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This is the fourth chapter of Overlord New World.


A maid fearfully reports to Renner that the emissary from the Sorcerer Kingdom wishes to have an audience with the princess. Climb standing guard nearby listens to this news with a grim look on his face. Renner with a some what air headedness wonders aloud why Albedo would want to see her. The maid is annoyed at seeing Renner's cluelessness as that is not what she should be focusing on is the crisis that the person who wants to see the princess is a dangerous woman from a rival nation. Renner sensing Climb watching her, is silently happy that her "puppy" is being cute as he is being wary against the maid and wants to protect her.

The princess plays dumb, suggesting that maybe Albedo wants to talk about girl stuff. The maid mentally exhausted by the seemingly dunce of a girl, then decides to just guide her to the room where the meeting will be taking place. Renner then tells Climb to stay behind as this will be a conversation between women, which he complies.

Behind the close doors of the meeting between Renner and Albedo, the former is seen kneeling before the Overseer Guardian. Albedo tells Renner to rise, stating her accomplishment was impressive. The princess with a cruel face thanks Albedo, her superior. Albedo watching the human, mentally finds her interesting, noting that what Demiurge claimed about the human girl was true. In recognition of her meritorious service, Albedo states that Ainz Ooal Gown had entrusted Renner with a reward. The reward being a small cube which Renner accepts with great anticipation, and tells Albedo to pass her thanks to the Supreme Being.

Albedo then asks Renner if she still desires that "other thing", which the princess confirms that she does. And hopes Albedo shows her mercy when she pays the fair price for it, feeling only joy for that occasion. The Overseer Guardian that may be possible if she can open the box she was given. On the status on whether she can do so, Renner states she is already making preparations. Albedo tells her that by the time the Sorcerer Kingdom invades to be ready for that time. Renner complies still kneeling as a form of a Shadow Demon emerges from her shadow also kneeling before Albedo in subservience. Now that business is done, Albedo switches to a more playful attitude and asks Renner how her puppy is doing which Renner is happily willing to divulge, provided that she hear more about Ainz Ooal Gown.

In the Slane Theocracy, a group of six priests pray before the insignia of their nation, giving thanks to their gods. They all then seat together at a conference table. Cardinal Raymond Zarg Lauransan starts the meeting by addresses the first item...being to the annexation of the Re-Estize Kingdom's city of E-Rantel that two weeks ago led to the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom of Ainz Ooal Gown. Cardianal Dominic Ihre Partouche states that the new nation is a country ruled by the undead.

His colleague Cardinal Yvon Jasna Delacroix wonders if they should have intervene in the war at the Katze Plains. Though Cardinal Berenice Nagua Santini believes that they made a wise couse to avoid antagoinizing a powerful magic caster. The founding of the new nation is confusing, to Cardinal Maximilian Oreio Lagier, as he asks why would the Baharuth Empire sponsor such a polity. That being said he wonders if they were manipulated by magic, however Cardinal Zinedine Delan Guelfi dismisses this assumption as Fluder Paradyne is in the empire.

According to Raymond, due to various circumstances a report was delayed from the Black Scripture. Thousand Astrologer who was monitoring the events at Katze, had experience some issues, though the cardinal keeps it quiet to the others that she was severely traumatized. He then discloses yhe document of what she saw. Upon reading the contents, the other cardinals are in disbelief as it states that there were a 500 undead with a difficulty level of 100 or higher. Just with this knowledge Yvon thinks there is no way to contain such monstrous power and no matter the country it will suddenly perish. And even Dominic thinks maybe the Black Scripture member got it wrong. Raymond unfortunately states that the contents are all true as is the countless undead creatures having been confirmed in E-Rantel, some who are doing farming work.

Maximilian asks since they are the protectors of humanity, how should they respond? Questions arise from Bernice on what can they do against such monsters and from Yvon on what the strength of the Sorcerer Kingdom actually is. He even asks if the Black Scripture is even able to handle this level of threat. Raymond bluntly states that it is impossible, from his assessment as a former 3rd Seat of the Black Scripture. To face hundreds of Death Knights is unthinkable and pure despair.

But he does raise one small hint of hope. In the use of the God-kin, as they are different existences. After all they draw on their blood that the inherited from the gods, such as two members who they know, and would easily be able to defeat the undead. While Maximilian finds this news reassuring, Zinedine raises one more question directly to Raymond. The other cardinal wants Raymond not to hide anything from them, and asks why the Thousand League Astrologer has locked herself in her room. As even she should not be scared when seeing a large army of undead. Thus he wonders if maybe she saw a power that even a God-kin could not overcome. If so why was it not reported?

Raymond seeing he can't hide anything from Zinedine, then hands out the rest of the report for the cardinals. Zinedine taking a look at it, now understands as he admits his heart would have stopped if it saw first hand on what was on the report. Bernice still questions if anything in the content could really happen....in that half the Kingdom's army was annihilated with a single spell that caused 130,000 deaths. Based on what happened the cardinals fear that this is the work of 11th tier magic, the magic of the gods.

The cardinals muse that the "Advent of the Gods" is upon them. Yvon is shocked that it has happened again, with Maximilian stating it has been 200 years since the last event like this happened. Dominic curses the idiots in the Kingdom for ruining their plan, as it should have been increasing its national power living in such a bless land and that the "countermeasures" needed for this event will be insane. Unfortunately as Bernice says the Kingdom has rotted from within, revealing that the nation's existence was set up by the Theocracy in order to foster heroes who can fight against the invasion of different races, despite the Theocracy taking on that role. But now as Zinedine mentions that corrupt Kingdom has created a drug and spreading it to the Empire. Due to this Maximillian believes that they have no alternative but to have the Empire annex the Kingdom.

For now Raymond turns the conference back to the topic of the Sorcerer Kingdom. They go over their information, in that the Sunlight Scripture was destroyed by the Sorcerer King without a doubt. And later the Black Scripture encountered the vampire Honyopenyoko. Bernice suggests that perhaps the vampire is a subordinate of the Sorcerer King. Maximillian makes the same case for Jaldabaoth as he appeared around the same time. The fact that all three non-humans appeared around the same time is strange to Dominic who surmised that they could be like "those people".

In that case Yvon thinks the adventurer Momonga could be a similar existence and most suspcious, noting that the warrior destroyed the vampire and is hostile to the Demon Emperor. But moreover he has become an ally of the Sorcerer King. Dominic worried this could mean that the Sorcerer King, Momon, the vampire and Jaldaboth cold very well be allies. Raymond thinks that it is unlikely given Momon and the Sorcerer King only just recently teamed up.

Currently the Sorcerer Kingdom is made up of the territory of E-Rantel and Death Knights provide security. Elder Liches are in charge of administration and Soul Eaters have been seen pulling carriages. The citizens in the city have raised no rebellious actions and continued as normally, living peacefully. This news shocks Yvon as how could people maintain such high spirits in such a state. Raymond states that it is due to Momon, the heroic adventurer has inspired the citizens to endure hell, with his presence alleviating the oppression and anxiety under the new regime.

Yvon wonders if there is any way to possibly use the citizens to incite Momon and the Sorcerer King into a conflict, but Maximillian is against such an action as it risks making enemies of both characters. Raymond is in agreement reminding his peers that they cannot incur any more losses as they already lost the Sunlight Scripture and the Black Scripture has vacancies. Not only that they lost the crown belonging to the Miko Princess and Kaire has died. Under these circumstances, Zinedine believes that they should not go near a sleeping dragon. Maximillian suggests that they acquire more information from the Empire and contact Emperor Jircniv. Although Bernice is not too sure as the emperor is currently waving his tail towards the Sorcerer King. The effort at least need to be tried as insisted by Zinedine, in order to "protect" humanity from the non-human races.

Elsewhere in the Empire, in the Imperial Palace, within Emperor Jircniv's private study, the emperor throws a stack of papers to the ground in frustration, cursing at the Sorcerer King to die. He momentarily recomposes himself from his outburst, remembering Ainz Ooal Gown is undead, so wishing him to death is incorrect. As he thinks on the possibility of divine magic casters being able to destroy undead, he shouts to Ainz cursing him to "live" before calming down. He knows how he is acting is childish, but hold all fault to the Sorcerer King.

On his table he has a stack of applications from knights wishing to withdraw from their service. They are people who have become terrified upon seeing the might of the Sorcerer Kingdom, unable to sleep due to anxiety becoming unwell. It will take a lot of time and money to fill the gaps from their departure, and Jircvine also received a petition from the upper echelons of the knights, pleading to the emperor to not fight against the Sorcerer Kingdom. Even if they had not sent this opinion to him, Jircniv already knew that horrible truth.

Even worse, Jircniv understands he is complicit in the tragedy at Katze Plains as he invited Ainz Ooal Gown to use his greatest spell he could unleash. But it was only to learn about the full extent of Ainz's power. If he had known if such magic existed he would have never made such a request. Jircniv is very stressed out that he can seen his deteriorating mental health is causing his hair to fall.

A scribe soon enters the room, who Jircniv orders to state his business. The scribe reports that he was able to make contact with a merchant from a specific country and reports that they have a "very good product". And that they will be coming to the Imperial Capital soon. Jircniv understanding the coded phrases knows that it means that the messengers from the Slane Theocracy have agreed to come to meet with him. His brings a fresh bit of good news to the emperor as he hopes to establish a relationship with the Theocracy to counter the Sorcerer Kingdom.

He thinks an alliance is inevitable as both countries have no choice as joining forces gives them a higher chances of winning, given the threat the face. It gives him peace of mind that the Empire will be soon safe. However Jircniv knows he cannot invite them to his palace, worried there might be a spy. To prevent word from spreading that the Empire is creating an alliance with the Theocracy against the Sorcerer Kingdom, he decides to host the meeting in the Grand Arena under the guise of watching the games there in his VIP room.

The scribe obeys his liege's command and will make preparations at the arena, leaving the emperor filled with expectant hope on the upcoming meeting with the emissaries from the Slane Theocracy.

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  • The first part of the chapter was released with 15 pages.
  • The second part of the chapter was released on June 19, 2024 with 13 pages.


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