Supreme Beings Edit

Ainz Ooal Gown Edit

Ainz Ooal Gown or Momonga as he was known before, is Pandora's Actor's creator. Pandora's Actor's loyalty to his maker supersedes any loyalty given to the other Supreme Beings. Due to Pandora's Actor's familiarity with his creator, he does not shy away from expressing his own opinions and criticisms towards Ainz's plans and orders, unlike the other NPCs in Nazarick. Later on, Ainz, begins to grow more attached to his creation, finally resulting in acknowledging Pandora's Actor as his own son and allowing Pandora's Actor to call him father, but this special treatment is meant to be kept a secret from the other Floor Guardians.

Floor Guardians Edit

Albedo Edit

Albedo had no prior interactions with Pandora's Actor until she visited the Treasury with Ainz. What is known is that she is extremely jealous of Pandora's Actor as he is the only NPC whose creator remained in Nazarick. When he impersonated her creator Tabula Smaragdina, she immediately wanted to kill him for the impudent act.

Demiurge Edit

Demiurge said that he cannot help but envy Pandora's Actor, even if just a little for the hard-work Ainz have done as his creator.

Pleiades Edit

Yuri Alpha Edit

When Pandora's Actor saw Yuri Alpha for the first time he called her a young lady. Yuri showed displeasure by being called this because of her pride as a member of the Pleiades.

CZ2I28 Delta Edit

When Pandora's Actor saw CZ2128 Delta for the first time he called her a young lady. She showed no reaction, only holstering her weapon in her hand. When Pandora's Actor exaggerated saluted Ainz, CZ2128 let out an “uwah”, a sound that deeply hurt Ainz.

Narberal Gamma Edit

It is little known about their relationship, but they currently work together since Pandora's Actor disguises as Momon since the creation of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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