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Predator Slime (捕食型粘体) is one of the heteromorphic races that can be found in YGGDRASIL.


Predator Slimes are the kind of slime variants that prey on their foe's life. They are a man-eating slime that can be used to devour various individuals into their body.


Predator Slimes are said to have multiple tentacles inside their hollow body. These slimes would use it to pull their foe into their body once they made direct contact with them through touch.


Predator Slimes have complete resistance over physical damage and attacks. Material objects such as that of a sword will easily get dissolved within a matter of seconds if used to slash through a Predator Slime's body. On the other hand, Predator Slimes are known to either swallow or store as many things as they can into their body. Those things ranged from objects to people. For starters, the absorption of their foe can be done through physical touch with any part of the Predator Slime's body even under a human guise like Solution.

Additionally, Shalltear once stated that the Predator Slime, Solution was capable of completely consuming the foe without actually affecting the shape of her human-like appearance. However, Solution stated this was due to the effects of special racial magic that Predator Slimes possessed. When the foe gets into physical contact with the Predator Slime's body, they will then be pulled into it against their own free will. Along the way, they are susceptible to getting dissolved under that pressure with each passing time.

Nevertheless, Predator Slimes can instantly kill the absorbed foe by secreting a strong acid contained within their body. The foe becomes soaked from within this slime's bodily acid during the process. As a result, it causes the victim's own body to be set inflamed and smoke to rise out of it. If needed, Predator Slimes would block the foe's voice and the stench of smell from leaking outside their body. Sometimes, they were kept alive for a day inside the slime whenever the predator feels the need to do so. Furthermore, Predator Slimes have the capability to release parts from that foe's body like their arms for example, out onto the surface while damaged.[1][2]

Known Predator Slimes


  • Solution is the only Predator Slime introduced in the Overlord Series.
  • Although Solution classified herself as a Predator Slime, her character sheet don't seem to have that Racial Class, hinting on the notion that it is likely part of the "etc (25)" levels she has remaining.[3]


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