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Planar Eye (次元の目 (プレイナーアイ) ) is a divination magic performed by the Slane Theocracy.


In the Web Novel, the priests of the Slane Theocracy attempted to spy on the Great Tomb of Nazarick through the use of divination magic. However, the ritual was rebuffed by the anti-magic countermeasures of the Tomb. During the process, several priests and even the Miko Princess suffered exhaustion from performing the ritual.

Abilities and Powers[]

Planar Eye like most rituals, was a method to temporarily increase one’s magic power by concentrating the magic power of a group into one person.

The ritual is conducted in Tinu Al Rianes, the Temple of the Water God in the Slane Theocracy.

There within the Temple, the Water-Miko is taken to a pool of water. Afterwards, a circle of priests could then surround the Miko who is positioned in the center of the ritual. Supposedly by concentrating the magic through the Miko, the magic allows one to show an image of an intended target.


  • The magic conducted in this ritual is of the 8th tier.[1][2]
  • Prolonged use of this spell makes the user bleed through their nose, suggesting it takes a toll on one's body.[3]


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