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This is first part of the sixty-second chapter of the Overlord Manga.


While traveling in a carriage with his disciple, Fluder Paradyne is asked a question by the former on what he intends to do with his orders from the emperor. The old wizard replies that it is an order from his imperial majesty and thus as a vassal he has no choice but to act and investigate. Since it will be dangerous to investigate by magical means, he will start his investigation by examining materials and perhaps do a demon summoning to collect information. The disciple is concerned that Fluder in all his wisdom still knows nothing about the target of the investigation, being the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. Fluder admits that he can find no information so far on the mighty demon that terrorized the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom in a single night.

What is more curious is the number of curious individuals that have surfaced in recent days such as the jet black warrior named Momon and his companions Nabe who repelled Jaldabaoth. And lastly the mysterious magic caster, Ainz Ooal Gown. It makes the Imperial Court Wizard wonder if heroes have at last come out of hiding. He muses that the world might soon experience a fierce battle like two hundred years ago with the Evil Deities. The disciple asks nervously if such a thing will happen. Honestly Fluder replies that he is not sure, but notes that only a fool would make preparations fro something that doesn't happen. But being ready before it happens is the act of a wise man.

The carriage arrives at the Ministry of Magic located in Arwintar. Fluder and a group of his disciples head to the innermost tower on the grounds. Within the tower, a disciple greets Fluder and reports that so far no change has occurred with their experiments with the undead. The junior states they are conducting an experiment by placing skeletons near corpses to see if zombies will rise. Fluder watching the scene of dozens of skeletons toiling on a plot of land muses that haven't yet created a natural occurrence like the curse land of the Katze Plains. The empire wishes to acquire the exact reason behind why undead rise in that area as it would be useful for the day when they claim E-Rantel.

Fluder leads his disciples to another chamber, this one containing a chained Death Knight. He orders them to steel their hearts when they encounter the undead. The disciples are visibly scared of the fearsome Death Knight, as Fluder stand before it and casts a 6th tier spell [Obey]. The spell fails which disappoints Fluder as he feels that if he can make the undead submit to him, then he would be able to finally exceed Rigrit Bers Caurau of the Thirteen Heroes and become the greatest magic caster in history.

One of his disciples ask if the Death Knight is listed in the chronicle for monsters. Fluder states that it does not include Death Knights, but doesn't discount the possibility of a complete copy in Eryuentiu as the current copies in circulation to the public are incomplete. The name Eryuentiu draws some whispers among the disciples who murmur that it to be the name of a distant city and that it's name in an old language means "tree at the center of the world". Thoughts of the city drift in Fluder's mind, who remembers it to be the last remaining city and capital of a country that was founded by the Eight Greed Kings and protected by thirty guards equipped with overpowered magical items. If he had an item from the Eight Greed Kings, Fluder was sure that his own power would grow. Alas no one could acquire them, the only group who were allowed access to such super-class items were the Thirteen Heroes. Having had enough for today, Fluder guides the group back outside the tower.

To his surprise an imperial knight is waiting for him with a message. The knight explains that an adamantite adventurer team wishes to have an audience with the esteemed magic caster. Fluder asks if the adventurer team is Silver Thread Bird or Eight Ripples. But the knight answers it to be neither, but the two member adventurers that call themselves---Darkness.

Major Events[]

  • Fluder goes to the Ministry of Magic to try and control the Death Knight kept captive there and fails.
  • Darkness arrives seeking an audience with Fluder.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

Abilities Used[]


  • Obey

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace February 2021 Issue.
  • When the chapter was first released it was titled as "Prologue." However after Overlord Manga Volume 15 was released it was renamed "Overlord Episode 61 Prologue."


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