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This is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Erya Uzruth facing the giant hamster calls to one of his slaves on what kind of beast is before him. The slave confesses that she has never seen a beast like it, causing Erya to call her useless. The hamster has a comment on Erya who she thinks very little of, making the warrior laugh that the beast and asks why the latter thinks she can beat him. The hamster replies that he looks weak which annoys him making him vow to carve out her eyes. The threat does very little for the beast to stop mocking him, who informs him that she has been assigned to kill him at the orders of her master. She even gives Erya the option of having him and his slaves come and attack him all at once, but the worker states that won't be necessary. Though he glances and queries about the lizardmen wearing collars behind him. The hamster tells him that they won't interfere as they are just spectators. Erya sarcastically states that it was brave, but his opponent mistakes it as praise. Seeing as they are have confirmed each other as enemies, the hamster crouches down and prepares to fight announcing her name as Hamsuke and the one that will defeat him. Erya declines to give the beast his name which is fine by Hamsuke who will erase him from her memory as a nameless fool.

Elsewhere in the dungeon, Foresight hacks through a band of armed skeletons. In front of them, they come across a unit composed of three skeleton warriors and two skeleton mages causing Hekkeran Termite to order the magic caster to conserve their mana. Imina calls out that she hear footsteps from behind them, followed by Roberdyck Goltron assessment that there are six undead presences. The group asks Hekkeran what to do, which the leader orders them to retreat to the path on the side and proceeds to toss a vial of alchemical glue on the ground behind them. The workers run down the path when the cleric informs them that there are four undead reactions on the right, but to the others see that it is just a wall until Arche Eeb Rile Furt shout that its an illusion as ghouls begin to charge through it. Hekkeran right behind them, takes a look at the rear and sees an elder lich is preparing to cast a [Lightning] spell at them. Hekkeran than orders the workers to push the ghouls through the illusionary wall. They do as commanded and avoid the spell as they go through the wall. Suddenly as they pass into the next room, a magic circle activates beneath the workers.

Back with Erya and Hamsuke, the hamster launches herself in the air to land a tail blow at him, however he uses Shukuchi Kai to avoid the blow. He uses his sword to land an attack on the hamster but the sword and him are knocked back by Hamsuke's hard body. Getting back up he finds that his nose is bleeding and curses his opponent. Hamsuke seeing her opponent's reaction estimates that that she should win by a margin, which is not surprising as she has never met a human that could defeat her. Erya though tells her to save her words as unlike her she is but a beast while he is a warrior that can use Martial Arts. The proceeds to use Ability Boost and Greater Ability Boost and also orders his slaves to buff him with magic. Despite it being wiser to maintain, Hamsuke seeing her opponent reinforcing himself decides that she must now fight as a warrior. Now on her hind legs, Hamsuke tells her opponent that they will no engage in close combat even allowing Erya to land a blow on her. He tells the hamster not to look down at her and the two clash. His blade of course can't pierce Hamsuke's hard body, thus he directed it towards her eyes. To his surprise the hamster twirls her body to avoid the sword strike and swung her tail at his sword. Blocking the strike, Erya attempts the tails proves to be more difficult to deal with as it can move independently forcing him to back away with Shukuchi Kai. Now realizing close combat has him at a disadvantage, Erya uses Void Cutter, repeatedly on the hamster's face. Hamsuke attempts to cover its face with her paws to no avail, and asks if they could hold on a moment. Though Erya laughs thinking Hamsuke is begging for her life as he continues the attacks, but the hamster is not talking about that as she is conversing with another. Hamsuke regins her bearings and vows to finish the fight and uses Slashing Strike to cut off Erya's arms. As her opponent screams out in pain at the loss of his arms, Hamsuke happily declares that she can now finally use Martial Arts. In pain, Erya turns to his elven slaves and orders them to heal him. But in response the three abused elves merely give him twisted smiles of joy. Now alone, Erya is approached by Hamsuke who gives Erya her thanks and smashes his face in with her tail, killing him.

With the duel with Erya over, Hamsuke turns to Zaryusu Shasha and asks for his assessment on her skills. The traveler admits that she indeed did well and Zenberu Gugu comments that she learned in such a short manner of time. Hamsuke is glad and asks if armor training will be next which they confirm. The group turn to the elves on what to do with them, as it appears that the women are focused on kicking the corpse of their master. In the end they decide to leave it as is.

Foresight finds themselves in a new location, and Arche finds it similar to the Grand Arena, making Roberdyck see that they are in the back of a stadium. Before them is a gate that no doubt leads to the main floor of the arena, but Arche warns her team that they are in danger as the magic used to teleport them was 5th tier magic, indicating whoever create this tomb is unbelievably powerful in magic. Hekkeran seeing that they have been invited by the opposing party the would be best not to antagonize them as there could be a way out. Coming out of the hallway they find themselves in an outdoor arena at night.

Arche thinks now that they are outside they can escape, but the group are interrupted by Aura Bella Fiora who lands in front of them. With a microphone in hand she announces that the challengers have arrived who have come to find against the Great King of Death. On cue Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo emerge from the opposite side of the arena.

Major Events[]

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

Abilities Used[]


  • Lightning

Martial Arts:[]

  • Shukuchi Kai
  • Ability Boost
  • Greater Ability Boost
  • Void Cutter
  • Slashing Strike

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace June 2021 Issue.


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