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This is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Foresight is confronted by Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo and Aura Bella Fiora in the Amphitheater. Arche Eeb Rile Furt apologizes for dragging her team into this situation, but her teammates tell her that this was a group decision so she is not at fault. Hekkeran Termite turning to the three strangers before the team asks if they wish to talk. He respectfully apologizes to Ainz Ooal, only to be corrected by the Overlord that his name is Ainz Ooal Gown. The worker humbly apologizes to Ainz for intruding upon his tomb without his permission offering to compensate him to atone their transgression. Ainz sighs and asks if that its how they would do things where they come from? To allow maggots mercy when they come into their home and leaves waste behind? Hekkeran objects to that comparison between humans and maggots. Ainz states the two are the same, though after consideration humans might be inferior, citing that when a maggot is born the fault lies with the fly that laid the egg. The same could not be said about humans as they only go about to satisfy their greed to raid a tomb where someone could be living. He of course doesn't blame the workers as its only natural for the strong to dominate the weak. Ainz admits that even he does this himself and is no exception to the rule, so in accordance to the rule he will claim what is his. Hekkeran tries to reason with Ainz, but the undead does not want to hear it only for them to pay for their stupidity. The workers though asks "What if they had permission?". This draws silence from the two Floor Guardians and Ainz.

Ainz laughs and calls that its just a bluff to unhinge him. Hekkeran presses the point as it could be true. The Overlord maintains that Hekkeran is bluffing him, but just in case, he asks who gave him permission. Hekkeran tries to be vague and ambiguous on the worker's benefactor, claiming not to know his name but that he was a big monster. Ainz for a moment of introspection then asks the worker what this being said, only to have Hekkeran request to be guaranteed the safety of his team. The undead tells the worker that if they truly have permission from his friend then they have nothing to fear.

Hekkeran's mind races as he is able to draw some facts about Ainz, in that he had friends once but is unable to contact them. Ainz tells Hekkeran to speak up and let him know what his 'friend' told him. The worker states to Ainz to give his regards to the Great Tomb of Nazarick and that he says hello to Ainz. The Overlord asks Hekkeran if this friend of his really told him to say hello to Ainz? The worker states yes, and Ainz lets out a laugh at the answer, stating that if one calmly thought about it there were plenty of holes in Hekkeran's story. The undead erupts in a fury for the workers trying to deceive him. He swears how dare they ever think to soil Nazarick with their presence and think to be forgiven. His rancor is quickly extinguished after he calms himself. He apologizes for his outburst, noting that their lie was only natural as the workers were only trying to preserve their lives. But he is still quite mad, and so he orders all the Floor Guardians including Albedo and Aura to cover their ears. Ainz tells the workers that he was originally opposed to the idea to invite thieves into Nazarick, but it was the best method so he accepted it. That being said he removes his robe and tells them he wanted give Foresight one last mercy by granting them honorable deaths as warriors. But now instead he will dispose of them live thieves.

As Ainz removes his robe, Shalltear Bloodfallen watching the scene with Cocytus in the VIP box, lets out a scream, much to Ainz'a annoyance. After he tells the Floor Guardians to uncover their ears he directs his attention to Foresight, expressing that he is a bad mood and plans to toy with them without killing them. The Overlord conjures a shield and sword in his hands and prepares to fight the workers. Seeing that they are not making the first move, Ainz does it first and rushes over at a frightening speed at the leader of Foresight with his sword. Hekkeran senses the attack and parries it with his blades and exchanges with his opponent with a series of swipes and misses. The swordsman uses "Twin Blade Strike" on Ainz but the attack is blocked by Ainz's shield. Arche and Roberdyck Goltron support their leader by casting [Magic Arrow] and [Lesser Dexterity]. The cleric's spell boost Hekkeran whilst Arche's spell targets Ainz, but as soon as the magic bolt streaks at the skeleton it clashes against an invisible barrier around him. Arche sees that its magic nullification. Ainz appears before Hekkeran and tries to bash his shield into the worker, who ducks and avoid the blow. This puts Ainz in direct sight of Imina who target two arrows at him but they miss their mark. Hekkeran uses the opportunity to get away from Ainz, who tries to follow him, only to have Arche cast [Flash] to blind him. To supplement Hekkeran, Roberdyck casts [Lesser Strength] on his leader. Using the brief opening Hekkeran launches himself at Ainz and uses his "Twin Blade Strike" but it is deflected by his opponent's shield. Though the attack fail, Hekkeran believes that together with his team they might win.

Ainz though is disappointed in himself as he was unable to land a decisive blow on Foresight and wonders why he hasn't taken them down yet. This leads Hekkeran to smile victory. When Albedo calls out that perhaps it is time for playtime to end, as she finds it hard to believe Ainz would permit these thieves freedom after they used the Supreme Being's name in vain. She wonders maybe he was playing nice with them. Hearing this Hekkeran face darkens in horror. Aura thinks Albedo is being silly to suggest such a thing, but on the contrary Ainz tell her that she is right. He believes he gain enough experience from the battle and decides to have Cocytus evaluate him later. Dispelling his sword and shield, Ainz to the amazement of Foresight stand before them unarmed as he wants to play a different game, menacingly offering them to take their best shot at him.

Arche asks out loud if Ainz is a magic caster, which the Overlord states that its about time they noticed. The rest of Foresight are unsure, as Arche did not detect any magical aura on him. Even when she uses her eyes on him, she sees nothing. Realizing that she is using detection skills, Ainz removes his magic ring that obscures his power. Upon seeing Ainz's power, Arche collapses and throws up, much to her comrades' shock, They demand to know what Ainz did only for the undead to tell them that his has nothing to do with their friend's condition. The magic caster tells her friends in Foresight to run as Ainz is on a totally different level. To calm her down Roberdyck uses [Lion's Heart]. Though calmed she urges her friends that they need to escape before the unbelievable monster. The workers now on edge toward Ainz, who determines that they are no coming to him decides to come to them. He uses [Touch of Undeath] on his right hand which Arche is unable to identify. The undead slowly comes towards the nervous workers. Imina shots some arrows at his to stop Ainz but they miss him. The undead them vanishes to suddenly appear behind the half-elf and begins to reach out to touch her shoulder with his magic engulfed hand. Hekkeran spots him and immediately rushes to save her. He knocks her out of the way and faces Ainz Ooal Gown and uses "Limit Breaker", "Dull Pain", "Physical Boost" and "Iron Fist" to enhance himself> The worker than throws a "Twin Blade Strike" at Ainz skull but to his utter horror Ainz is unharmed. Hekkeran's is grabbed by the face and lifted into the air. As his comrades cry out for him, he tries to tell them that Ainz is immune to slashing attacks. The Overlord elaborates stating that any sort of attack would be useless on him especially at their level. Imina spit on that to be cheating though Roberdyck thinks he is lying and there must be a weakness.

The Overlord pities the workers for not seeing the truth even when it is staring at them. Imina arms herself ordering him to let go of her friend. Humored that she would risk hitting her lover, Ainz then uses [Paralysis] as using [Touch of Undeath] was a waste. Hekkeran goes rigids and drops the human on the ground. Imina shouts in aguish at Hekkeran thinking he is dead and for being an idiot. The half-elf demands Ainz release Hekkeran as if they do not return at the stipulated time the strongest people will make their way into the tomb. Ainz thinks that they were spewing out lies, though asks Albedo if there is any truth to her words. Arche chimes in that the adamantite adventurer Momon from Darkness is outside and that he is the greatest warrior of all. Albedo nervously states that there is some credible truth. At this point Ainz believes that idle chatter is over.

Roberdych and Imina then urge Arche to run as her sisters are waiting for her to return. Arche doesn't want to but her friends insist they she will have a chance if they stay and give her time to escape. Ainz finding the dialogue interesting tells Aura to open the gate of the Amphitheater to allow the worker to escape. Roberdyk then gives Arche a leather pouch and wishes her luck promising that they will follow right after her. In tears Arche uses [Fly] to flee. Watching Ainz commends them for making a decision without fighting over it. The two remaining workers state that he would never understand as this was a decision made between friends and dying for your friends is not so bad. Imina asks if that was the same for Ainz's comrades shocking him a bit. This causes him to muse a quote from the Gospel of Mark: "Greater love hath no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends". Nevertheless Ainz proclaims no mercy will be given to thieves like them, but for the sake of their comrade he orders Shalltear to go and catch Arche to teach her the meaning of terror and give her a sincerest merciful death. The vampire obeys passing by the workers as she goes out to hunt Arche. The two workers are furious at Ainz's order demanding how is that being merciful. AInz declares that in his Nazarick, a death without further suffering is mercy enough. The two workers then charge at Ainz intent on killing him, Ainz vanishes before the cleric weapon touches him, appearing beside Imina who thinks it to be teleportation but Ainz corrects her as it is merely [Time Stop] as he uses [Touch of Undeath] and takes the half-elf out.

Major Events[]

  • Foresight try to bluff their way out by pretending to have permission to enter the tomb from one of Ainz's comrades. Ainz in hopes that it his comrades are in the New World is nearly fooled until Hekkeran Termite says that his friend call him by Ainz and not Momonga.
  • Ainz battles Foresight in an impressive physical battle, toying with them. but eventually decides that playtime is over and shows them his real power as a magic caster. Arche experiences the magic with her Talent and it scares her to the core and she warns her friends.
  • Hekkeran is the first to fall against Ainz Ooal Gown when he uses [Paralysis] on him.
  • Ainz is told about the adamantite adventurer Momon of Darkness and how he could be a threat to him.
  • Arche is allowed to flee from the Amphitheater by her friends, though Ainz sends out Shalltear Bloodfallen to pursue her and give her a "merciful death".
  • Iminia is the second to fall before Ainz after he uses [Time Stop] and incapacitates her with [Touch of Undeath].

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

Abilities Used[]


  • Magic Arrow
  • Lesser Dexterity
  • Flash
  • Lesser Strength
  • Lion's Heart
  • Touch of Undeath
  • Paralysis
  • Fly
  • Time Stop

Martial Arts:[]

  • Twin Blade Strike
  • Limit Breaker
  • Dull Pain
  • Physical Boost
  • Iron Fist

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2021 Issue.


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