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This is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix mind goes over what the two dark elves announced that they know that the emperor sent people to the domain of Ainz Ooal Gown who is very displeased and demands the the emperor come out to apologize. Jircniv wonders how they were able to connect him to the attack on the tomb and if maybe there is a traitor. The sight of the dragon in the courtyard of the palace is also concerning. Still in disbelief, the emperor asks Fluder Paradyne what kind of dragon is it and what sort of people are the elves, but even the old wizard does not know. Baziwood Peshmel, a member of the Four Imperial Knights, standing with the emperor notices that other people are taking the initiative to face the threats to the palace. He is talking about Nazami Enec who is leading a contingent of knights to the scene. One of Jircniv's aides begs the emperor to evacuate the palace, but Jircniv asks where would be safe now? If he fled the Imperial Palace now his image would be laughed at by the nobles even if the threat he ran away from was a dragon. Either way fighting or running will be a loss.

Fluder approaches his liege, stating he is worried about the 120 knights that are going to engage the dragon and asks permission to go out to assist them. The emperor permits it and asks the old man to tell Nazami to retreat. The wizard understands though advises to prepare to retreat as they do not know the strength before climbing out the window and flying in the air above the courtyard. Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore look calmly at the approaching knights surrounding and decide to get started by killing all the people here and now. Aura motions her brother to begin who proceeds to lift up his staff thrust it to the ground. Almost immediately, the ground shakes and collapses beneath the knights. They along with Nazami fall into the collapsed ground, but as soon as Mare lifts up his staff, the cracks seal up as if nothing happened. Aura calls out to the emperor that they have killed his men and next they will destroy the palace unless he does not show himself. And if failing that they would then move onto destroying the city. Jircniv is stunned that the might of his empire could be brought low in a matter of minutes. He thinks to himself that the empire may have just stepped on a dragon's tail and now sees what kind of existence Ainz Ooal Gown is. Finally coming to a decision, Jircniv calls out to the emissaries requesting that they should speak. He orders to aide to hurry to prepare the best hospitality to their guests which the other man runs to make preparations. The Emperor of the Baharuth Empire then readies himself for a battle words at the negotiation table with Ainz Ooal Gown.

After some time, a convoy of carriages guarded by riders is seen crossing the countryside. In one of the carriages is Emperor Jircniv who is napping until his aide, Loune Vermillion rouses him awake. His aide is humored that the emperor despite getting a night's sleep still feels tired. Jircniv states that he hasn't felt such a rest since he was a kid, and should be thanking Ainz for taking him away from his world. Baziwood who is also in the carriage jokes its due to the emperor being so busy at something. His joke is reciprocated by Jircniv stating that the blame is someone called the "Bloody Emperor" who made so many reforms that so many things have not caught up with the imperial government. And suggest that they should scold him for not planning appropriately. He is of course speaking of himself as his actions wiped out many incompetent nobles causing the amount of the bureaucracy to decrease and cause such problems as those same useless nobles were actually helping keep the empire organized.

The emperor knows he cannot keep looking after the affairs of the country forever and hopes to raise a group of civil servants to help him so that he could return to a role of just making decisions as an emperor should. His mentor, Fluder sees that his pupil wishes not let the next emperor receive the same hardships as he did. Speaking of his successor, Fluder asks if Jircniv has plans to chose a queen. Thinking about it, Jircniv has the choice of marrying someone within the country or outside, which he would choose the latter. Perhaps with the odd girl from the Kingdom. Fluder inquires is he is talking about Princess Renner, though the emperor states that he does not know as he is unsure about her. As from what he heard about her she seems to fail when she wants to fail. When he thinks of the princess he gets an unpleasant feeling, making mumble he should send someone to assassinate her. Fluder offers to send out the order, but the emperor dismisses the idea as the princess's ideas are too valuable for her to be killed and wonders maybe if the woman knows this as well.

Baziwood adds that even if Renner dies, it wouldn't be a loss to the Kingdom. In comparison to the Empire, if Jircniv should die prematurely then the nation is finished though he assure his emperor that the Four Imperial Knights would protect him from assassinations, but factors are another factors and ask Jircniv not to devote himself to his work too much. The emperor knows this as he cannot afford to die yet until a strong administrative government has been formed for the Empire. Fluder agrees that his pupil cannot afford to die as it would be troublesome. Every precaution has been taken such as having divine magic casters on standby to ward poison and injury, but in the end the Empire lacks sufficient skilled people, and Fluder admits that his grasp on divine magic is lacking. His liege tells him that it's alright as Fluder is more suited to other tasks. He thinks that is more important to focus on the curriculum of divine magic. Baziwood is also in agreement as having such magic would decrease the number of casualties, though feels resurrection magic would also be better. From what Baziwood heard about that type of magic, it takes away the vitality of a target so it can't be used on normal human beings who turn to ash. When he asks Fluder if this is true, he sees that his majesty has given him a glare.

To Jircniv's annoyance, Fluder starts a lecture on magic, confirming that the 5th tier magic [Raise Dead] does indeed take a lot of vitality. But states that higher tiers of magic have a lesser degree of this side effect, but this is only theoretical as it has not been proven anyone can do so. Though he has heard that the ancient magic of the Dragon Lords do not have this flaw. Loune listening to the lecture, asks if the queen of the Dragon Kingdom has this magic. It's a good question to Fluder, but since this is ancient magic it functions quite differently as it uses the soul and that the queen can use it due to her having the blood of the Brightness Dragon Lord. But it is a mystery if she can use revival magic. That being said, if the emperor wants to find a queen, Fluder suggests marrying one of the queen's relatives, but the emperor reject the idea.

A knock soon comes at the door of the carriage. Baziwood checks it and reports it to be Leinas Rockbruise, another of the Four Imperial Knights. Once the door is open, Leinas is seen riding alongside the carriage on a horse at full gallop. She reports that she has a [Message] from the scouts up ahead. Wishing to talk in a more comfortable setting, Jircniv invites her into the carriage, which Leinas accepts and easily jumps in. Taking a seat between Baziwood and Loune, the female knight reports that they will soon be arriving at the Great Tomb of Nazarick. According to the scouts there are maids stationed by a log cabin. The presence of maids at the tomb confuses Jircniv and wonders if they were part of the burial goods for the owner of the tomb. Leinas cannot answer that, and Jircniv then suspects they might be dealing with some more monsters. Fluder advise her majesty to take care as they will be heading into unknown territory and that he should escape with him at the sign of trouble via his transfer magic. Baziwood assure the two that he and Leinas will buy them time. Leinas taking a handkerchief wipes the right side of her face and then warns the emperor if danger does approach, she will prioritize her safety first and asks him for his forgiveness. The emperor is not insulted as he is aware of the promise she made to him years ago when she became his knight.

The imperial delegation come before a open field in front of a mound. The emperor and his entourage get out and see that over the mound there are indications of a tomb which appears slightly different from what they heard. Jircniv spots the log cabin mentioned by the scouts, its placement odd as the wood is from the Great Forest of Tob which is some distance away Loune approaches his majesty and asks what to do about the other people they brought? He tells them to wait for now as the door to the log cabin opens. Yuri Alpha and Lupusregina Beta appear with the senior maid welcoming Jircniv to Nazarick. Her beauty commented by Jircniv who tries to flirt with the maid, but to his surprise she is unmoved by his attempt. Since he can't read her, Jircniv inquires where is Gown which Yuri explains is busy making preparations and ask the emperor to wait.

On where they will be waiting, Jircmiv grows more confused when the maid states they will remain at the present location. Seeing the location which is outside and close to winter Jircnic feels that the other party is being a bit rude and decides to wait in the carriage. Though Yuri insists that the imperial wait as the proper accommodations are being made. First starting with the weather. Soon after she explains, the sky above the imperials has the clouds part and soon the delegation realize that the temperature is getting warmer. The warmth is not an illusion as even Jircniv can feel its real, shocked he demands to Fluder what has happened. Fluder marvel at the phenomenon states that it appears to be the 6th tier spell [Control Weather] and yet feels that it might be a higher level.

With the weather now under control Yuri calls out to the one in the log cabin to come out. Out from the doors come a troop of Death Knights carrying an assortment of fixtures. Fluder is flabbergasted at seeing the numbers and even the delegation are scared by the monsters. Whilst the Death Knights set tables and chairs, Jircniv demands to Fluder to explain asking if those undead are the same as the monster kept in the Ministry of Magic. His teacher is silent, forcing Jircniv to grab the nearest apprentice to answer his question. With soome effort the apprentice explain that the Death Knight is a legendary undead and that one is imprisoned in the bowels of the Ministry. But then Jircniv continues to demand how a Death Knight is classified as a legendary existence when there are five standing in front of him?

Looking at the situation, Jicniv has seriously underestimated Ainz Ooal Gown and is terrified at the prospect that there might be more powerful creatures in the tomb. His thoughts are interrupted when Yuri explains that the Death Knights were created by Ainz, assuring her guests that they will not hurt them as she has been given temporary authority over the undead. That statement only drives Jircniv to utter shock as that can't be possibly true that Ainz created these powerful undead.

Laughter soon fills the air by Fluder Paradyne thrilled at the idea that Ainz made so many of these legendary undead. He asks a sarcastic question to Jircniv if he still wants to run away? As the old man is, Jircniv sees that Fluder has dropped the wise magic caster of the Empire to his true personality the obsessed madman. Taking Fluder's challenge to stay or run, Jircniv chooses the former which pleases the wizard. The old man then directs his attention to his disciples telling them that they should be honored at a sight before them as they soon will meet the most powerful magic caster in the land. Bzaiwood and Leinas begin to get worried and wonder if they should attempt to retreat. Jircniv does not advise it as those that run might be viewed as enemies. All they can do is go with it. Yuri announces that preparations are ready for them as the tables and chairs for the imperials have been set up. Several members of the Pleiades then begin to serve the imperials drink as they sit and try to relax. The beauty of the maids causes some pause, and to Jircniv he feels as if he brought the noble daughters for nothing. Taking a sip of his drink he finds it to be delicious. The others in his delegation also comment the same and even the emperor can tell that the luxury provided by Ainz is on another level. For now the emperor decides to enjoy the wait finding it restful.

Later the imperial delegation are brought to the 9th Floor where they enter into the Lemegeton. Standing before the Gates of Judgement the party nervous prepare to enter into the Throne Room. Tha architecture of the tomb astonishes the human leader feelin insignificant. The gates finally open and within the room are several monsters like the Evil Lords, Vampire Brides and Insects standing at attention. At the far end of the room are the Floor Guardians and sitting upon the throne is Ainz Ooal Gown.

Jircniv looking at the fearsome figures can see that negations with such monsters' will be difficult but he has no choice but to move forward as the fate of the Empire is on the line. The Emperor of the Baharuth Empire the orders his delegation to move forward.

Major Events[]

  • Aura and Mare demand for Jircniv to reveal himself so that he can apologize for his invasion of Nazarick. To prove their point they killed his knights, including Nazami.
  • Jircniv travels to the Great Tomb of Nazarick in a convoy. Inside his carriage he talks about the plans for the Empire and Fluder explains the mechanics of revival magic and also the magic of the Dragon Lords.
  • Arriving at the Great Tomb of Nazarick, they meet Yuri who instructs several Death Knights to provide them with drinks and chairs.
  • At the Throne Room, the imperial delegation finally meets Ainz Ooal Gown.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2021 Issue.


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