Perfect Unknowable Scroll is a magic scroll made for erasing the user's presence and movement.

Description Edit

In an alternate world differed from the main timeline, Suzuki Satoru had a variety of scrolls containing the 9th tier spell, [Perfect Unknowable] for consumable use. However, low-level magic casters such as Keno would not be able to freely use them compared to their high-level counterparts.[1]

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

This magic scroll holds the 'Perfect Unknowable' spell. Once the caster uses the scroll's imbued spell, it could erased the traces and sounds they make from getting heard as well as allowing the user to become invisible.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, the Perfect Unknowable Scroll has already been made use of in the Web Novel.[2]
  • With all the effects given from this scroll, it seems to be more greater than the Invisibility Scroll.

References Edit

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  2. Overlord First Half Chapter 74: The Capital City of the Kingdom Part 14
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