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"That's right! I'm Philip! Watch me! Watch the man who will be the central figure of the Kingdom!"
- Philip's self-proclaimed declaration.

Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat (フィリップ・デイドン・リイル・モチヤラス) was the third son of a low-class noble of the Re-Estize Kingdom who became heir to his family after the deaths of his elder siblings. However, he quickly proved himself unfit for the position and his foolish actions ultimately led to his country's downfall.


Philip is described as a low-class nobleman of the Re-Estize Kingdom.


Philip had a naive and delusional personality. Because of his delusions, he had an overactive imagination and couldn't even control himself. He also lacked knowledge and courtesy as a noble.

Aside from this, Philip displayed great disdain towards his family and the Re-Estize Kingdom as a whole for ignoring him for so long. As a result, he held no loyalties other than himself and has no issue with forging ties with an enemy nation. On the other hand, though, he will quickly turn on said ally and became patriotic if the situation benefits him.

During his time as the new leader and nobleman of his families territory and interacting with his fellow nobles and even the peasant farmers working his lands, Philip is shown to display willful/selective ignorance and delusional psychological implantation with reality in order to deflect blame for his shortcomings or in order to feel important/superior to them. As seen where he would selectively ignore whatever he didn't like when interacting with others and would instead immediately believe that whatever he did or think up is the most wonderful and effective method despite the obvious flaws/holes to his logic showing that it was not and during his interactions with others and their showing of obvious contempt/shock at his ridiculous ideas, Philip is shown to immediately ignore any possible negative feelings they may have for him and instead assume they were simply shocked at his sheer "genius" immediately and automatically. And instead of rethinking his plans or ideas when they fail, Philip has shown that he would rather instead deflect the blame on to others when things don't go his way rather than admit that he was wrong. These traits have made himself to be an exceptionally easy person to manipulate by others for their own ends and has earned Philip the collective dislike and even outright contempt by perhaps every single person he has interacted with since becoming a nobleman.

Due to this and along with his overactive imagination, little self control,immense arrogance,ego and sense of self-importance, Philip is shown to never put much actual thought on his actions and their possible repercussion when he deems his idea's and plans to be "excellent" and simply assuming that it would all work out for him no matter what. As seen during his part in sparking the war with the immensely powerful Sorcerer Kingdom that even left the governments of both Kingdom's completely slacked jawed on his sheer stupidity and lack of basic insight.

Ultimately, it seems that Philip's delusional ambitions were the result of a lifetime of neglect by his family, causing him to want to be noticed and feel important.


Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat was born as the third son of a low-class noble family in the Re-Estize Kingdom. Philip grew up without receiving minimal expectations from his father and also didn't receive a proper education as a family head. His second older brother died from illness while his first older brother was next to inherit the family. At this point, Philip was now elevated to the position of a spare. His value had risen from that of a farmer to that of a butler.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

After the massacre at Katze Plains, Philip becomes the next head of his noble family as his first older brother had been consumed by the Sorcerer King's magic, and perished with the twenty peasants that went with him. He was allowed to attend the royal party to welcome the envoy, Albedo. Philip becomes entranced by her dark beauty and plans to bring wealth to his domain by allying with the Sorcerer Kingdom. He invites Albedo to a ball at his estate in the Royal Capital.

Back at his estate, his father scolds him for trying to befriend the kingdom that killed his older brother rather than deepening his relationship with the count and other nobles. Philip refutes his father that the Sorcerer Kingdom is a powerful ally and doesn't want to draw their domain into a mess. Philip assures his father that the Count has recognized him as heir, though he didn't even meet with the Count. The family does not have an estate large enough to host a ball, but Philip made plans with a landlady named Hilma in the royal capital in exchange for an unnamed favor.

At the ball, the guests all greet the landlady, Hilma before him. While she provided the venue, since he is the organizer, Philip was greatly infuriated by this turn of events. However, his fury faded when Hilma convinced him that under his leadership the people present will come together to form a new faction. To make a powerful impression on everyone, she advises him to be Albedo's escort. Philip follows her advice and goes to Albedo in the waiting room. There he requests to be her escort, to which she immediately agrees, causing him to believe that she loves him. Philip then asks Albedo if she is married to which replies that she isn't. He then takes her by the shoulder and prepares to make his entrance with her.

Later, Philip approaches Hilma, telling her that Albedo is tired. He insists on going as well, but she convinces him that as an organizer he must stay at the ball. However, before the two take their leave, he asks Hilma if she knows a way to allow him to marry Albedo, but she states that it is impossible due to the difference of their positions, though Philip doesn't seem to think so.[1]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

After the rumored death of the Sorcerer King, Philip foolishly believes that he can become the next king by marrying Albedo.[2]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Philip is in a foul mood is drinking in an establishment. Philip though he had risen as the leader of the New Faction, his power was still inferior to his supporter Hilma. His social standing had not improved and he was finding no success in making his territory prosperous despite his attempts. He was soon joined by Baron Rokerson and Baron Delvin, and the three share mugs of pale ale, and drank in a rambunctious manner.

Later the other two barons shared their woes on the struggles they have been facing as noblemen, specifically in their lack of funds coming from their demesnes. They agreed collectively that the fault not laid with them but by their 'incompetent' peasants they commanded. Philip lamented on the current situation if nothing changed then all he could do was wait for a bad harvest so the price of grain would go up. When Delvin brought up, Philip's territory, Wayne interrupted him and whispered that even if a bad harvest occurs, the price won’t necessarily rise. He informed him that there was a huge amount of cheap grain being transported from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Kingdom. Having acquired the intel from a trustworthy source, the baron told Philip the Sorcerer Kingdom had stored large quantities of grain in warehouses owned by the merchants in the capital. He didn't know much about the exact details other than the fact that the grain was there for storage only and that the Sorcerer Kingdom had already paid for the storage fee. Additionally, the grain was being casted with [Preserve] to prolong its shelf-life and undead workers were being used on farmland. Philip was furious at this prospect and considered this cheating as this was driving the grain prices low.

The food though was being transported to another location, as food relief, to the Roble Holy Kingdom which was still recovering from the attack from Jaldabaoth. It was from this information that Philip concocted a scheme to drive the price of grain up and make a profit. He then decided to steal the stockpile from the Sorcerer Kingdom while it was en-route to its destination to the Holy Kingdom, and later sell as his own. He then invited Wayne and Igor into his plan.

While carrying out his plan, Philip had finally reached his destination, a patch of road in Baron Delvin’s demesne. He had led his soldiers on a march, starting from the previous day and camping overnight, to the location of the attack. According to intel, a Sorcerer Kingdom’s caravan would be passing through that place. Present with him were 50 soldiers or villagers he have conscripted and paid for under his command. He was later met by Baron Delvin and Baron Rokerson to discuss about where and how exactly to ambush the caravan, using the Crane-Wing Formation.

Later, he had the villagers to blockade any caravan from passing through. This, in turn, led him to confront Christopher Olson who was in charge of the trade caravan of grains. After briefly exchanging words with Christopher, the merchant decided to give up his cargo wagons to Philip while the latter orders his crew of mercenaries to leave the place with him. Upon successfully claiming the caravan as his own, he then began to examine the content of goods inside it. Among the goods besides the grains that were obtained by him, Philip thought attaining the Flag of the Sorcerer Kingdom was his greatest prize of them all. Philip figures that with this flag, it will be enough to earn him recognition and popularity by everyone in the Re-Estize Kingdom for what he did to the Sorcerer Kingdom.[3]

After his successful raid on the caravan, Philip was then easily identified and captured by the government of the Re-Estize Kingdom. After deliberation with its king and other officials, the kingdom came to the conclusion that the Sorcerer Kingdom was responsible for the entire affair, all this in order to use the incident for their own purposes via Mind Control Magic. So instead of imprisoning or punishing him, King Ramposa instead decided to place him under the Kingdom's protective custody. Despite the Crown Prince's own idea to behead the foolish nobleman, and bring his head to the Sorcerer King, as a gesture of apology to avoid war with the immensely powerful state.

Eventually, Philip's incredibly stupid and foolish actions eventually lead to the Sorcerer Kingdom declaring full-on war against the Re-Estize Kingdom due to their unjust actions of stealing from their grain supply meant for providing humanitarian aid for the war-ravaged holy kingdom. An act completely supported both nationally and secretly by the Sorcerer Kingdom's allied nations and enemy nations due to them deeming Philip as a prime example of how much of a failed state the Re-Estize Kingdom has become.

Abilities and Powers

Philip is the head of his noble family and inheritor of his family's domain.

Main Equipment

  • Enchanted Armor: It was given to Philip as a gift from Hilma. It is a high-grade item that was crafted by a renowned blacksmith and enchanted by magic casters. It had been enchanted with magic that boosted its defense, allowing it to outclass the armor set that had been passed down as a family heirloom in his house.


Baron Montserrat

Philip does not get along well with his father. This is mainly because he views him as having a "slave mindset," as he kisses up to his superiors and has no drive to climb in rank.

Hilma Cygnaeus

Hilma is the one who gave Philip the idea to create his own faction and later provided him with the venue for his ball in return for an unknown favor. She also advises him on certain matters, claiming that doing so will benefit herself as well. Philip has taken a liking to Hilma, describing their relationship as "the ideal relationship between lord and vassal."


Initially, Philip only used Albedo to create a connection between him and the new nation as well as his own faction. As he spent more time with her, he delusively came to believe that she had fallen in love with him and he now seeks to find a way that would allow him to marry her.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Philip feels some goodwill towards the Sorcerer King, for killing his eldest brother and thus securing his place as heir of his noble family. Despite this, upon learning of his supposed death, he was overjoyed and delusively believed that, if he were to marry Albedo, he would automatically become the next Sorcerer King.

Wayne Delvin

Philip was friends with Wayne, as they belonged to the same faction. However, he also saw him as someone who was more likely to take orders from others, rather than handing them out himself.

Igor Rokerson

Philip was friends with Wayne, as they belonged to the same faction, though he felt pity for Igor's appearance, as they reminded him of how he looked before he was elevated as a noble.


  • Philip's faction is mainly consisted of second or third born son's of Noble Families whose legitimate first born heirs were all killed at the Katze Plains. In other words, these people are in similar situations to Philip.
  • Philip thinks his father has a slave mindset since he asks the count's approval for everything. However, Philip himself is unknowingly being manipulated by Nazarick in their plan to take over the Re-Estize Kingdom.
  • Philip's sheer stupidity and foolishness was so great, that it even shocked Renner, Demiurge, and Albedo. Three of the most inhumanly intelligent beings in the New World was left completely shell-shocked by his actions of stealing from the grain transports of the Sorcerer Kingdom and deemed his mindset and intelligence to be so low that even they could not calculate his actions.


  • (To Albedo): "The pleasure is all mine, Albedo-sama. Nothing could delight me more than to make your acquaintance."
  • (To his Father): "Father! Think a little! Although the road joining the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Kingdom is quite long, our domain lies on the middle of it! If the Sorcerer Kingdom makes war on the Kingdom, we'll definitely be drawn into the mess. Therefore, we should forge good relations with the Sorcerer Kingdom, shouldn't we?"
  • (To Hilma): "It's not like that, I simply didn't expect the people here to be so unexceptional. Even if I gathered all these people into a faction, I wonder if they could compete with the other factions. That is what discomforts me."
  • (To Himself): "A pawn! That’s right! To me, even the Sorcerer King of the Sorcerer Kingdom, who is feared by all the people of the Kingdom, is little more than a pawn in my hand!"
  • (To Himself): "Oh, I can keep this as a souvenir. The first to capture the Sorcerer Kingdom's flag, the country that had defeated the Kingdom's 200,000 strong army in battle, is me!"


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