Princess Renner and the Puppy (ラ王女とわんこ) by Sakano Anri (坂野杏梨) is the forty-eighth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself spots Climb chasing a puppy. Finding it funny that a 'dog' is chasing a dog she overs over to investigate. Climb apologizes to the princess explaining that the dog has been wandering the castle since this morning. Renner finds the thing to be adorable as it looks just like Climb. Renner then decides to keep it.

The next day, Renner plays with the dog, now named Climb No.2, and as it licks her hand, the princess briefly exposes her true self. Recomposing herself she then directs the dog to do various tricks such as shaking hands and sitting. The more time she spends with the dog scenes of losing her demeanor emerges. She soon becomes obsessed with the dog swearing never to let it part from her. Climb, however, reports to the princess that the owner has come to get the puppy. He explains that the dog actually belongs to a noble's son and wishes it to be returned to him. Renner states that it can't be helped and agrees. She flatters Climb saying that she will be more lonely but is happy to still have Climb. Renner tells herself that she will kill the noble. Shortly thereafter it was reported that the noble who took Climb No.2 met an unfortunate downfall.

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Chapter Notes

  • This chapter first appears in a special supplement of the Monthly Comp Ace November 2018 Issue.
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