Overlord Wiseman (オーバーロード・ワイズマン) is a powerful undead from YGGDRASIL that can be summoned by Ainz.



Overlord Wiseman is a level 90 Overlord that was considered by Ainz to be stronger than any NPC mercenary summoned from the Great Tomb of Nazarick with YGGDRASIL gold. According to Ainz, he could only summon one Overlord Wiseman at a time, they were very powerful.[1]

Among the Overlord variants, Overlord Wiseman is an expert magic user.


  • Overlord Wiseman is one of the powerful undead that could be created using Ainz’s special skill, the kind which required the consumption of his experience points to make.[2]
  • Even the weakest of the Overlord Wiseman was at least level 80.[3]


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