Paper (紙) is a medium for writing used in the New World.

Description Edit

The paper used in the New World is produced through utility magic. No matter which rank it is made of, paper is a highly valued commodity.

The quality of the paper usually depends on the level of magic which was used to create it.

Appearance Edit

Paper made from zero tier magic is crumpled, thick, with some colors attached to it.

When produced using first tier magic it is thinner and whiter. To a similar extent, paper-making techniques can also produce paper of this quality as well. However, such grade of paper does not produce much, so the price is more higher for it.

For the second tier magic, paper is very thin and clean. Of course, the paper made by magic can also be colored to some extent. However, at this level, it can produce very soft paper called noble paper, which becomes basically productive.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The noble paper is possibly another term for toilet paper.


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