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Perytons (ベリュトン) were magical beasts found in the Azerlisia Mountains.[1]


A flying beast with the wings of a bird of prey and a stag's head and legs.


Perytons were flying magical beasts and ferocious carnivores that attacked humans without fear. They are fairly strong beasts, requiring orichalcum ranked adventurers to hunt them.


  • In Mass for the Dead, Slimeko and Narberal Gamma, seeking the best meat for their Christmas party talk to a pair of adventurers who mention that they once hunted a peryton and found the venison they harvested from the beast to be delicious and beyond comparison to all types of meat.[2]
  • Perytons usually live in mountainous areas, though occasionally come to the Great Forest of Tob to search for food.
  • In the game, there was a white peryton that was rumored to possess meat that was unparalleled.


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