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Prince Barbro's Troop are a large-scale group of warriors that were led under the banner of Prince Barbro.


Initially, they were supposed to be tasked with gathering information from people in Carne Village about the magic caster who is siding with Baharuth Empire against them. However, since a compromise was never successfully made with the villagers, it had resulted in the intelligence group to use violence instead.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc[]

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In preparation for the war that is about to take place in the Katze Plains, Marquis Boullope offers a suggestion to King Ramposa III of the Re-Estize Kingdom that there must be a need to gather information from Carne Village as they have connections to the magic caster Ainz Ooal Gown who once appeared there. He figures it would be for the best if they mobilized some troops to investigate the village and tried to question the villagers on the details about it. Therefore, he wants to entrust the command of such unit to Prince Barbro. The King accepts his idea and lets Prince Barbro lead the unit in dealing with Carne Village.[1] Negotiations failed between Carne villagers and Prince Barbro's Troop that led to a fallout battle for both sides. In the end, Prince Barbro's Troops completely lost to the overwhelming power of the Goblin Army conjured forth by Enri Emmot. Despite their efforts of forming a full retreat, the troop were never able to make it out alive after their attack on the village as remnants of their troops were silently killed off by the Redcaps summoned by Lupusregina Beta.[2]


Prince Barbro's Troop are said to compromise of Marquis Boullope's elite soldiers and from several nobles' forces. Particularly, his troop consists of the three thousand five hundred men from the Marquis and an additional fifteen hundred men sent from the various nobles as reinforcements. All in all, the total strength of his unit were estimated to be around five thousand men. Out of the five thousand troops he have at his control, four thousand five hundred of them are infantry while his cavalry only consists of five hundred men. There is also a host of noblemen accompanying the Prince for guidance in leading the army.

Known Members[]


  • Prince Barbro thought the reason why so many soldiers were gathered in the first place was for the battle at Katze Plains and for the sake of bolstering his reputation.
  • The Goblin Army that was summoned to the battlefield are equal in manpower to Prince Barbro's Troop.


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