Pontifex Maximus is the head of state of the Slane Theocracy.

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At some point the current Pontifex Maximus was originally a member of one of the Six Scriptures. It can be assumed that he managed to rise to the rank of a Cardinal since only a member of the Six Cardinals can rise to the position of Pontifex Maximus.

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The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

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The Pontifex Maximus presided over the meeting for the highest members of the Slane Theocracy.[1]

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The Pontifex Maximus is the highest authority within the Slane Theocracy.

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  • Aside from the Cardinal whose sect the current Pontifex Maximus originally belonged to, the remaining Cardinals are each potential successors.
  • The Pontifec Maximus exists in the Web Novel, though the author at the time kept his identity secret and referred him as the pontiff.[2]

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  • (On Ainz): "I heard that the Sorcerer King used a powerful spell. As such, the Royal Army routed. Because of that, they abided by the requests made before the battle and ceded E-Rantel to the Sorcerer Kingdom for the founding of a nation. That’s all."

References Edit

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