Pandex (パンデックス) are a species of demi-humans that originally lived in the Abelion Hills.

Background Edit

The Pandex were originally a tribe of demi-humans that dwelled in the Abelion Hills until Jaldabaoth came and subjugated the various tribes.

Appearance Edit

The Pandex are a species of maggots that bore a resemblance to the Zerns.

Abilities Edit

Culture Edit

Pandex mostly feed on moss and were ruled by a monarchy. Though they were a similar species to the Zern, they were ruled by a female.

Known Pandex Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They appear to had some relations with the Zerns, though the Zerns frown on having interracial relationships with the Pandex.
  • Given how Grand Mother's corpse was found on a Circlet Demon, it could be guessed that the Pandex were one of the demi-humans tribes that had refused to join Jaldabaoth's Demi-Human Alliance.[1]


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