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Peshurian (ペシュリアン) was a member of Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers.


Peshurian wore full plate armor and constantly kept his sword in its sheath.


Like all of Six Arms, Peshurian relied on magical items and looks down on other people that are weak. But he does have some warrior pride.


A feared warrior in Eight Fingers that earned the title of "Spacial Slash."


The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Peshurian was present with the other members of the Six Arms, excluding Succulent when Zero declares that all those who stained their name will be destroyed.[1]

Later, Peshurian was waiting with his allies in a warehouse for Sebas Tian. After witnessing the butler easily dispatch his comrades, he and Malmvist decide to attack him at the same time. Sebas easily catches their weapons and is angry at Peshurian for shouting an attack similar to his creator's, despite the fact it was really just a trick with a unique weapon. Sebas angrily smashes Peshurian's head for the perceived insult.[2]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After Eight Fingers collapse, Peshurian found himself without a job and switched his talents as a worker. At a bar with Six Arms, they were approached by Hilma who invited Six Arms to work at E-Rantel her using her new position at the Pharmacist's Guild. Zero not wanting to be indebt to her refused. Zero intended to build a new organization with his comrades in Six Arms. In the public vew, Peshurian and Zero acted as an outstanding workers to build trust but behind the scenes Peshurian was the head of the security department in Zero's nascent criminal empire. The criminal empire started slow but was gaining momentum however he and his comrades lost their noble backers as the Kingdom was cracking down on all illegal activities as part of their concessions to the new Tripartite Alliance. Though this set Six Arms back, it opened a new opportunity to head to E-Rantel as it was becoming the new center of the world.[3] Later in order to destabilize the Tripartite Alliance, Zero made a deal with Zurrernorn to complete their Death Spiral ritual. The criminal kept his comrades in Six Arms out of the loop of the plan but they followed his direction and worked with him to guard the site of the ritual thinking it was just a normal job. In the ensuing chaos, Davernoch was killed and Zero escaped, leaving Peshurian and the others to be arrested for the incident by Blue Roses and their allies.[4]

Once Zero defected to the Baharuth Empire, he gained amnesty for himself and by extension his comrades, allowing the surviving members of Six Arms to be acquitted of their crimes. They acted as a unit to train and lead a group of workers to fight against a horde of Chaos Beasts that were heading towards E-Rantel. Zero was ordered by the emperor to lead the monsters into the Quarry where the imperial knights would box the Chaos Beasts and eliminate them. Zero followed his orders to the letter but when the reinforcements came he expected them to join in the fray. They did not and Zero suspected something was off. He then called his comrades to get off the quarry floor. That action saved their lives as the quarry floor was broken apart by a mechanism activated by the knights, causing the workers and Chaos Beasts to fall into the Melting Pot. The trap dissolved everyone that fell into the pit killing them. Zero friends who survived the trap watched in horror at the lengths of which the Bloody Emperor would use to achieve victory. On the contrary Zero praised the action as the best method worthy of a leader.[5]

In the aftermath, Peshurian and Malmvist were the only ones who stayed beside Zero. On an massive undead subjugation mission into the Katze Plains, Peshurian joined his leader in a quest to capture the Captain of the Ghost Ship. Among the workers that were hired as escorts only two survived the ordeal, being Regi and Shizuni. The Ghost Ship was located and its captain Iguva was challenged by Zero to become his subordinate. Peshurian witnessed his leader defeat and summarily offer the undead a place among Six Arms. After the lich accepted the offer, the workers returned to their hideout in Arwintar. There the members of Six Arms hosted a toast to their new comrade and to restoring their team. Peshurian ecstatic on the good fortune getting drunk at the small party.

Peshurian would be at the Singing Apple Pavilion and would be joined by Malmvist who recruited Regi and Shizuni to be the final members of Six Arms. while they waited for Zero and Iguva to return from speaking to their next client, he shared a meal of pork stew with his new teammates so they could bond. The next day the mission was revealed to ensure the safety of a smuggling route in the Katze Plains to the Theocracy that wished to be used by the anti-Jircniv faction. The workers used Iguva's ship to travel along the route and check for any danger before the route was opened. While on the ship, Iguva warned his comrades that though he was able to keep lesser undead at bay, other stronger undead creatures like Death Knights and Skeletal Dragons were beyond his control. Since those were rare existences it was believed by Malmvist that an encounter with either types of undead was unlikely, though Peshurian warned him to to jinx it. It was too late however as a Skeletal Dragon appeared. The workers had to fight the dragon and not only successfully defeated but saw Regi and Shizuni in action.

A day passed since the route was cleared of any danger, and the workers were ordered by the nobles of the anti-Jircniv faction to guide their carriages through the Katze Plains to reach their business partners in the Theocracy who would trade them slaves and weapons. Though he found it distasteful that the nobles were traveling in their luxurious carriages. Six Arms led the convoy of nobles and workers through the fog, and were intercepted by the remaining members of the Four Imperial Knights.

To the horror of the anti-Jircniv faction Zero had sold them out, to gain a seat as a member of the Four Imperial Knights. The only ones who were in on the scheme were Peshurian and Malmvist. Though all the workers hired by the nobles remained loyal to their employers, Iguva, Regi and Shizuni chose to side with Zero. Once all the rebels were captured, the three worried about their fate and if they would be disposed of, though their worries were put at ease. As for Zero his promotion to a knight was delayed until a proper duel between him and one of the Four Knights could be scheduled to determine if he was worthy enough to be in their ranks. Though his boss was not promoted, Peshurian praised Zero on his success and was glad to hear that Six Arms would continue to exist for a little longer.[6]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Peshurian used an attack he called "Void Cutter" in the arena against Sebas. In truth, it was just a fast attack with the unique shape of his sword, Urumi, not an attack that cuts through space.

Main Equipment[]

  • World War (Full Plate Armor)
  • Gauntlet of the Giant
  • Scabbard of Haste
  • Urumi



Peshurian respects and fears Zero as the leader of Six Arms.

Six Arms[]

Peshurian feels pride at being a member of Six Arms. 


  • He is the only member of Six Arms whose face is never shown.


  • (To Sebas Tian with his teammate): "Come on, attack with me! Let’s get him together!"
  • (To Sebas): "Take, take, take my, take take my Void...Void Cutter!"
  • (His instinct about Sebas): "You won't make it more than a few steps before he kills you. You'll die if you advance. You'll also die if you retreat. That being the case, at least..."


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