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Power Dragon Stone (強龍石) is an item found in the New World in Mass for the Dead.


A Character Reinforcement Material that can be found throughout the game.


A silvery stone in the shape of a curled dragon. They appear in three forms, the lowest in the form of a baby dragonling, the middle an adult dragon and the third in the form of a dragon with raised scales.


In Mass for the Dead, a player can raise a character's level using the "Power Dragon Stone". While gold coins can be used they are easily depleted, so these items are a better to gain from a quest to raise the level of a character.


  • In the Web Novel, there is a substance called the Vievul Dragon Stone used for Minor Healing Potions.[1]
  • The Dragon Stone can be obtained through quests that appear only at certain times and even be bought in the in-game store.[2]
  • The stones can also be collected from the Chaotic Devil Tree but they only appear at limited times.


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