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This is the sixty-third chapter of the Overlord Manga.


In the tomb, the workers come at a crossroads. Here Erya Uzruth declares that he and his team will separate from the group, taking the path in the front. While Tenmu goes straight, Foresight takes the route to the right. The progress of the workers is observed from a monitor.

Outside the dungeon on the surface, the Pleiades watch as Dragon Hunt evaluate the four Nazarick Old Guarders. One of the workers is hesitant to fight the undead as they appear to be a variant of Skeleton that he is unfamiliar with. From what he can tell the Nazarick Old Guarders are different from a Red Skeleton Warrior. Parpatra Ogrion feels honored to face such powerful undead like these. Inquiring aloud to Yuri Alpha on whether these skeletons are the tomb's ultimate strength, he receives only a passing glance. As for whether if the workers defeat the skeletons, would signal the end of hostilities, Yuri only tells the group to do their best. Having received only exhaustive answers, Parpatra muses that his team became the canaries of the dungeon. One of Parpatra's teammates suggests that they try to escape, but Parpatra tells him that they have no other option but to fight as the maids at the top of the Central Tomb will probably snipe them. Parpatra then engages dashes forward to fight one of the undead.

Back in the dungeon, Gringham and Heavy Masher are fighting against a horde of skeletons. The workers are about to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of undead, but the monsters are held at bay thanks to the priest who purifies the undead with his magic. The magic caster of the group adds his power and uses [Fireball] to destroy the skeletons remaining skeletons. The group ponder on where the skeletons could have possibly come from. The magic caster wonder it would not be strange if stronger undead could spawn in the tomb and possibly that the undead may have been summoned via a ritual or magic item. Though the thought is dismissed by Gringham as the thought of more undead like zombies makes him uneasy.

The thief detects sound from the corridor, and motions his comrades to be ready. Out of the darkness steps a Elder Lich. One of the workers think that this undead magic caster is the lord of the tomb. Though killing the owner of the tomb wasn't part of the job request, Gringham begins to give order to his team, when he notices that the lich is just standing where it is. In fact it seems content on watching them. Gringham tries to engage the undead in a dialogue, but is interrupted when the lich bring a bony finger to its lips for silence. Six elder liches soon emerge from the shadows behind the first lich. The appearance of the undead throw Heavy Masher into a panic and flee. The workers are chased by the elder liches who they suspect, given their numbers, are just minor minions in service to whatever rules the tomb. The floor beneath the party then begins to glow and swallows them in blinding light.

Outside the maids are surprised by the turn out with the fight between the Nazarick Old Guarders and Dragon Hunt. The workers make a vain stand against the undead, but they are outmatched. One of the Guarders seriously wounds one of the workers. The maids try to give come calls of encouragement to the priest to hurry up and heal his comrade but CZ2128_Delta states its useless as the man was dealt with a deathblow. As the maids watch, they wonder to themselves why the worker though that Nazarick was only limited to just four Nazarick Old Guarders. Lupusregina thinks the workers are hopeless, which Yuri agrees.

Yuri notes that Parpatra is directing a sad expression at her, which Lupusregina responds with a wave. The leader of Dragon Hunt is shortly struck down by the undead. Yuri muses that Lupusregina distracted the worker causing him to be defeated. Shizu states that she can't be faulted as the maid was just cheering the workers on. Nonetheless the scene of the battlefield shows that the workers were massacred. Solution Epsilon looking over the bodies of the workers wonders if the test to see how the Guarders can effectively take out escaping intruders was a success. Lupusregina states that it looks like it was success, not that the workers could have escaped given the undead hiding by the wall. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta looks hungrily at the fallen bodies, which Yuri promises to speak to Ainz for permission. Entoma muses that had the workers tried to escape Cocytus would have easily captured them. Yuri agrees and directs the maids to gather any of the workers that are still alive so that they can be healed and then sent to interrogation. And for the dead, Yuri will leave their fates to Ainz.

Gringham and his comrade the rogue find themselves in a pitch black room. The rogue uses a glow stick to illuminate their surroundings. To their revulsion they are in a chamber waist-deep full of cockroaches. Confused on their change in surroundings, Gringham deduces that he and the rogue were transported via a floor trap using teleportation magic of the 5th or 6th tier. The fact that the ruler of the tomb possesses that level of magic displays the extent of danger and gives chills to Gringham as he now sees that it was a mistake to accept this request. Before the two try to find a way to leave, a voice calls out in the darkness telling them cannot escape.

Kyouhukou appears from the shadows, atop a pile of cockroaches. After introducing himself as the master of the area, Gringham tries to make a trade with the insect, which amuses Kyouhukou but since he is grateful to them he decides to listen to the human's proposal. The words "feeling grateful" unnerves the workers, but Gringham asks their host if they can leave unharmed. The request seems natural to the Area Guardian but informs them that even if they left the room, they are currently on the 2nd Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and thus would be extremely difficult to return to the surface. Hearing that Gringham asks if the 1st Floor was the level beneath the Central Mausoleum, which Kyouhukou confirms understanding the former's confusion given that the human was teleported from the 1st Floor. The worker asks if Kyouhukou knows a way out of the tomb, offering whatever the cockroach wants. However Kyouhukou already has want he wants and decides to explain why he was so grateful to them. His children as it appears are tired of eating each other, but now they have food that will serve as a solution: them. The rogue tries to shoot an arrow at Kyouhukou, but the Area Guardian's red cape deflects it, who then gives his thanks to his guests for providing their meat. The cockroaches come alive around the two humans and are swallowed by the swarm.

Elsewhere a worker awakens to find himself naked strapped down to a post before a gruesome creature called Neuronist Painkill. The creature explains that it is the intelligence officer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick home to Ainz Ooal Gown the last of the Forty-One Supreme Beings, her beloved master. After going on a tirade of her loyalty to Ainz, marking herself as one worthy of being welcomed in his bed, unlike Shalltear Bloodfallen and Albedo. Her prisoner does not make a sound due to his gag, but Neuronist accepts his silent pleas for mercy as confirmation to her splendor. Neuronist then directs her attention to the human, and explains that he will become part of a "choir" to sing praises to Ainz. And introduces four Torturers who will be helping him in his "chorus" by breaking him apart and continuously healing him. The intelligence officer then begins her work before her captive.

Erya is walking down his route, having one of his slaves walk first to check for any traps. When she stops, he is annoyed that his slave is defying his order. However his anger is subsided when he is informed that she hears something up ahead as do the other two. The group them approach the source of the noise, where they find a chamber where a Death Knight and three collared lizardmen are waiting. In addition Hamsuke approaches the worker stating that she has been waiting for him.

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  • Fireball

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  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace April 2021 Issue.


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