The Witch of the Ruined Country is the fourteenth light novel volume in the Overlord series. It will be released on March 12, 2020.

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A carriage from the Sorcerer Kingdom was attacked by Re-Estize nobility.

Though they knew it was a trap, the Re-Estize Kingdom still chose to face the enemy in open battle. Nazarick proceeded to declare war on the Kingdom as though they were expecting this response.

The Re-Estize Kingdom, still unable to recover from the massacre on the Katze Plains, is forced on a path that leads toward their downfall. Even though they knew they'd be standing against a foe they have no chance against, Prince Zanac, Blue Roses, and Brain will still face their foes head-on.

Nazarick's merciless war of annihilation is about to begin.

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Spoiler Warning: Plot from the light novel details follow

To Be Announced.

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  • Overlord Volume 14 has the largest amount of pages in Overlord light novel series to date.
  • The Special Package Edition for Overlord Volume 14 comes with a figure of Ainz Ooal Gown that was sculpted by Kenji Ando.

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