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This is the sixty-sixth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Roberdyck Goltron is left dazed at seeing Imina's collapse to the ground. Scared witless he asks what Ainz Ooal Gown did to her which the undead answers in a cool manner that he used [Time Stop] to freeze time and incapacitated his comrade using [Touch of Undeath]. Hearing the undead mundanely say he froze time leaves the priest terror stricken, and tries to convince himself that it is just a lie as only a god could do such a thing. The revelation hits the cleric, bringing him to his knees as that the fact remains that Ainz is a powerful being.

To the least Ainz informs Roberdyck that the workers efforts to defeat him were a waste. The Overlord then calls Aura Bella Fiora and orders her to bring Imina and Hekkeran Termite to the Large Hole as Gashokukochuuou may have a use of them as nests. The dark elf is apprehensive of doing the task herself and requests if she can order Mare Bello Fiore to do it instead. Seeing that its is no problem Ainz permits it before turning to the kneeling priest who asks the undead what fate is in store for him. Ainz tells his prisoner that his two comrades will have no kind fate waiting for them, however as Roberdyck is a divine magic caster he may be of some use. To explain Ainz tells the priest that one of his subordinates, Shalltear Bloodfallen who is pursuing last remaining comrade, is a also a divine magic caster like him. Though the difference between them is that the two worship different gods. Ainz expresses that he doubts that the gods Roberdyck are familiar with are transcendent beings with mysterious powers, but more likely just great people of the past who were deified. The priest rejection such a notion. Ainz admits that it's just his theory as what gods are, and if that were the case would it be possible for dead people to allow others to borrow their power? Questions from Ainz arise on whether gods really even exist? Or if the magic he casts is really powered by an existence called a god? Roberdyck is left speechless by the questions that he can provide no adequate answers to.

But when Ainz asks the priest if anyone has ever seen a god, the latter declares that he knows his god exists as he feels it, which to Ainz is not conclusive proof but a personal opinion by his captive. Roberdyck tells Ainz that he is wrong as he knows that his god exists as he feels a might presence whenever he casts his magic. However Ainz asks who declared that sensation to be a god? The god itself or someone just using that power? The theological debate continues with Ainz musing that these so-called gods could theoretically be a higher order of existences that were designated as gods and may exist as colorless entities. In other words these gods could just be chunks of power that when drawn upon can cause the power to dye in different colors. To the Overlord his theory is not totally impossible as they are in a world with magical laws and comments that it would be funny if gods actually did exist. Realizing he was going off topic, Ainz informs Roberdyck that he will be part of a human experiment to see what would happen if Roberdyck's memories are altered so that the god he believes in is different.

Insane is the word that comes to the priest's mind as he listens to Ainz on what kind of fate is in store for him. He asks the undead why would he do such a thing only to be told it is to prove the existence of god. Ainz states that by solving this mystery it will make him stronger. And if gods do exist, he wants to know if they have emotions of thoughts. The undead muses that he may not be the only one chosen, and that there may be others out there and thus an arms race is necessary to make sure his organization is prepared.

Elsewhere on the 6th Floor, Arche Eeb Rile Furt is seen flying in the night sky. While traveling in the air the young magic caster briefly thinks about the friends who stayed behind to allow her to escape, forcing herself to suppress her tears. The girl's flight is halted when she is blocked by something in her path. Feeling around it, Arche realizes that it is an invisible wall. Following her from behind in the air, Shalltear tells the girl that 'tag' is over. Noticing that Arche is confused by the wall, the Floor Guardian tells her prey that despite being seemingly outside the tomb, she is in fact on the 6th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, an underground dungeon that was created by the Forty-One Supreme Beings. This shocks Arche as the it sounds like the Supreme Beings are gods as they created an entire world. The Floor Guardian confirms that the Supreme Beings are on the same level as gods. Shalltears asks the human girl is she is done running. Arche asks would it be even possible which Shalltear responds no since there was no intention of letting her escape from the beginning. Arche out of options then raised her staff and charged at her tracker. Shalltear easily caught the staff and pulls the magic caster into her arms. Now caught in Shalltear's embrace, Arche is told that her escape attempt ends and that the other woman is a bit disappointed that the girl isn't crying. A promise is made by Arche's captor that she will not feel any pain as it is Ainz's mercy. Unable to move the worker's face turns to horror as Shalltear's mouth shifts into a lamprey and screams.

In the Throne Room, Ainz is reviewing the monitor of the dungeon with Albedo. He states that the invasion was wonderful as although the invaders were too weak by Nazarick's standards, they were still considered a fearsome force in the world outside and yet the dungeon expended very little expenditure by the Overseer Guardian. This in mind Ainz is confident to leave the defense of Nazarick to Albedo. Albedo is pleased by the gratitude and asks her master if he has enough time to stay? Ainz tells her that it is not an issue as he already spoke with Pandora's Actor and it has been reported that the adventurers outside have decided to wait another day to see if anything changes with the ruins. Seeing that she has some time to talk with Ainz, Albedo asks him to listen to a proposal she has.

In regards to the search for the Supreme Beings what level of priority should it be assigned? The answer by Ainz is that the the search for his comrades will be their top priority so long as any actions do not endanger Nazarick. Albedo notes her master's decision, and also presents her proposal, the creation of a unit composed of members selected and commanded by her to be tasked with the search for the Supreme Beings. This was prompted when Foresight tried to lie their way to Ainz and due to this Albedo reasons it is necessary to have this unit be tasked with determining the validity of reports of the whereabouts of the Supreme Beings. The proposal is pondered by Ainz, who in truth would prefer to have Albedo remain within Nazarick to manage it in his stead and have Mare and Aura search for information on the outside world. Albedo states that it is true, but offers her "concern" that the twins might "run wild" or go "rogue". If any such as Shalltear, Aura or even Mare heard news about their creators, Peroroncino or Bukubukuchagama, being found somewhere there could be no telling what could happen.

Ainz considers the idea noting to himself that Albedo would be the right choice as she was able to see through Pandora's Actor even when he was disguised as Tabula Smaragdina. Albedo also adds that while she feels Demiurge is suitable for the unit, she expresses that she doesn't wish to over burdened with additional responsibilities. The Overseer Guardian asks that Pandora's Actor join the unit to act as her adjutant which Ainz allows during times when his services are needed by her. Thanking her master, Albedo asks if he has any suggestions to add to the new unit which the Overlord states that he will provide her with the highest ranked subordinates. Albedo welcomes the addition and also recommends Ainz to create a few undead adjutants for her. Ainz rejects her request as while he could create undead lieutenants that can reach level 90 using his skill, and summon the likes such as Overlord Wiseman and Grim Reaper Thanatos it could mean the consumption of experience as he was not sure if he could regain them like in YGGDRASIL.

That being said Ainz agrees that the new unit led by Albedo will be composed of Pandora's Actor and several selected monsters. On top of this Albedo also requests that the existence of the unit be kept confidential from the other Guardians. Curious to the request, Ainz asks why since it would be better to receive assistance from the other Guardians. Albedo argues that if the handling of the received reports is mishandled and information leaks to the Guardians before its verified some may want to join in the investigation to check for themselves. If the information was a trap it would put everyone in danger. Albedo has not such problems given she was made for defense, but the same cannot be said for the others. A valid reason, Ainz accepts the conditions and permits Albedo to do as she sees fit. The Overseer Guardian thanks her master promising that the secret unit will carry out his most importance orders and that he will not regret his decision. As Albedo bows, Ainz senses something off and asks Albedo why she would need so much firepower in her unit. Albedo hesitates to say, and blushes saying that she wants to create the strongest team. The answer leaves Ainz speechless before he laughs at the childish yet understandable explanation.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta then enters the Throne Room, reporting to the two that it will be soon time for Aura and Mare to depart to carry the next phase of the plan. Before they go Ainz wishes to send them off in person and has Entoma to inform the twins. Before the maid leaves, Albedo asks Ainz if he is unhappy since Entoma is using the voice of the rude little girl. To the contrary Ainz does not mind it as he was the one who called the maid in the first place. He then asks Entoma if all the other parts of the girl were put to good use. The maid informs the Overlord that the body's head was given to a Silk Hat Demon, the arms split between the Deadman Strugglers, the skin given to Demiurge and the rest of it were given to Grant's children. The news of Arche's body being effectively put to good us pleases Ainz who likens it to a memorial service to the deceased. Such words causes Albedo to praise her master for his benevolence to such a filthy thief claiming that everyone in Nazraick would be moved by tears. A bit distressed by her words, Ainz tells her it's just his personal views and not something he wishes to enforce on others as he was only concerned of the etiquette to not let something go to waste. Still Albedo promises that they will take greater care to make better use of others, which only causes Ainz to wonder if they got the wrong message.

Back at the Furt estate, Arche's father signed another contract for another loan from the Usurer for a hundred gold coins. The former noble gladly accepts the money and interest rates for the loan. The money lender asks about his daughter, only for the other man to boringly say that she is out making money and that attitude caused her to act arrogant to her own father and forgot her obligations to her parents. In another room on the estate, Arche's two sister, Kuuderika and Ureirika eagerly await their older sister's return so that they can move away with her. Both talk about the wonderful life they will have with Arche as they wait looking out the window.

Major Events[]

  • Ainz Ooal Gown defeats Imina and Roberdyck Goltron. He orders the bodies of Hekkeran Termite and Imina to be sent to Gashokukochuuou.
  • Ainz gets into a theological debate with Roberdyck on the existence of gods and tells the priest the fate he has in store for him.
  • Shalltear Bloodfallen catches up to Arche Eeb Rile Furt and gives her a merciful death.
  • Albedo convinces Ainz to create a secret unit to seek out the whereabouts of the other Supreme Beings.
  • It is revealed that Arche's body was butchered and given to various denizens of Nazarick for their personal use.
  • Arche's father takes out another loan whilst his younger daughters wait for their older sister's return.

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  • No new abilities were introduced during this chapter.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace August 2021 Issue.
  • Unlike in the Light Novel, Rubedo is never mentioned when Albedo proposes the secret unit.


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