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Pitcher of Endless Water (無限の水差し) is a magic water vessel.


The Pitcher of Endless Water first made its appearance when Ainz Ooal Gown took it out from his Item Box to produce clean water for Aura and Mare to drink after their mock battle with his summoned Primal Fire Elemental.[1]

He also used it to clean himself after crushing Clementine to death in his arms.[2]


The pitcher was made of a crystal clear glass and it was soon filled to the brim with refreshing water. Because of the coldness of the water, numerous water droplets condensed on the surface of the pitcher.


This flask can produce a constant flow of pure water.


  • In the Manga, it didn't make an appearance.
  • In the official english release of the light novels, the pitcher is called the "Bottomless Pitcher of Water".


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