Poison Maker is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


Poison Maker is a class which involves the bearer to create poisonous effects.

Known Poison Makers

Abilities and Powers

A Poison Maker possessed the power to make effects like sleeping poison before then using it on their foes to keep them at a coma-like state while the latter is still asleep. However, such an effect created from the Poison Maker is not permanent as it only lasts for a certain duration of time. Once the effect caused by the Poison Maker is over, a target such as Tuareninya Veyron will be able to eventually wake up from their sleep. They have an unknown skill that allows them to combine both a powerful poison that induced sleep and a muscle relaxing poison.[1]


  • Solution apparently has five job levels in the Poison Maker class.[2]


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