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Pluton Ainzach (プルトン・アインザック) is the Guildmaster of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild.


Described as a masculine man, with an outfit of long sleeves and long pants, that allowed him to move freely. He had jet black hair and mustache. His build was fairly large, giving the impression of a tightly wound body, with prominent bulging muscles, that could not be hidden by his clothing.


A serious individual who has years of experience under his belt.


Pluton was a former adventurer before becoming the guildmaster. During his time as an adventurer, he once fought a Skeletal Dragon in the Katze Plains.


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

At the fourth floor of the Adventurer's Guild Ainzach hosted a meeting among the most powerful individuals in the city of E-Rantel. Among them included, Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier, Theo Rakheshir, Gida Crent Nis Tierref, and Lizzie Bareare. He explained the situation from an adventurer named Baniara to them, of a vampire that was spotted close to E-Rantel. A vampire that could use [Reanimate Undead] meaning it could use 3rd tier magic. Since it was a monster that rivaled an A class party and has the strength of B class it would be difficult to defeat, but the guildmaster suggested they call upon all A+ rank adventurer parties. However, the only adventurers of that caliber would require them to call them from across not only the Kingdom but the Argland Council State, and the Baharuth Empire. Victory still seemed bleak if the vampire turned its attention to E-Rantel. Musing over where the vampire came from, Pluton suggested that before they take any action, they should collect more intelligence at the spot where the vampire appeared. Panasolei brought up a question of how Baniara survived by just using a potion. Pluton considered this and asked Lizzie if such a potion was possible to ward a vampire, but the pharmacist claims that no such potion exists currently. Then there was the identity of Momon and his appearance just after a strange magic caster appeared, saving Carne Village. The group decided to bring Momon in for questioning to answer their queries.[2]

When Momon finally came, Pluton acted as the representative of the meeting and introduced everyone. One of their concerns was the potion he had given to his fellow adventurer. Momon complied and showed them the item in question. He watched when Lizzie and his friend Theo became excited over the potion as it possessed magical properties far beyond what they could produced. The two began demanding where Momon procured such an item but when he refused, Lizzie threatened to use magic, forcing Pluton to intervene. When Momon revealed the ingredients, she had no idea what he was talking about, but she did calm down. Given that she used magic, a violation within the city, the mayor and the others decided to ignore it. After Momon agreed to sell her the potion, the topic switched back to the vampire which Momon claims to be Camila, a disciple of Landfall. Hearing his story of being from a village that was destroyed by Camila and has been chasing her, Pluton and the others accepted it. Additionally, Momon confessed that he is a servant of Ainz Ooal Gown. Pluton and the other were relieved on Momon's explanation that Camila probably fled now due to the potion belonging to Ainz.

Since there was no one in the world who was familiar with the vampire and as he was a disciple of Ainz Ooal Gown, Pluton wanted to assign Momon to kill the monster. However, given its rank, only A+ adventurers would be a allowed to face it. So he needed to raise Momon's rank, however the guild still needed to follow rules so a promotion test was scheduled to test the adventurer's skills. After the meeting, Pluton stated he would report this to the other Adventurer Guild's branches. He also had a brief word to the mayor and the others over the internal strife within the Kingdom, puting the nation in peril.[3]

Pluton would meet Momon again in his office and would assign him his test: patrolling E-Rantel's Cemetery. After giving him an overview of the challenges he might face there, Pluton invited the adventurer for some casual time but was declined.[4] Later after hearing the results of the test of Momon, not only defeating a secret cult but also a Skeletal Dragon, he and the other city leaders could only sputter in disbelief that the warrior's power defied common sense.[5]

Abilities and Powers[]

A warrior, he was a man that was the definition of it. He also possessed several magic items. A light, or magic light, glittered from the sleeves and his collar showing that it was endowed with protection magic. The scabbard at his waist was an exquisite decoration. The long sword was also well made. This too had the glimmer of magic.



Pluton was unsure of his identity and had concerns over the new adventurer. However after learning his history and strength, Pluton has been scheming of ways to keep Momon in E-Rantel, using either money, women or power.

Theo Rakheshir[]

Pluton and Theo, were friends from the same adventuring party.

Gida Crent Nis Tierref[]

Pluton and Gida, were friends from the same adventuring party.

Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier[]

Pluton Ainzach is aware of the act that Panasolei puts on to make others underestimate him. Ainzach has no complaints with how he ran E-Rantel.


  • He apparently reached being a A class adventurer before becoming guildmaster. In the Light Novel, his rank was never stated.


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