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Pestonya S. Wanko (ペストーニャ・ワンコ) is the Head Maid of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


A humanoid that resembled a female Shetland Sheepdog with glamorous brown and white fur that walked upright. She wore maid clothes.


It was said that her had round eyes held wisdom and compassion with a smile of an affectionate mother. A sweet fragrance like a perfume wafted from its body every time it moved. Due to her creators being friends with the creators of Yuri Alpha and Aura Debay Fiora she is good friends with them.[1]


In the Web Novel, Pestonya's creator was a person that mostly named things based on food and tried to name her Pescatore.


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

Pestonya met with Ainz Ooal Gown to discuss with him the inventory of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, especially potions. However, the shortage could be remedied by her when working in conjunction with Sous-chef and they had a good supply of Zolue Solution. However, one item that Ainz told her to research was the ability of Cook class, and it was determined that the maids could not learn the task without it.[2]

She was also present when Ainz ordered several Eight-Edge Assassins to tail Narberal after he gave her back the Orb of Death to monitor her behavior to determine if the item could mentally affect her. Next, she was watched Cocytus return back to the dungeon in defeat after his loss against the lizardmen.[3]

Later she attended the throne room when Narberal Gamma returned from the outside world to gift her master the spoils of her victory, the Orb of Death.[4]

After the Workers Invasion, Pestonya healed the Elven Slaves using her magic, and restored their ears and gave them maid clothes to serve Aura.[5]

When Fluder Paradyne became Ainz's disciple, his accommodations were prepared by the head maid.[6]

After Ainz was given the rank of Archduke in the Baharuth Empire, Ainz’s residence was being protected by several of General Ray’s subordinates. Their loyalty was indeed great, and some of them were in fact willing to die for him. The reason for this was that they desired the rewards that Ainz offered them. He had rewarded them with some small favors. Giving them items would be a waste, and so he Pestonya come over and heal them if they were ill.[7] She was also called by Ainz after he returned from a cult funded by Zurrernorn, bringing two children that were meant to be sacrifices to him.[8]

Abilities and Powers[]

Pestonya is a High Priest that can use powerful healing magic. When the Land Steward Sebas was not around, the one in charge of the daily managing of Nazarick was the head maid. Specifically the 9th and 10th Floors are now under Pestonya’s management. All of the non-NPCs monsters in Nazarick obeyed her without question.[9]

Her level was considerably lower when compared to a Guardian, but she could easily use the highest ranking holy magic. [10] She also has access to the highest-ranking of holy magic. According to Ainz, she was considered to be the best healer they can find available in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She can also transfer her mana reserves over to Shalltear, helping to prolong the vampire's use of the [Gate] spell. The butler Sebas Tian recalls that there are only two people in Nazarick who could completely remove Tuareninya Veyron's mental damage were Pestonya as well as Ainz.[11] Pestonya was also responsible for Tsuare's education as a maid.[12]


Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Pestonya is Ainz's personal maid and attends to him. Ainz would rely on Pestonya's assistance in the coming days after the Massacre at Katze Plains in which he planned to ask Pestonya to aid him in organizing his revival items[13]

Aura Debay Fiora[]

Pestonya is close enough to Aura to the point they refer to each other with nicknames outside of work. That is because the Supreme Beings who had made them were close to each other, and they felt similarly close to each other. She is even willing to help bring food such as hamburgers to Aura when the elf decided to take a break from work.

Yuri Alpha[]

Pestonya seems to be in friendly terms with Yuri to the point they refer to each other with nicknames outside of work. That is because the Supreme Beings who had made them were close to each other, and they felt similarly close to each other.


  • Her nickname was Pes.
  • Pestonya's race and middle name in the Web Novel are never expanded upon. But in the Light Novel her race is expanded to be a Homunculus and her middle name 'Shortcake'.
  • According to the Web Novel, Pestonya is a level second to the Guardians and one of the two leaders of kindness in Nazarick.[14]


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