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The Half Elf God-kin is the fifteenth light novel volume in the Overlord series. Written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. It was released in June 30, 2022. It details about Ainz Ooal Gown, Aura Bella Fiora, and Mare Bello Fiore's visit to the Elf Country. However, the country is facing a major offensive of the Slane Theocracy to finish off the elves and eliminate the Elf King.

Main Summary

Within the Great Sea of Trees, echoes the sound of roars. The upper echelon of the Theocracy, concerned over the Sorcerer Kingdom’s rapid expansion, have decided that they must defeat the Elf King to better prepare themselves against the Sorcerer Kingdom.

At the same time, Ainz – out of paternal love – wanted to “help Aura and Mare make new friends.” Using the need for a vacation as an excuse, Ainz and the twins set off on their journey to the Elven Kingdom. The Theocracy’s planned offensive just so happened to clash with Ainz’s visit to the Elven Kingdom, causing an uproar amongst the denizens of Nazarick.

Roused by the expectations that the King of Wisdom, Ainz, held for them, the twins are finally free to let loose in the Great Sea of Trees.

Full Summary

The prologue starts within the Slane Theocracy with the council having a meeting discussing the events that are playing in the Kingdom and it's destruction at the hands of the Sorcerer Kingdom. They try to understand how to proceed from here in regards how to deal with the Sorcerer Kingdom including discussing all there technological accomplishments and resources they have acquired and what sort of defenses they can do. The Adventurers they recruited have been showing displeasure in seeing the kingdom fall to ruin, to help distract them they decide to send them to aid the Dragon Kingdom with the beastmen invasion but they are also worried that it has already been compromised as they purchased undead from the Sorcerer Kingdom in dealing with their national defense against the beast man kingdom. The Cardinals decide that it is time to end the war within the Elven kingdom and focus all there efforts on defense of their nation, some even contemplating even if it is possible to just surrender to the Sorcerer Kingdom for their protection.

Back in Nazarick, following the events that occurred in the capital, Ainz in preparation to move forward with his paid vacation plan, decides to recruit Mare and Aura to visit the Elf Kingdom in order to both escape from the extra work he gotten following the Kingdom's annexation as well as to help the twins develop their social skills by interacting with dark elves. He visits them on the 6th floor and while he catches up with the progress they made in several development he is shown by Aura around how the inner village they have established within the floor is progressing including several updates on both already existing resident and new residents they have bought such as an Alraune population that have established a colony within the forest. He orders the twins to bring the Elven Slaves they rescued back during the workers invasion in order to find more information regarding the elf kingdom as well as any additional information regarding social customs, traditions etc.

Ainz and the twins meet with each other in the cafeteria after some hesitation, the elves were assured they will not be troubled and ordered head chef to make food and drinks in order to ease their tensions.

After the atmosphere has been set, he asks the elf in regards to their homeland and more specifically about any dark elves that might be present. Their knowledge is very limited outside of the affairs from their village so they don't provide much useful information, they do speak about dark elves supposed to have lived in the further outskirts of the forest they came from. In regards to their efforts he asks them what reward they wanted to and in that regard they asked to stay in Nazarick and to serve Aura and Mare in which while some reluctance from both of them grants them.

He sets out to make the preparations for the expedition, during the meeting head chef hurriedly came to meet Ainz directly and tried to offer as much hospitality and food as much as they wanted in order to celebrate his arrival. After some back and forth ranting Ainz managed to calm him down and asked him to instead on focusing to serve the other residents of Nazarick and be happy with how much they have already provided just as his creator wanted too.

Changing scenery to the Great Forest of Evasha we see the Holocaust Scripture and there leader corner one of the elf king's daughter who has inflicted massive amount of casualties to there side. After making several preparations they managed to slay her, just as the leader was about to take the powerful items that were left to her, the king arrives in person in order to prevent his property from being taken at the same time express his disappointment of how another of his children ended up failing his expectations. He conjures his main summon Behemot, the captain sacrifices his life in order to stall him so they can escape and report back to HQ.

After returning to place the treasures left behind by his father, he informs the mother of the one who boar his child and told her she had died and allows her a chance to make amends to make another, struck by grief from both her loss and the sense of dread from suffering the same circumstances again, she commits suicide with the king not batting an eye and arrogantly thinks she did it of self disappointment rather than grief he than orders the prime minister to bring his daughter and his wife so he can sleep with them in order to bear more kids for his plans which he reluctantly obeys to do.

Back to Ainz Perspective, the have set up a base camp deep withing the Forest of Evasha and so far have not had much success in finding the Dark Elves. Ainz has manage to find the main Elven Capital and has been finding more background information on the kingdom and elves using [Perfect Unownable] to spy around several household. he finally finds out the location from an elf and that they are deeper further south around the border of the country and Ainz and the twins go there to find them.

They find a suitable spot to start preparations within one of the Great Lords of the Forest territory the Ankyloursus Lord and managed to subdue to it thanks to Aura's Beast Tamer skills, While pondering what to do with it, Ainz came up with the idea to use it to attack the dark elf village so Aura can come in to feign protect the villagers from it and allow them to infiltrate it more easily.

On the Dark Elves side, Blueberry one of the Hunters of the Elven Village and a group of other hunters were out and about hunting in the forest when the Ankyloursus Lord comes in and starts attacking them and after several tree homes get wrecked and the hunters about to be defeated Aura just as planned come in rescues them, Blueberry in particular became instant infatuated with her after the rescue and volunteers and escorts her back to the village to meet the village elders.

For her actions, Aura was hailed as a hero by the dark elves and allowed to stay as their guest along with their brother and ‘uncle’ who would soon a arrive at the village in three days. While at the village, Aura assisted its rangers in hunting game for them, outmatching their skills. It was observed that Aura was being used as a political tool by a faction of the dark elves who not only admired her strength, but advocated greater responsibility to those who showed superior ability, putting them in direct opposition with the current elders.

Whilst Ainz and his charges were busy learning how to interact with the dark elves, another plot was unfolding in a distant are of the New World. Said plot involved the fabled Corpus of the Abyss, a secret cabal of undead liches who worked in the shadows conducting magical research. Recently the organization had come under the control of an unknown entity. Due to the entity's power the undead magic caster accepted its leadership. Originally it was believed that the entity would benefit Corpus of the Abyss, but as time went on, it became apparent that the entity had no bearing of a ruler nor respected the undead magic casters. Instead it sought to monopolize their research for personal gain. Unknown to the entity, the magic caster had began to make moves to ferment a rebellion against it, feigning loyalty whilst secretly plotting countermeasures, has they unanimously had enough of being extorted.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: To Take a Paid Vacation
  • Chapter 2: The Travelling Scenery in Nazarick
  • Chapter 3: Aura's Hard Work
  • Intermission


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  • The title for Overlord Volume 15 was released in Overlord Volume 14.
  • The Volume was slated for release in Spring 2021 but it never came during that period likely due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic which affected Maruyama's travel to a café where he normally wrote Overlord.
  • In a New Years' message tweet Maruyama hinted that the story arc could be split into two books due to the amount of pages he had written which numbered about 700 pages.
  • It was confirmed that the story arc would be spilt into two volumes in a tweet released by Maruyama on March 12, 2022.
  • The volume was originally stated to be 360 pages long, but later updated to 352 pages. With 352 pages it is the shortest Volume in the series.
  • To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Overlord's publication, a special edition will come with an illustration card book that includes 15 illustrations of the members of Nazarick such as Ainz and Albedo.


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