Pet Me! (Pet Me!) by A (皐) is the thirty-second chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Aura Bella Fiora, before Ainz Ooal Gown, boasts for her hard work. In return, Ainz pats her on the head surprising the elf. Aura tries to reject the gesture as she wasn't ready. Ainz assures her it was at the spur of the moment and is thankful no one else saw him do that. However, Albedo lurking in the shadows saw the incident giving him a glare that sends chills down his spine. The next day, Ainz worried about Albedo's behavior yesterday feels that something ominous is going to happen. Albedo's sudden appearance shocks him and her cheerful personality off-puts him. At a meeting with the Floor Guardians ALbedo comments that Ainz looks tired by looking at his shoulders. She insists that he rest his shoulders on her head. At the same time, she fervently demands to be patted on the head.

Albedo with Sebas Tian coyly suggests that the butler is jealous of the heat pat as well. Sebas Tian dismisses her thoughts, however, he approaches his master to ask about the significance of the gesture, causing Ainz to ask if he is working too hard. Ainz tired knows Albedo is planning something. He is distracted by Hamsuke who offers his owner various things he hunted, a lizard and even a human corpse much to the disgust of the Overlord. Albedo later stands in front of him drawing him a question mark in his head.

Demiurge scolds Albedo's actions as being too obvious, despite Albedo's denials. The 7th Floor Guardian even goes far to say her behavior is causing problems for their master. Aura believes it was too harsh, but the demon states it was necessary. Ainz appears and asks what is all the noise about. Aura and Mare try to state it is nothing, Demiurge offers a suggestion about Albedo.

Ainz finds Albedo, who is about to commit suicide and manages to bring her back to her senses. He then orders her to give him his schedule, which he recites and in return, he pats her on the head as thanks. Ainz takes no pleasure in the act finding it similar to sexual harassment but continues to praise her with words. Albedo though initially blushing begins laughing in glee much Ainz's confusion. Behind a door, Demiurge and the other Floor Guardians are happy it has been resolved. Tuareninya Veyron is later seen being patted on the head by Sebas Tian who begins to understand the gesture until she fainted causing him to seek Ainz's wisdom.

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Chapter Notes

  • The hard work Aura boasts about is most likely her work in the construction of the Monument of Ruin.
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