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Pluton Ainzach (プルトン・アインザック) is the Guildmaster of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild.


Pluton Ainzach is a mighty and majestic middle-aged man. His hair is well kept, his mustache is trimmed and smooth in the handlebar mustache style. His clothes are clean and primed for someone who had excellent pay as a former adventurer, and even still as a guildmaster.

While his skin and muscles are of a man in his early 40's, his hair has grayed obvious from the stress of previous quests. Signifying he has seen some scary stuff, but came out stronger and wiser for it.


Pluton Ainzach is quite capable and vigorous. After witnessing the recent colossal amount of achievements done by Momon, Ainzach has shown to have a panderly side where he wishes to keep Darkness in E-Rantel by any means necessary.


During his adventurer days, Pluton Ainzach captured undead monsters from the Katze Plains and delivered them to the Imperial Arena in the Baharuth Empire. As time passed, Ainzach became the Guildmaster of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Pluton Ainzach assembles the mithril ranked adventurer teams of E-Rantel: Kralgra, Sky Wolf, Rainbow, and Darkness, along with E-Rantel's mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier and Magic Caster Guildmaster Theo Rakheshir to discuss the appearance of the powerful vampire, Honyopenyoko.[1]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc[]

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More than a month after the battle with Honyopenyoko, Ainzach requests Momon to search for a rare herb in the northern region of the Great Forest of Tob. Later, Ainzach proposes to Momon when they meet again afterward to form a party with other teams of adventurers because he is concerned that Momon may not be able to accomplish the mission by himself.

Thus, a couple of days after, Ainzach has already assembled three teams consisting of one Mithril and two Platinum ranked adventurer teams. Afterward, Ainzach lays out his plans to Momon but is ultimately shocked when he is told that the request has already been completed in those three days since his departure and he's to confirm the requested item. He is last heard shouting in disbelief when Momon exits the room.[2]

The Two Leaders Arc[]

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

In the Adventurer's Guild, Pluton Ainzach was asked by Momon for the content of Enri's request and finds that it was related to the lords of the Great Forest of Tob, the Giant of the East and the Serpent of the West.[3] In an attempt to appease Momon, he called in the receptionist to scold her for such disrespect to a friend of an Adamantite Adventurer; even though Momon was understanding of her position.

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Pluton Ainzach was one of the few people to stay behind in E-Rantel when the city was ceded to the Sorcerer Kingdom. The Sorcerer King pays the Guildmaster a visit to discuss the future of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild. To his surprise, the Sorcerer King wished to offer his full support to the Adventurer's Guild, with the intention of sending them out to explore the unknown world and finally become real adventurers. The proposal intrigued the retired adventurer and agreed to think it over.[4]

Sometime later, he accompanies Ainz to the Imperial Capital for recruiting new adventurers and to help with the new Adventurer's Guild of the Sorcerer's Kingdom. The primary reason for him to be included was due to his extensive knowledge of the adventurer's lifestyle and mindset. During their visit at Osk's residence, Ainz gifts him a high-quality short sword from YGGDRASIL. Ainzach, humbled by the gift, promised to help him with all his strength to repay his kindness, and later was also present with Ainz before his match against the Martial Lord, in which he asked if Ainz would be alright. In response, Ainz had ensured the Guildmaster that he will win.[5]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc[]

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Pluton was contacted by Ainz in order to find any useful information regarding the Dwarf Kingdom. However, aside from him knowing of its existence, he knew next to nothing about it.[6] Ainz was thankful for his involvement and had let him return to running the Guild.

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

When E-Rantel began to face an influx of refugees who were escaping the Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts, Ainzach worked with the city officials and other figures such as Saint Clementine to address the situation. It was then discussed and agreed that the city needed to be expanded to accommodate the growing population and Clementine was elected to try to appeal to the masses to support the construction of the Fourth Wall.[7] Later when Nigun Grid Luin and his Sunlight Scripture came to reinforce the defenses of the city, Ainzach worked with his to better coordinate the Scripture and adventurers by forming a joint team. When word reached them that a attacked on Carne Village by Chaos Beasts, he approved Nigun's request to volunteer his forces to launch a rescue and investigation.[8]

After the return of some members of the Sunlight Scripture escorting refugees from the village, both he and Nigun received a report that the situation was more dire than they originally believed as there was a possible Crack in the Great Forest of Tob. To reinforce the Sunlight Scripture investigating the area around Carne Village, both Ainzach and Nigun approached the imperial knights of the Baharuth empire, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and Leinas Rockbruise to lend assistance.[9]

Later despite the Adventurer's Guild being neutral in national affairs, the state of the world after the Catastrophe, Ainzach chooses to accept a royal edict from the king to launch a campaign to clear an abandoned mine infested with monsters and reclaim the ores within.[10]

In the coming weeks after Jaldabaoth's attack, the guildmaster helped organize an adventurer exchange tournament with the protagonist. Though he was a bit worried about the costs he was relieved that the expenses would be covered by the Sorcerer Kingdom. His other doubts on the project and return profits were put at ease after he was told that the event would open foundations of trade between the nations. He was given one such sample of a trade item, chocolate which after tasting erased his suspicions. The guildmaster would continue to make preparations for the tournament, and as the adventurers invited by the protagonist arrived, Ainzach allowed the adventurer to go and greet them while he handled the paper work. It was also revealed that some time ago he met with Soi and requested her to change her outfit into something more ostentatious that compared with her teammate the "Dark Warrior" as she was now an adamantite adventurer and needed to exude a type of decorum.[11]

At the tournament he acted as a moderator alongside Surako, giving out the rules and rewards of the tournament, encouraging those to participate with the reward of chocolates which he promotes. When Soi asks for a substitution of her match with her friends Shall and Ku he permits it. As the tournament goes on the tow candidates show great promise at they impress powerful figures like Blue Roses andBrain Unglaus. Though happy at their strength the guildmaster is somewhat disappointed that the two will dissuade others aspiring adventurers, but is convinced by his peers that while the recruitment of adventurers may not happen the populace are enjoying the fight and should take it as a win. By the sixth match Ainzach is unable to determine which rank to give Shall and Ku, so he allows Blue Roses to fight against them in a match to accurately determine their strength.

When the tournament is over he is shocked when Shall and Ku decided not to register as adventurers in favor of continuing traveling to get stronger and to find a cure for Shall's curse. Though they decline Ainzach asks them to at least register as adventurers, but is turned down as they do not want to have conflicting obligations until their own personal complications are resolved. Accepting their reasons, the guildmaster still regards the pair as adventurers and offers them a place at the guild should they ever return to E-Rantel.[12]

Due to the decreased frequency of undead appearing near the border of E-Rantel and the Katze Plains, the guildmaster attributed the decreases to Kralgra successfully hunting down the Ghost Ship and its lich. Later he learned that the absence of the undead was not just near E-Rantel but also in the territory of the Theocracy. He and the protagonist were approached by Nigun and Ian of the Sunlight Scripture to formally request adventurer guides to investigate why the undead were vanishing. To his surprise the protagonist volunteered his team of Darkness to take the job which he approved of.[13]

During the unprecedented phenomenon that caused night to return to day in the lands around E-Rantel, the guildmaster called an emergency consultation meeting that included himself, Clementine, and two of the adamantite ranked adventurer teams Darkness and Blue Roses. The guildmaster wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery as he feared it could be the sign of a new offensive by the demons. To find what the cause of the extended day, Pluto assigned Blue Roses to go out into the field and investigate the surroundings. He planned to coordinate information sharing when Surako raised a question towards Blue Roses, as to why Lakyus and Evileye were dressed in bunny girl outfits. Though the adventurers replied that there was no reason and wished to hasten to the end of the meeting which Ainzach complied.[14]

Later Pluton had to deal with the sudden popularity of the distributed chocolates from the protagonist during the adventurer exhibition. Due to the taste, people of many social status began to seek him out to acquire the treat. However as it was a limited trade item, he could not provide it, though others began to suspect that he was hoarding it. The negative reactions were considerable that it began to threaten his position as guildmaster. To provide for demand the protagonist offered that the Sorcerer Kingdom could release a new type of chocolate that could be cheaply made. For the sales and distribution, the protagonist allowed the guildmaster and the Adventurer's Guild to manage it.[15]

Ainzach did indeed use the confectionary to promote the guild, and found that many joined as adventurers just for a taste of the chocolate. Due to the success of the goods, Ainzach began to expand on capitalizing on the image of the protagonist by selling dolls and trinkets themed on the "Dark Warrior" image. By chance he saw that the protagonist and his team of Darkness were having a private meeting with Evileye at the guild. The guildmaster greeted them to showcase the newest prototypes of products based on Soi and also to hear about the feedback from the Evileye who distributed free samples to the children in E-Rantel. Though the goods were to help with the operational costs of the guild in the city, Evileye poked at his actions of exploiting the image of the protagonist and his friends for financial gain to his embarrassment which he did not deny. Nfirea Bareare would bring him an official request for adventurers to guide him into the Great Forest of Tob to seek out the Fruit of Longevity to create an effective medicine for the illness affecting the children in the city. Due to the danger the team of Darkness and Evileye volunteered to escort Nfirea, and while the hiring of adamantite adventurers was expensive Ainzach waived the costs at a discount due to the backing of the protagonist and Princess Renner, thinking of the long-term goals to ensure the health of the children.[16]

Thanks to the introduction of the "Dark Warrior" dolls at the guild, the guildmaster saw a increase in business for the adventurers as many people came to make requests and acquire a complementary doll. However he learned from the protagonist that dolls were inducing people from hero worship of Territory Guardian to religious worship, which was raising concerns from the Sunlight Scripture. Despite this the guildmaster wanted to expand and release a new product to give as a souvenir for the guild. The protagonist then offered a suggestion in introducing a new kind of souvenir based on other characters beside the "Dark Warrior". From the ideas of the protagonist Ainzach released cloth tagged dolls with quotes which became popular. But due to the demand the guild lost a lot of potential clients when supply dried up. Again the protagonist proposed using a lottery system to make the distribution easier. Later Ainzach was proud to release a new product line of dolls based on Blue Roses with the first doll being Gagaran created by a local dwarf.[17]

Unfortunately the production of the dolls were halted due to the shortage of high quality fabrics, The guild attempted to use local fabrics, the resulting dolls turn to be of extremely poor quality. The issue was brought to the protagonist who then hurried to inform his superiors. A solution was brought by the protagonist, having recovered several samples of fiber plants harvested locally from the Great Forest of Tob, and with a new weaving method devised by an ally, the guildmaster was able to restore operations of the dolls manufacturing using a new fabric industry.[18]

The guildmaster would call the protagonist and Surako to inform them that their marketing of the guild had gone too far. To explain he received fierce criticism by his peers in various guild and associations, accusing him of turning the Adventurer's Guild into an organization that was consumed by profit and forgetting the adventurers' that sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Though the words were just slander from those who were jealous of the success of his guild, Ainzach felt that they held some truth. He was initially angry at the Territory Guardian for the verbal abuse he suffered, but understood that it was not the adventurer's fault and worked with the hero to try and mitigate the situation. Ainzach believed that the best way was to show the public that the guild was not concerned with profit was by giving back to the community. So he suggested he collecting relics of fallen adventurers and having them put on display in the guild to commemorate their actions. He believed that Igvarge and his team of Kralgra should deserve this honor, and asked the protagonist to see if she could retrieve the adventurers' mithril identification plates.

After some time passed, he heard back from the protagonist that a magic caster from the Sorcerer Kingdom located the relics within the Katze Plains. He worked out the details of future recovery missions for the bereaved families and friends of adventurers, agreeing that such jobs would be solicited by the guild and considered charity sponsored by the Sorcerer Kingdom, which would receive a portion of the chocolate sales. Later when the protagonist returned back with not just Kralgra's plates, but several other adventurer plates thanks to the aid of New Six Arms, Ainzach believed that the deed would dispel their critics and hopefully will stop antagonizing the guild and try to use it as a model to also pursue a mutual relationship with the Sorcerer Kingdom.[19]

Ainzach attended a council meeting of the city leaders to address the bounty of the harvest of the field in the fourth wall of the city. It was determined that they should hold a Harvest Festival to celebrate the occasion. He and the others voted the protagonist to be the organizer of the event and approved of the Halloween theme. Ainzach contributed to the event by using his guild's resources to prepare costumes for the city's populace. He then acted as a announcer during the mock battle demonstration.[20]

The guildmaster later was seen overseeing the Swords of Darkness receive their complementary Great Adventurers cards. He was appreciative towards the protagonist for coming up with the idea as they were small an easy enough to produce. Not only that it allowed the accomplishments of the guild's adventurers to be remembered and become legends in their own right.

After the release of Golden Chocolate In A Bottle, Ainzach was amazed at the success, he joked to the protagonist and Surako if the next product that the Sorcerer Kingdom will release will be chilled chocolate. To his surprised that is what they intended to do and offered the guildmaster to have a Sorcerer Kingdom-made refrigerator to prepare and a product called a cooling towel. In response Ainzach accepted, happy to continue the lucrative relationship with the Sorcerer Kingdom.[21]

Ainzach was alerted to a threat to E-Rantel, when Clementine avertedly stumbled on a plot by the remnants of Zurrernorn in the city to conduct a Death Spiral using a Super Giant Sanitary Slime. The guildmaster coordinated with the Sunlight Scripture to patrol the city for any other remnants and requested reinforcements from the Kingdom to deal with the situation without inciting a panic. With permission from the mayor, Ainzach requested Blues Roses and Darkness to eliminate the slime that was hiding in the bowels of the sewers.[22]

Over the next months, the sales of the new chocolate item were a boon to Ainzach and his guild. People who bought chocolate sweets from the guild had begun to bring in more requests, and even some people coming forward aspiring to be adventurers. The benefits made him greatly indebt to the Sorcerer Kingdom. He also informed the protagonist that he had begun to receive opinions, on the chocolate product, one comment from a customer was a question on whether any new products would be coming out which came as a surprise to the guildmaster as the introduction of chocolate was still relatively new and already people were demanding another novelty due to its popularity. Ainzach hoped that the Sorcerer Kingdom planned product of "chilled chocolate" would come to fruition after the introduction of the refrigerator and hopefully meet customers' expectations.

Days later the Sorcerer Kingdom released the chilled chocolate confectionary. The guildmaster found it to be a wonderful product, but was surprised that the kingdom could sell something with such a short shelf life. And admitted that even though it is in limited quantity, if it looked like the food would be limited to enthusiasts for a while.[23]

At another meet, Ainzach spoke with the protagonist and Surako about how well received the Sorcerer Kingdom's "daily necessities" trade items were. Turns out the guildmaster played a role in their popularity by using his contacts and predicted that more orders would follow. In regards to the delivery for the items, the protagonist wanted to have a warehouse to store the Sorcerer Kingdom's goods. Ainzach having foreseen this made arrangements and was very enthusiastic with all the new business the guild was being involved. As usual he expressed some concern to the protagonist being too immersed in his work.

Later a complication occurred at the warehouse where the Sorcerer Kingdom's trade goods were store. While being escorted by the protagonist, Surako and the Swords of the Darkness to the location, which was near the Sewage Treatment Plant, the warehouse became infested by Sanitary Slimes whose numbers exploded when they ate the chocolate sweets stored there. During the fight to purge the slimes, Ainzach was ashamed that such a thing happened under his watch. He would later owe the protagonist a favor for this debacle. Once a new batch of chocolate sweets were sent from the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainzach took it upon himself to get a better storage location.[24]

Ainzach was involved in a operation aimed at cracking down on a brokerage that was selling children outside of E-Rantel. He coordinated with the city guard and gave out assignments and floorplans to Blue Roses and the Swords of Darkness on the base and warehouse where the children were being held. After the raid, the guildmaster and Clementine spoke with the protagonist, informing him that those involved with the child trafficking were arrested, and charged thanks to the evidence gathered by Blue Roses.

Though he said with regret that many of the children died while being held captive. Still justice was enacted thanks to the protagonist's keen insight on locating documents of the sales of the children that enabled the authorities to finally arrest the members of the Nobility Faction involved. Additionally the guildmaster reported that the children who had nowhere to go were currently being cared for by the Temple, however the institution found itself overwhelmed, leading to some voices in reopening the orphanage proposal suggested by the protagonist.[25]

Some time after the Calamity of Cracks, Ainzanch and the mayor of E-Rantel approached the "protagonist" with a proposal to make an effort to improve the mental health of the city resident after experiencing the previous disaster. Remembering the exchange tournament that was previously held in the city, the guildmaster and mayor wanted to replicate that passion to reignite the spirits of the people and attract more people to move to E-Rantel. To do so they wanted to hold another Greetings and Victory Festival and locate the two celebrities Shall and Ku to participate. While the preparations for the festival were being done, Ainzach looked forwards to the guest of honor coming to the city again. Once they arrived, Ainzach acted as the moderator for the dedication demonstration matches. After the final match the ended in an epic draw, Ainzach thanks the participants for their time. Though he previously wanted Shall to register official as an adventurer, the girl decided it was not yet time but did accept a informal adventurer's plate that he gave her.[26]

Months after the invisible disaster, Ainzach was approached by Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven to send adventurers to Carne Village after the Kingdom's elites failed to report in after they located the missing Princess Renner. The guildmaster assigned Blue Roses to the mission as the level of importance was ranked for adamantite adventurers and their previous affiliation with the Golden Princess. Days later the guildmaster and the clients for the request were hit by devasting news of Renner's suicide after Contaminated Beasts laid waste to the refugee settlement she established in the abandoned village. Since the upcoming festival for the reconstruction of E-Rantel was approaching he agreed with Zanac and Raeven's decision that Renner's death be kept secret as it would demoralize the city.[27]

Ainzach later attended the Tripartite Alliance talks with Clementine, acting as her assistant in moderating the discussion. When Enhela began to accuse the protagonist's nation of concealing research into the Cracks and miasma from the Alliance, Ainzach argued that any accusation should be left out as the knowledge was now being shared. When plans for the Four Kingdoms Rescue Team were formed, Enhela announced that the Sunlight Scripture would be participating, which confused the guildmaster as most of the Scripture was depleted in the disaster and its leadership was gone. However he was shocked to see that both Nigun and Ian were very much alive, having been rescued by Enhela from the "other side" of the Crack.[28]

Some months later when the Chaos Adaptive Equipment was mass produced by the Sorcerer Kingdom was ready, a pep rally organized by the Quadripartite Alliance was being held in E-Rantel. In preparation to the event, the guildmaster worked with the Territory Guardian for security arrangements of the venue. Since the city was being protected by troops of undead, which could cause misunderstandings with visitors from outside the city, they two made plans to have the undead chaperoned by military forces of the Alliance.

Ainzach apologized to the protagonist for making him work on these tedious things, as the event was held in honor for his homeland. Given there will be before many people and that the ceremony will honor the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainzach offered an ear to the protagonist if he needed help in a speech as the guild was impartial to national borders. He believed that the equipment provided by the Sorcerer Kingdom would lead to many backroom deals from other nations seeking to get the technology.

Later when a receptionist delivered him the attendee list for the pep rally, one name on the list drew the attention from the protagonist. At the time of the event, Ainzach was one of the speakers, where he addresses all the gathered for their attention so that the protagonist could explain the uses of the new equipment that they will be using to cross over through the Crack. And also reminding them out of safety to avoid using the equipment with the presence of those from the Sorcerer Kingdom.[29]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers[]

Exuding the atmosphere of a veteran warrior who has faced a hundred battles, Ainzach is considered an outstanding warrior by human standards. He holds the highest authority as Guildmaster of the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild.

Main Equipment[]



Pluton Ainzach wishes to keep Darkness, specifically Momon, in E-Rantel by any means necessary. Ainzach believes that Momon is a warrior who is too valuable for his city to lose. He even considers using shady methods, such as making prostitutes take unusual drugs that are meant to increase their fertility so that they can somehow bear Momon's offspring in hopes that the child would be as talented as the biological father.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Originally Ainzach was very mistrustful of the undead king, seeing him as a mighty and dangerous being and fearing that any opposition at his new government would lead to carnage. However, after the visit of Sorcerer King to the Adventurer's Guild, he accepted the proposal of Ainz to create a new kind of Adventurer's Guild, since during their brief discussion Ainz broke all the prejudices that the guildmaster had of him.

Though Pluton Ainzach understood Ainz's policy on Adventurer's Guild, he sometimes offered criticism to his decisions, unlike the NPCs. So naturally, Ainz enjoys conversing with him and seek his insights. His appreciation towards Ainz grows when the Sorcerer King gifted him with a high-class shortsword for his efforts.

Theo Rakheshir[]

Besides holding a key position in E-Rantel, he and Theo Rakheshir are old friends that were in the same adventurer party and thus, trust each other with their personal thoughts. He is also aware of Ainzach's devious methods to either keep Momon working for E-Rantel, or at least produce an offspring with a prostitute, where he shares a mix feeling about Ainzach's questionable plan, but agrees to go along with it.

When E-Rantel became the capital of the Sorcerer Kingdom, he and Theo decided to remain behind to try to protect the people, meanwhile, both organizations that they managed were virtually disbanded or were near to it. During the first month after Ainz took the power, the two friends meet daily on Ainzach personal quarters to share information and discuss about how will be the future in the recently founded kingdom, how will be the life of the people and how to avoid conflict with Ainz. After Ainzach decided to aid Ainz to carry out his vision of a new kind of Adventurer's Guild, Theo offered all his support to his old friend.

Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier[]

Pluton Ainzach is aware of the act that Panasolei puts on to make others underestimate him. Ainzach has no complaints with how he ran E-Rantel.


  • In Mass for the Dead, Pluton is viewed to be conversing with his friend Theo, who never makes a visual appearance, unlike the Anime and Manga which cut out their scenes.


  • (To Theo about Ainz): "Give me a break. If His Majesty decided that they were a nuisance and decided to destroy them because of something I said, I'd have to live the rest of my life knowing I caused a great slaughter. How do you think I could live with myself if that happened?"
  • (To Theo about Ainz): "No. In fact, I'd say it's the opposite. His Majesty is very rational, to the point where it's quite shocking. To the point where sometimes, I wonder if that undead face of his was actually made by magic. Yes ― it feels just like when I talk to Momon-dono."


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