Powder of Will O' Wisp is a substance used to counter stealth techniques.

Description Edit

The ‘Powder of Will O’ Wisp’ is intended to be used against stealthy opponents like rogues or someone using invisibility or illusion magic.  

Appearance Edit

It has a purple color appearance that glitters and carried around in a small sack.

Abilities Edit

This powder can be used against 「Multiple Vision」 which copies the main body to create the clones. The effect of this magic item makes the original body apparent. Since this powder only affects living beings, the fake clones will not be affected, which makes it obvious to where the real body is by causing the target to emit a milky white light.

Trivia Edit

  • Will O' Wisp means foolish fire, a ghost light which is an actual phenomena that appears over bogs and marshes.
  • It was used by Lockmeier before to support Climb during their battle against Succulent.[1]


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