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Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor is the tentative name for a suit of armor owned by Tsaindorcus Vaision.


While journeying with the Thirteen Heroes, Platinum Dragon Lord had hidden his true identity through this armor. Different from his real form as a dragon, the empty suit of armor serves as a unique persona, moving accordingly by him in the heroes' ranks to fight against the Evil Deities. Eventually, members of the Thirteen Heroes became aware of the truth of who he really was behind that armor, leading them to complain to Platinum Dragon Lord about his deception towards their group. Even two hundred years later, Rigrit Bers Caurau still happen to respectfully and honorably treat the armor as her close friend over Platinum Dragon Lord.[1]

Overall, this piece of armor is more or less around two centuries old and was said to have been often primarily used by Platinum Dragon Lord since his time as a member of the Thirteen Heroes. In the main timeline, he continues to rely on using the armor suit from back then up to the present-day setting of the New World. Tales of his past heroic deeds were already long since recorded and pass down by the bards. Adventurers like Momon happens to caught wind of his legendary exploits from listening to one of the bards' songs. According to some unknown bard, it made mention of a hero wearing an armor forged in platinum. The armor's identity was highly associated with being either a member of the Thirteen Heroes or Platinum Dragon Lord himself.

Meanwhile, when traveling through the drone armor, there was a time where he had secretly tail and follow after the Black Scripture who were on their mission to prevent the revival of Catastrophe Dragon Lord. Instead, he was confronted and met by an hostile powerful vampire who aggressively force the armor to be retreated back to Eryuentiu. He used the armor again to not only meet up with Azuth Aindra of Red Drop but also to combat the Sorcerer King "Ainz Ooal Gown" and his Prime Minister Albedo at Re-Estize unsuccessfully. This armor is affiliated with the Argland Council State which it acted as one of the Five Dragon Councillors in Platinum Dragon Lord's stead. Platinum Dragon Lord had made use of this armor suit to engage in direct combat with two powerful undead beings, Shalltear Bloodfallen and Ainz Ooal Gown without needing to use his true body.


This equipment overall looks to be a platinum-like scale mail armor a bit similar to that of dragon scales covering all over its body. The armor’s dragon motif made it look like a humanoid dragon standing upright. This armor seems to possess some sort of small sword-like insignia embedded in the middle of its chest. In addition, a helmet with long hair-like fabric on top of it as well as a layer of fur around the two arms. The armor has a pauldron depicting a dragon on both shoulder sides with two horns that protrude from it.

During his reunion with Rigrit Bers Caurau, part of the armor's appearance have already been partially damaged and beaten up from the fight with Shalltear. For instance, there was a hole-like mark left on the armor's right shoulder after the vampire pierced it with the Spuit Lance.[2] The various weapons that happens to go along with the platinum armor also appear to had a similar luster to it. Particularly, the four floating weapons that surrounded the armor can radiate an all glowing white if the wielder wishes to via [Cloak of Light].


Four floating weapons in PDL's control

Four floating weapons in Platinum Dragon Lord's control

In terms of levels, the author Maruyama happens to rank Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor above the First Seat of the Black Scripture but below Elder Coffin Dragon Lord/Vampire Lord, Cure Elim Los Malvar.[3] It is considered as a type of armor that could remotely take actions on its own while under the control of Platinum Dragon Lord's power from a distance without needing to have himself equip it. As the armor moves accordingly to his every whim, the said Dragon Lord can channel some of his power onto it to do the same for coordination of the floating weapons around him. The controlled armor and the floating weapons that surround it are capable of flying on air simultaneously.

Additionally, the suit of armor was able to fight toe-to-toe with a level 70 Doom Lord that was powered up by the skills from its [Ruinous Night] special ability. It is a tank which was specialized to have abnormally high magic resistance. The armor had similar levels of strength to rival the Doom Lord. Both were on equal footing in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities. While being under the control of Platinum Dragon Lord, he could cause the suit of armor to cast his Wild Magic spells like [World-Isolating Barrier], [Cloak of Light], and [World Teleportation] in his stead. However, it comes with a cost on the armor's HP. In other words, the armor’s abilities were powered by its own health pool. At the same time, the armor was also of a pure warrior build with no mana reserves at all.[4]

Four weapons (A spear, a katana, a hammer, and a greatsword) hovered around the armor on air, following its every movement. Each weapon the armor wields has a certain damage type to it like the hammer's bludgeoning that can prove harmful to the undead. Through the armor, making hand gestures from it could signal the movement of the floating weapons to aim at its foes. He was able to throw and hurl one directly at high speed from above as an aerial attack. The weapon can return to their original position as fast as they had been launched, floating around the armor. The armor could even choose to stand still in its original position, in its original pose while leaving the weapons to do the fighting for it. The drone armor used as a puppet by Platinum Dragon Lord can move to avoid enemy attacks without needing to change its posture or stance.

On the other hand, the armor could easily withstand a mere finger scratch from Shalltear without a problem. However, this armor's hardness wasn't able to bear the heavy physical blow from her Spirit Lance, when that weapon successfully pierced a hole on its right shoulder during the battle.[5] The armor is strongly resilient and durable enough to tank a destructive magical attack from the likes of [Explosive Land Mine], [Call Greater Thunder], and several [Vermillion Nova]s unscathed in one battle with a powerful magic caster. Furthermore, the armor seems to be immune to [Temporal Stasis], meaning that this suit had time-stop countermeasures placed on it. There are also some other spells like [Grasp Heart] and [Negative Burst] that cannot affect this armor. However, the armor and its floating weapons appear to be very sustainable to being damage by particular elemental attacks like [Mist of Super Acid] that derived from the acid element.

All in all, Platinum Dragon Lord's tactic when controlling this armor in battle from afar had been to primarily rely on its auto-attacking weapons he had command over. According to Ainz, although the armor had wielded one of the floating weapons like the greatsword, it had not used any special abilities or martial arts to augment it. Ainz suspects the armor and its floating weapons were used to specialize in super close-quarters combat. As a whole, the suit of armor and its floating weapons are one and the same body. Nonetheless, each one of the four weapons used by the armor in combat have an HP bar respectively. With that all taken into consideration, all the armor's floating weapons could be affected by the knock-back effect used by the Blasting Staff, sending the former flying away upon exchanging blow with it. If the Blasting Staff hits anywhere that counts as the main body, the armor, and its floating weapons will also be pulled away with it simultaneously from the knock-back effect.


  • Three Guardians of Nazarick judged the levels of Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor differently:
    • As a magic caster in the form of Momonga, Pandora's Actor estimated it to be level 90.
    • As a warrior/magic caster hybrid, Shalltear Bloodfallen estimated it to be level 85.
    • As a pure warrior tank, Albedo estimated it to be level 80.
    • Based on each of the guardians estimation, it can be safely deduced it is an opponent that has a minimum base stats of level 80.
    • Which also means that it is the second serious opponent after Zy'tl Q'ae, that would be considered worthy of remembrance encountered by the forces of Nazarick, based on Nazarick's own opponent power ranking.
  • Considering how very powerful this equipment is, Pandora's Actor is unsure whether or not the suit of armor and its floating weapons are made from platinum despite it looking similar to the material. Given that platinum is a weak metal, it is more likely that the items are just platinum coated rather than being actually made from that particular metal.
  • Through the analysis Pandora's Actor had towards fighting it, the armor used by Platinum Dragon Lord to pose as the warrior Riku Aganeia is said to have defense-focused job classes.
  • Rather than showing its real form, Platinum Dragon Lord made its first appearance in the anime adaptation using this armor when facing off against Shalltear Bloodfallen.
  • It is unclear if this belonged to one of the Eight Greed Kings or is Tsar's personal equipment.
  • In the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord gave this armor to one of his knights. An armor that was worn by the person known by its nickname as [Platinum].[6]


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