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Principality Observation (監視の権天使) are mid-level angel summons. In the New World, they are used by Nigun Grid Luin, the captain of the Slane Theocracy's Sunlight Scripture.


This angel is embodied in armor with a long robe covering up its legs. It wields a huge mace made of divine power and equips a round shield with an image of the sun on its left arm. Compared to the Archangel Flame, this angel has four wings, given its rank is higher than the former.


A member of a class of Angels above Archangels of the Third Sphere, this angel is able to enhance the defensive capabilities of all allied forces within its line of sight, so long as it is stationary.[1]


  • In Christian scripture, Principalities refers to angels that assist in divine ministry with earthly rulers.
  • It is summoned by 4th Tier magic caster users or above.[2]


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