made in the Sorcerer Kingdom with the cooperation of the Adventurers' Guild. At the same time Lupusregina brought up the issue of the lack of standard monetary knowledge, prompting the creation of a money lecture. The homunculus was at first nominated for the role as lecturer, but due to the undercover adventurer's duty, he could not assume the role. Instead he nominated Pandora's Actor as lecturer as the Treasurer managing Nazarick's assets.

For all the inventions and chocolate sweets of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the protagonist made arrangements with Ainzach to have the goods stored at a warehouse until they could be delivered to their respective parties. But a complication emerged. The trade goods had been stored in a warehouse near the Sewage Treatment Plant, leading to the sanitary slimes to invade the warehouse and eat the chocolate sweets which caused them to breed exponentially. By the time the guildmaster, the protagonist and Surako and the Swords of Darkness arrived, the slimes had taken over the warehouse.

Faced with either salvaging the precious cargo or having the adventurers prioritize their safety and purge the slimes, the homunculus chose the latter to maintain the image of a noble adventurer. In the aftermath all the inventions were untouched but the chocolates were devoured. It was bad as those chocolates were promised to a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom who was hosting a party. Without the consigned sweets, the protagonist was a risk in losing face and trust in potential business partners. The worst was avert, when those in Nazarick managed to produce a new batch of luxury chocolate sweets. The nobles having heard of the near disaster with the chocolates were impressed by not just the new goods but the protagonist's and his nation's commitment, leading to the Sorcerer Kingdom securing new business deals.[79]

The protagonist would try to push a proposal to run a Sorcerer Kingdom funded orphanage, however the plan was soundlessly rejected by the Nobility Faction. The homunculus would have a private meeting with Saint Clementine to address the number of missing children in the city. Though no clear suspects arose and the two were stumped on what was going on. After reporting the development to his master, the agent was given the go ahead to investigate the disappearance to hopefully revitalize the idea for the need for the orphanage to protect the unfortunate children in the city. A break in the case came through, from Clementine, who brought Tuare forward, claiming to have information on who was kidnapping the children.

It turns out the ones responsible were members of the Nobility Faction, seeking to trafficking children as slaves. The protagonist then used Nigredo's magic to locate the site, which was just outside E-Rantel. The adventurer then coordinated with the Adventurer's Guild and local authorities to raid the location. In addition he and Clementine reached out to Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven to see if they could get a legal response from the Kingdom to arrest the noble in question. While the prince had found circumstantial evidence that connected the nobles in question to the slave ring, the royal needed clear proof of their involvement in order to bring charges on them. The protagonist took care of this by having Blue Roses retrieve any document on sales of children allowing to bring the nobles to justice. In light of this incident, the authorities in E-Rantel, began to reconsider the orphanage suggested by the protagonist. To which the protagonist recommended Pestonya to be it administrator.[80]

At a policy meeting with the Floor Guardians and Momonga, the investigation on who attacked Shalltear was still unresolved. Due to the unknown danger there were concerns on if it was safe to continue field operations or to heighten their security. The protagonist though proposed that the real threat was what caused the ruin of Nazarick when they arrived in the New World. As it was still unknown on what caused the Cracks, the protagonist believed that it was a far greater danger to them. Since they were unable acquire any information on what caused the Incident, he suggested that they seek older races that were rumored to dwell in the Azerlisia Mountains. In order to go there and seek these races, the protagonist wanted to use his adventurer identity as a representative of the Sorcerer Kingdom to establish relations with the Dwarf Kingdom that was also located in the region. His plan was approved and the protagonist made preparations.

Before going he visited the E-Rantel Research Institute and learned that the researchers there were close to figuring out a method to dispel the miasma contamination. The development was a significant find for the protagonist who ordered Soi to remain in E-Rantel to guard the institute in his absence. Later he met with King Ramposa III who agreed to safeguard the city while the adventurer was away. The protagonist needing a guide tried to get the aid of Tsuibayaya but the dwarf declined as he had a criminal record in his homeland but provided a map for the expedition. The protagonist then acquired the services of Zenberu of Dragon Tusk as he previously visited the one of the cities of the Dwarf Kingdom. The journey to the Dwarf Kingdom was simple, but the delegation had trouble locating the entrance to the city but managed to find it. However the city was deserted and seemed to have been occupied by two types of creatures.

The protagonist and his allies only heard the full story when the encountered Tsuibayaya's father, Bigosa who informed them of the dire situation of the mountains. After learning that the dwarves were in the city of Feo Jera, the group with Bigosa's help went there. They were too late as Contaminated Beasts had destroyed the city. From a survivor the heard that the surviving dwarves had fled to the ancient dwarven capital of Feo Berkana to seek the protection of the Frost Dragons. Using Cocytus's martial ability and Mare's magic the delegation made it to the city just in time before the ruling Frost Dragon was about to kill a representative of the dwarven leadership. Before the dragon the protagonist offered to open relations between the its kind and the Sorcerer Kingdom but was rejected as the dragon believed the alliance was futile in the face of the end of the world. The dragon was eventually swayed to forge an alliance after being beaten by Cocytus and Mare demonstrating his ability to kill hundreds of monsters that were attacking the city. The homunculus managed to negotiate with the Frost Dragons to not only join his nation but also provide protection for the dwarves. He also provided new information from the dragon regarding the Incident.

While traveling back to E-Rantel with Slimeko, Yuri and CZ, the four found that an army from the Re-Estize Kingdom seemed to be preparing to attack E-Rantel. Sensing something wrong the protagonist ran to the city to find out what was going on.[81] From the vantage point with his companions, they saw King Rampossa III and Crown Prince Barbro vanished followed by several soldiers. Though it seemed like nothing was there, the protagonist believed that an invisible enemy was attacking the military forces. Worried about what was happening and also concerned on the vital research at the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, the protagonist directed his team to E-Rantel where he was horrified to find that the city he worked so hard to restore was in chaos being brought to ruin by an invasion of Chaos Beasts. Seeing the influx of monsters, the protagonist determined that Cracks had somehow formed in the city, worse an invisible foe was wracking havoc and making people vanish. The protagonist managed to briefly see the foe's form and recognized it as the same as the monster found in the Northern Cave though with invisibility. His teammates though were unable to see anything, so rather than fight they were forced to flee. The group managed to meet up with Jugem and his goblins before continuing unto the institute.

They were horrified to find that the laboratories were destroyed and all the researchers and knights there were killed. Thankfully they found Soi, Fluder and Nfirea still alive, though were being menaced by a Spear Chaos Beast. Even with Yuri and CZ help they found themselves outmatched by the Chaos Beasts which seemed to possess the ability to teleport. Out of desperation, Nfirea freed Gazef Stronoff from his cell, revealing that Sophie had cured him before she was killed. Not only that the Warrior Captain had displayed superhuman abilities that he did not possess prior to being contaminated. The protagonist watched as the Warrior Captain matched physically with the Chaos Beast, and when Brain and Climb arrived with Razor Edge. Just as it seemed that the situation would be resolved, the Spear Chaos Beast backed away, an odd behavior as Chaos Beasts never retreat. Realizing something was happening, the protagonist warned everyone to get away from the open area, when a Crack formed. Whatever came out, attacked and caused Fluder to vanish. The Crack continued to expand whilst the protagonist was observing it. Seeing that he was in danger, Slimeko tried to push him away when something attacked them.[82]

In the aftermath of the attack on E-Rantel, the protagonist, his team and half the members of the Pleiades who were in the city vanished. The knowledge of disappearance of the protagonist, whose existence was a lynchpin to the cohesion of the human nations, was quickly suppressed by agents of Nazarick, killing the only survivor at the scene of where the hero and his friends vanished. After the survivor's corpse was secured, Nazarick conducted revivals and later interviews with those who were at the scene. From their testimonies the protagonist and his allies were deemed to have been spirited away, but as to where remained a mystery. Momonga through his own investigation of the master control in the Throne Room was able to ascertain that the NPCs that were missing in the incident were still alive.

To maintain the illusion that the protagonist was still active in human affairs of the Tripartite Alliance, Momonga ordered Pandora's Actor and a pair of Greater Doppelgängers to assume the appearances and roles of the adventurers of Darkness. The doppelganger posing as the protagonist though still required instruction from Momonga on various issues such as the human leaders of E-Rantel approaching him with a proposal for a hosting of a Greetings and Victory Festival.[83]

The shape-shifters did their work to rebuild the city of E-Rantel and make the protagonist a figure of worship as part of the Idol Plan to turn the adoring human masses towards the open arms of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The plan was successfully, albeit too successful as it was observed by the imposters that the protagonist had greater influence over the humans than the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Months passed without any leads to where the protagonist and the rest were, until the latter suddenly returned to Nazarick. After the protagonist went through a thorough screening, he was allowed an audience with the upper echelons of Nazarick. There he revealed that those missing were actually taken to the "other side" of the Crack. He described it to be a new dimension where everyone taken succumbed to the weird environment and fell into comas, save for himself and Gazef. Of how he was able to escape, Gazef assisted him in reaching a Crack, and once crossing it, found that while a day passed on the "other side", months passed in the New World.

But most importantly he had some earth-shattering revelations he would only share with Momonga and asked for a private talk. His request was initially denied by Albedo and Demiurge as they were still uncertain if the protagonist was compromised, but Momonga wanting to take a risk permitted it. What he revealed is unknown, but it left Momonga disturbed but agreed such information could have dangerous consequences if made public to the rest of the Nazarick.

To rescue the remaining members of Nazarick from beyond the Crack, Momonga organized a rescue mission that would be launched in a month's time. In the meantime, the protagonist resumed his post in E-Rantel to survey the restoration works and had a brief encounter with Enhela. After a month, the protagonist led the remaining Pleiades to search for their lost brethren using newly developed adaptive equipment.

After the rescue team successfully found all its missing personnel, the team of Darkness was reformed and the protagonist led his team to approach a triumphant Gazef who completed a search of his own. The Warrior Captain exchanged a few words before heading out of the Crack and back to the Kingdom. The protagonist and the rest of the agents planned on exploring the "other side" a bit longer, when they encountered Enhela. The protagonist was surprised by the priest being in the "other side", causing him to question who Enhela really was as a mere human could not be in the new dimension no less be able to traverse it safely. From Enhela, who referred the protagonist as a 'brother' due to their assumed shared origins, the protagonist learned the true allegiance of his mysterious associate.[84]

The name however had no meaning to the protagonist, and Enhela seeing that the protagonist was not yet having fully recalled his memories decided to take him with him to help him understand. When situation was about to turn into a kidnapping by Enhela, Narberal and Lupusregina launched magic attacks from their hiding spot. Using this to his advantage, the protagonist bluffed their way out of a fight, by claiming the allies were part of the anti-Chaos Beast unit, forcing the priest to retreat by summoning a Crack to teleport out.

Due to the conversation between the members of Darkness and Enhela was overheard by CZ, the Pleiades demanded an explanation as it almost made it seem that the protagonist was an imposter. To his comrades astonishment he confessed that Enhela's revelations were true, that both of them were actually creations of the Sea of Possibilities that were inserted into the Theocracy and Nazarick, for some purpose. Memory alteration was used on those around them in order to blend it. However such knowledge was unknown to the protagonist at the beginning and that he was only made aware of his origins when he entered the "other side".

Upon leaving the Chaos Zone, Slimeko traveled with the Pleiades to Nazarick, leaving the protagonist behind in E-Rantel. After some debate, due to the danger he potentially posed, the Guardians and Momonga agreed that the homunculus could not stay in Nazarick but remain in E-Rantel as Territory Guardian. And knowing that Enhela would likely make another attempt to spirit away the protagonist and his formidable power, Sebas Tian was assigned to guard the protagonist to protect him, until a plan could be made to use the protagonist as bait and capture Enhela for further information.

Later Slimeko then resumed her post alongside the protagonist, assisting him in his duties. The duo met with Ninya, the lone survivor of her team from the invisible attack on E-Rantel. Upon hearing that the girl was planning on maybe leaving as an adventurer since all her friends were gone. On the upside they learned that Ninya reunited with her older sister and was taking care of Nemu. Even so the two pitied the girl, due to being aware that the members of the Swords of Darkness were still very much alive on the "other side".

The homunculus and slime then met up with Gazef Stronoff who had questions for the protagonist as to how despite seeing them get trapped in the "other side" with him, were still found to be operating in E-Rantel during their confinement in the Chaos Zone. The conflict was due to the doppelgängers from Nazarick who assumed their forms to maintain that Darkness was undefeated. The protagonist managed to make a convincing lie, blaming that the time axis on "other side" was in flux. That Darkness traveled back into the back when they attempted to escape the area. Gazef aware that time passed much slower than the New World's accepted the explanation.

Later at the Tripartite Alliance talks, the protagonist acted as a representative of the Sorcerer Kingdom along with Slimeko. There he and his partner came face to face with Enhela who maintained a cordial appearance, with both sides keeping mute of their previous hostile interaction on the "other side" to themselves. There details of Gazef's being cured of the miasma was brought to light as well as the Sorcerer Kingdom's involvement. Most importantly was the item brought by Gazef of organizing the Four Kingdoms Rescue Team to liberate people trapped on the "other side". The proposal was accepted with the other nations promising to contribute.

After the meeting the two were met by Leinas who wanted them to pass her gratitude to the Supreme One, as the revival magic of the Sorcerer Kingdom allowed her to finally lift her curse on her face. In return the Imperial Knight offered her services to repay the debt, which the protagonist promised to pass the word. At Darkness's hotel suite, the two met with Soi and Sebas to inform them of the developments at the meeting. They expressed to their comrades their surprise as to Enhela declining to lead the Theocracy forces into the Crack, as it was expected that the Deputy Pontifex Maximus would try to attempt to grab the protagonist on the "other side". However Sebas would ensure that it would not happen as he would be accompanying them as a volunteer in the rescue team.

During the interim of the operation’s preparations, the protagonist made a request to host a festival in E-Rantel to boost the morale of its people for better efficiency. Due to his time being spent in hosting the festival, the homunculus was excused from the ongoing operation to fake Princess Renner’s death and use her as bait to lure the elite warriors of the Kingdom to their death. Although he was aware of the Kingdom’s plans, his involvement was minimal as he saw no deviation that needed his hand to correct. The protagonist still burdened by his false existence pushed him into his work to redeem himself. His driven and somewhat exhaustive attitude though caused some of his human peers to noticed and tried to convince him to rest to no avail.[85]

When Lupusregina and CZ came up with the Bard Plan to produce bards for the Sorcerer Kingdom, Demiurge suggested bringing the protagonist in as part of the team on the plan, but was turned down by Momonga as the homunculus was still in exile and also already busy with E-Rantel. Though he did permit the protagonist be kept in the loop for his input. Slimeko acted as his representative and oversaw the results of the Bard Plan which culminated into the rock band Βγδth. After the experiment in Nazarick was deemed a success, the protagonist through the slime, offered his feedback. In regards to introducing rock music into E-Rantel, he worried that the music would be seen as too barbaric for the people in the city. In order to correct this it was recommended that the musical instruments used in rock be introduced into the Empire first. The protagonist made arrangements with Tsuibayaya for prototypes of the electric guitar and stand mic in exchange for giving the craftsman a swimsuit. After the deal was done, the protagonist still didn't really get the appeal of rock music despite reading on the subject. To explore it, he tried playing rock on the recently made guitar, and was witnessed by Slimeko to be playing it with a passion that erased his fatigue as it was alighting his soul.[86]

From his suite in E-Rantel, the homunculus was informed of the "Rare Item Requisition Day" event in Casino Resort Nazarick. Atop of that he was glad to see reports that the adventurer consumer products were now tied to the economy of the human world bringing profits to the Sorcerer Kingdom. While talking to Slimeko he expressed his belief that the puppetization plan of the Three Kingdoms would soon be complete and that the event in the casino would play a part in the future. When asked about the results of the event in Nazarick by Slimeko, the protagonist informed her that the two maids: Foire and Cixous, who had been competing with each other during the venue to get the top prize, ultimately chose friendship and used their chip winnings to exchange gifts with each other. The act was touching that it gave the protagonist a rare smile, something which he noticed he had been denying himself for some time. This in mind, he apologizes to Slimeko for making her worry about his mental health and both promised to preserve not just each other's smiles but the rest of Nazarick before they resumed working.[87]

At the time when Nazarick's exploratory ships were sent out beyond the fog of the Mysterious Island, the protagonist's theory that the fog being a natural phenomena turned out to be true. The island was in fact part of a archipelago located at the coast of a continent. Since it was hoped that there were intelligent beings in the region, the idea was considered to have the protagonist conduct negotiations with these new communities. Though due to the homunculus's origins it was deemed that he would remain exiled from Nazarick and the duty to lead the expedition fell to Albedo and Narberal.[88]

The protagonist was occupied with some task, hence he was unable to handle an the issue of a new illegal gambling den operating outside the city limits. Clementine wanted to bring the issue to the protagonist due to his prior work in stamping out the illegal parlors in E-Rantel. But also she want to inform him that there were some rumors that the the boss of the den was taking credit for many of the protagonist's actions such as the defeat of Jaldabaoth. Soi offered to take it to the protagonist, but instead brought the issue to Momonga who decided to allow Soi take point on the investigation as the homunculus was already overburden with many duties.[89]

Said overburden entailed trying to alleviate the physical and mental trauma of the citizens of E-Rantel still experiencing pain from not recent disasters. To that end the protagonist sought aid from the Pharmacist’s Guild and Temple, though neither could provide him a cost effective way to treat the people. He was later inspired of hot spring therapy treatment from Tsuibayaya after visiting the dwarf to pick up some weapons.

The homunculus reported his idea of investigating the dwarven baths to see if they had some healing properties. On the expedition with his Sebas acting as his bodyguard gave him some advice that the mission was not only crucial for the people of E-Rantel but others as well. Not knowing what the butler meant, the protagonist continued the journey to Feo Jera with his team where he was reunited with Bigosa. The survey team were given permission by the Regency Council to examine their baths but the group did not found anything specifically special. They move their investigation to the baths of Feo Berkana. On the way the protagonist learned about the dwarves’ use of tunnel doctors. The bathhouse near the royal palace however was destroyed by the Frost Dragon much to the dwarves shock. Sebas furious at the dragon’s cold callousness gave it a beating until it confessed it did so only by accident.

The expedition then returned to Feo Jera where they informed the council of the damage much to their disappointment. He and Sebas not wanting to depart with the dwarves unhappy, received permission from Momonga to renovate the damaged bathhouse into the style of Spa Resort Nazarick and used the opportunity to promote bath based products from the Sorcerer Kingdom. The project was a huge success as the dwarves were taken by the novelties. Once the baths were done, the protagonist took a dip, finally having a moment to relax to himself. He would then later approach Sebas and thank him for reminding him that he needed to take care of himself as well.

Back in E-Rantel, the protagonist put in motion of creating a treatment facility that would include a bathhouse for the people of the city. Though recreational bathing was not much of a custom to the peasantry as such things were for nobles, the protagonist hoped to change that soon once the bathhouse was completed.[90]

While he was residing in E-Rantel, Slimeko visited him to inform him of how Renner successfully approved of the lizardmen's request for an ice house and rewarded them a ice statue for their service. The homunculus was pleased by the news, though mildly disappointed as she felt he should have been involved. Though Slimeko assured him that he already was entrusted with many things by Momonga. Later he learned that Slimeko would be going to the Azerlisia Mountains to acquire materials for Albedo for the upcoming Christmas celebration.[91]

He was contacted by Albedo, via Entoma, informing the homunculus that Momonga would be traveling with Shiro to the Azerlisia Mountains for a New Year's event to see the "first sunrise" as part of the tasks to strengthen Shiro against the White Mochi King. While contemplating in his hotel suite with Slimeko, the protagonist wondered how the expedition was faring. He had a hint of envy for Shiro, who being from the Sea of Possibilities like himself was most trusted by Momonga. Regardless of his personal feelings, the protagonist hoped everything was going well, trusting Momonga would succeed.

After the New Year celebrations were over, the protagonist at the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild, received a letter from the Sorcerer Kingdom. It was actually a New Year's card, with the words "Welcoming Spring" which he showed to Slimeko, and was relieved that even though he was unable to return to Nazarick, Momonga still thought of him. Even though he wasn't sure of who he was, the protagonist hoped one day Momonga would trust him again. He then agreed with Slimeko that they should reply to the card with their own greetings.[92]

At the time when mass production of the Chaos Adaptive Equipment was completed, the Quadripartite Alliance decided to host a prep rally in prelude to the rescue operation. Both to boost morale and to honor the contributions of the Sorcerer Kingdom for providing the equipment. During the preparations, the homunculus worked with Ainzach and Surako to arrange the security schedule of the undead troops and living military forces of the Alliance.

Given that the Territory Guardian was one of the main speakers at the event, the guildmaster offered his junior an ear if he needed to talk. When the attendee list for the Theocracy came in, the protagonist and his slime partner were surprised to see the name of Antilene Heran Fouche on it. Curious as to how a half-elf could have such ahigh standing in the Theocracy, the news was relayed to upper echelons in Nazarick.

Since Antilene attendance represented an opportunity to gain some more information about the Theocracy, a plan was made to have Aura and Mare interact with her since they were elves like her. Also due to Shalltear befriending her as Shall in the past, it was hoped a familiar face would lower her guard.

At the venue of the prep rally, the protagonist gave a speech iterating the safety of the adaptive equipment and the main points of the upcoming rescue operation. After the formal part of the venue was over, the protagonist departed to attend matters at the Adventurer's Guild while the dark elf twins interacted with Antilene. He and Slimeko would later meet up with again during the twins and Antilene's tour of the city, in which he brought Shall with him, arranging a pleasant reunion for the half-elf.

The plan was to cause Antilene to sympathize with the Sorcerer Kingdom, by showing all the wonders and good it has done for E-Rantel. Though the group managed to stay on script of the act, they were interrupted by a crowd of the city's resident who were fans of the Sorcerer Kingdom and eagerly awaiting news about the rescue operation to save their loved ones. Needing the elves and undercover adventurer to have some space, the protagonist and Surako stayed behind to distract the crowd by answering their queries.[93]

In the midst of the rescue operation on the other side of the Crack, the relative success of finding a hundred people to rescue went smoothly. This what the protagonist expected as he thought that Enhela had something planned. However a newly rescued Lukrut alerted everyone that a horde of giant-sized Chaos Beasts were headed right at the rescue team. To stay safe, the protagonist hide behind Sebas who spearheaded through the horde to provide a path for the army to escape. Upon reaching home soil, the protagonist thought that it was over, until Momonga contacted the him with some horrifying news in the nations of the Kingdom and Empire that was possibly a plot of Enhela as every major city in the two nations were being engulfed by miasma.[94]

Upon hearing of how widespread the chaos was throughout the Three Kingdoms, the protagonist believed that E-Rantel was in most danger due to the number of Cracks there. Though Momonga though perhaps that the Sorcerer Kingdom should cut their losses with E-Rantel due to it being disaster prone, and while the homunculus agreed that the best choice would be to abandon the humans, he argued against the choice.

Once he was given permission to act as a "hero", the protagonist informed Gazef and the others of the news from his homeland on the status of the world. The protagonist and his comrades participated in launching a rescue operation to save as many survivors in the ruined city of E-Rantel now infested with feral inhabitants due to the miasma.

Later at a shelter the protagonist greeted a recovering Clementine and helped to coordinate a plan with the leaders of the rescue team to gather as much supplies as possible, restrain the infected before they cannibalize each other and figure out a way to cure them. For the last part, the protagonist revealed to his comrades that a cure was developed by the Sorcerer Kingdom. An operation to gather the infected and forcibly decontaminate them was put into play with the aid of Nfirea Bareare, Sophie Noia and Fluder Paradyne.

Together with the three researchers and his team along with Sebas acting as his escort the group busied curing the gathered victims. To their shock, Enhela emerged from the shadows claiming to come in peace with an offer for the protagonist to join him and his god's work. From the mad priest, the protagonist learned that Enhela was indeed responsible for the Cracks spewing out miasma. But there was a purpose to it, as Enhela was working to evolve humanity by intentionally contaminating them with miasma, selecting the strong and culling the weak. However the Sorcerer Kingdom's involvement was derailing his plans, which he interpreted to be the will of the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, as the cure for the contamination was developed too early.

After the priest defeated Sebas in a one-sided fight, he made an invitation again to the protagonist to come to his side, hinting that he himself was capable of greater feats of power. When he was refused again, Enhela resorted to more drastic means of coercion and used his powers to teleport all the Nazarick agents back to their dungeon, where the protagonist was shocked to see Momonga and the others having taken shelter in the Central Mausoleum, after evacuating the dungeon.

Enhela announced that he was now master of Nazarick and held it hostage unless the protagonist joined him and showed off his own power gifted to him by his maker. After Enhela retreated to the Throne Room to await the protagonist's decision, the protagonist was in despair of how he was directly involved in letting Nazarick fall in enemy hands. Before he could give himself up, Momonga stated that won't be necessary as he decided that the only way to reclaim their home was to reconquer Nazarick and defeat Enhela.[95]

Abilities and Powers[]

The protagonist's abilities and class are generally at level one due to his race. But thanks to his magical equipment gifted by Momonga, he can overcome his weaknesses, rising to the rank of a platinum ranked adventurer. He was eventually promoted to the rank of adamantite, however this was only due to Pandora's Actor taking on his identity briefly and is actually much weaker. To keep the truth of his weaknesses, the protagonist allows for others to believe that his strength has certain restrictions that can only be called upon sparingly.

Later on it is revealed by Enhela that since the protagonist is a creation of the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, he should be capable of more impressive feats, such as control over the Crack phenomena.

Main Equipment[]

  • Infinite Backpack: A bag that allows a user to store their items.
  • Sealing Crystal: A magic crystal that contains transfer magic to allow for a quick escape.
  • Full Body Metal Armor: This pure suit of black plate armor was created for his Adventurer Persona.
  • Twin Great Swords: The two swords are for his Adventurer Persona primarily, wielding one in each hand for melee combat as a warrior for dual-wielding.
  • Frost Pain Modified: A ice-type elemental weapon.
  • Necroplasmic Mantle: The red cape his Adventurer Persona is seen wearing around his neck.



Before the transfer to the New World, Momonga never knew of the protagonist's existence or that there was a position of Deputy Assistant Diplomat in Nazarick. However after the protagonist was vouched for by one of his creator's other creations, Momonga began to trust him. As time went on, the Overlord came to rely on the homunculus to be his eyes and ears in the New World. Due to the success of the homunculus and his diplomatic skills, Momonga now has the utmost faith in the NPC's abilities. The Protagonist when it comes to Momonga follows a simple creed and that is to always to lighten the burden Momonga has as a leader. After revelations were made light on the homunculus's origins, Momonga was forced to regard him as a possible threat to Nazarick. However in light of his contributions to Nazarick, Momonga exiled the protagonist to E-Rantel indefinitely. Despite this the protagonist still desires to redeem himself in Momonga's eyes.


The protagonist has a close relationship with the slime. He originally had treated her like a normal expendable summon. However, after realizing she had a personality of her own, he changed his attitude towards the slime and began treating her with more consideration. Ever since then, they have been paired up together for going on missions and are inseparable from each other. Even during their time off at Nazarick, the two would usually find themselves together again in the same library while re-organizing the books.

Neuronist Painkill[]

Neuronist Painkill was one of the NPCs that were killed during the transfer to the New World. Due to her death, her duties were temporarily given to Shalltear and Demiurge. After she was revived and tried to resume her duties, Neuronist found her information she gleamed from her torture victims to be outdated as the information was already acquired by the protagonist out in the field. She began to feel marginalized and became envious of the homunculus. However her envy was short-lived as after she met with the protagonist, she found the that they were alike as they gathered information for the benefit of Nazarick and Momonga. After his words of comfort that she possessed skills the protagonist lacked, it invigorated her to return to her duties with more passion.

Enhela Read Gahi[]

The protagonist upon meeting the Deputy Pontifex Maximus was wary of the man due to him being unreadable. Not only that his affiliation with the Theocracy and his veiled attitude made the protagonist mark him as an adversary, but still maintained cordial relations for appearances. However after he regained his memories of being a creation of the Sea of Possibilities and Enhela revealing him to be also from the same origin, referring him as "brother", he has begun to feel emotional turmoil within himself when encountering the priest, worried about himself and whether Enhela claim about their roles are true.


  • The protagonist is the first male homunculus to have made an appearance in the Overlord franchise series.
  • In the game, the player can choose who the creator of their protagonist will be. Among the options are: Nishikienrai, Beast King Mekongawa, and Herohero. The two who were not chosen from the list are treated as people who were involved in the creation of the character. In addition to that, the choice of creator has no effect on later scenarios.
  • The protagonist is never visibly seen in the game as the scenarios are being taken from the player's perspective as the character. Though in Chapter 11 of the main scenario, Pandora's Actor uses his shapeshifting abilities to impersonate the protagonist, taking on the player's appearance.


  • (To Momonga): “Great kindness can resemble callousness, and so too can actions.
  • (To Momonga): “A wise ruler balances cruelty and compassion.
  • (To Momonga): “Being powerless is a less elegant way to say it is not essential to keep around.
  • (To Nabarel to Inspire her): “A Servant who relies on their master too much is not a good one.


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