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Prismatic Crystal (七色結晶) is a mineral found in the New World in Mass for the Dead.


After the Catastrophe, the Great Tomb of Nazarick discovered these minerals and began to mine them for their use.


A rainbow-colored crystal.


A limit breaking item that can be used for two types: "characters" and "skills." According to Demiurge, it is possible to overcome the level cap.[1]

In the game, if a player has a character with a mystery level of 5 and gets the same character, the character will be converted to a crystal based on the rarity.

There are three types of Prismatic Ores: "Large;" "Medium," "Small." Each which can help break through a character's level. Large crystals are converted from level 5 characters. Medium crystals from level 4 characters. Small crystals from 2 or 3 level characters.


  • Prismatic Crystals seem to be based on the Prismatic Ores in the main series.
  • These items are offered as rewards in Mass for the Dead special events.


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