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This is the sixty-second chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Ainz muses to himself that human emotion to be annoying. That if people could deal with everything in a calm deposition, the results of events might be different. Though he admits that emotion while annoying, allows him to maintain his attachment to the Great Tomb of Nazarick and keep his memories of his friends of YGGDRASIL. Back to the present , Albedo welcomes Ainz back to Nazarick.

On the surface of the dungeon, the workers have begun to descend into the ruins, scaling the hills and into the territory. The workers spilt up to check the ruins. Gringham leads his team to a crypt. Before proceeding the magic caster lights a weapon to illuminates the area, and upon finding a sealed coffin, uses a spell to detect any sort of trap. No trap reaction is detect. Gringham notes the banner on the wall. None of the workers recognize the embelm and figure the ruins to belong to some noble and just over two hundred years old. Their leader though finds that the tapestry weird as it has been so well preserved suggesting that there might be preservation magic at work.

One of his teammates though teases the short man that it's fine to stop speaking sophistcately as it just them in the chamber. Gringham sighs in relief that he can finally relax as his attitude as a professional leader he has built for himself was to make his team more skillful, though notes its a hassle for him. The thief in his team makes a discovery on the banner, as it is made from precious metal threads. The team marvel at the find, wondering how such a valuable item is in a place such as this. Since it's too bulky Grinham decides to recover it later. Heavy Masher turns to the coffin in the crypt, and after opening find it to be full of treasure. Ruffling through the gold and gems the workers believe that they got lucky with such a find. Gringham cuts short on their celebration, tellings his comrades that they better hurry to regroup with the others else their share of the treasure will be decreased if they are late.

Outer the Central Masoluem, Heavy Masher meets up with Hekkeran Termite. Gringham apologizes for being late, but Hekkeran states it to be fine as the teams leaders did ot establish an exact time to regroup. Gringham asks the leader of Foresight if his team found any treasure in the ruins. Hekkeran confirms that they did and heard the same from Parpatra Ogrion. Excited Gringham believes that taking this job from their client was the right choice. To Hekkeran a few things are bothering him, such as the engraved words he found at a monument. What's strange to him is that the words are in a language unfamiliar to him and doesn't appear to be related to the Kingdom, Empire or ancient cultures in the area. Stranger is that he found symbols like numericals which he found to be exactly the same as to the current system. Though if the numbers would suggest a dat of when the person in the grave died, why would it have "2.0"? His comrade Arche Eeb Rile Furt wonders perhaps it may be some sort of code. Hekkeran and Heavy Masher soon enter the Central Masoluem , both leaders note the smell to be of the undead, the same as in the Katze Plains.

They join up with Dragon Hunt, Foresight and Tenmu. The leaders put out what they should do now from this point. The client wanted them to collect more information on the ruin and so the next phase would be to go inside the tomb. Parpatra Ogrion volunteers his team to stay on the surface to scout the grave to see if there is another passage leading beneath the Masoluem. Gringham finds the idea to be acceptable knowing a similar instance with the Sasasharu Ruins told by a bard. To compensate for his team taking on the lesser role of exploring the surface, the old worker offers 10% of the treasure to each of the teams present. Neither Gringham or Hekkeran have issue. Erya Uzruth while against the idea, decides to accept the 10%. Parpatra happily accepts their permission to have his team stay on the surface. Before the other teams head down he calls for them if they find anything good to save some for his team.

In the Throne Room, Ainz and Albedo are monitoring the dunegon systems, waiting in anticipation for the workers to come into the dungeon so they can show their hospitality. Ainz reminds Albedo to refrain from overspending in using expensive gimmicks like poison traps and undead, and to try to utilize only POP and normal traps. The Overlord is eager to initate this part of the dungeon training, hoping to record the events as a video to study later. He asks if there is a possiblity of triggering a penalty, specifically the Ariadne system. The system which checks the validity of a created base and ensures that a path leads from the entrance to the heart of the base exists. This was to maintain fairness in YGGDRASIL. And should a violation be detected, a fine would be implemented on the dungeon. So far from what Ainz can tell, no penalties have been placed on Nazarick, thanks in part to the 6th and 5th Floors that provided a widen area to circumvent the system. Though Albedo wonders what would happen if the invaders block the path to the heart of the dungeon themselves. Would Nazarick still face a penalty? Ainz honestly never tested it and he could recall nothing about such a thing in the YGGDRASIL Q&A by the developers. Albedo asks if perhaps they could manipulate the humans in doing it themselves. Ainz considers the suggestion to be interesting, but sees that it to be too risky if they think of the losses that could incur.

On his holographic console, Ainz sees that the workers have descended into the dungeon. The Overlord then orders Albedo not allow anyone of them to escape. Albedo assures her master she will take care of it and asks that he enjoy the show. She asks if he has made a decision of which people he would like to use as a guinea pig for his experiment. Ainz examining the workers then makes his choice.

Foresight following the steps into the dungeon cannot help by find the ruin they are in strange. Aspects such as the architecture and burial methods have even Arche stump on which age they belong to and even suspects that the tomb is even more than six hundred years old. If this is true then the tomb is an amazing discovery. Erya states that they should hurry up as he wants to hunt monsters, annoying Imina.

Hekkeran detects a sound coming from the looming passageway. The noise grows louder and out appears a horde of armed skeletons. The sight of the undead, causes the wokers to burst into laughter as the weak monsters. They assume that skeletons are the standard security force for the tomb, noting that they weren't so effective in guarding the treasures on the surface. None of the other leaders of the worker teams have a drive to kill such weak undead. The only one to ber serious is Gringham who takes the intiative to deal with the undead horde personally. After defeating the skeletons easily he scolds his companions that they shouldn't act so lax as their may be a possibility of a powerful undead. The three worker teams then conyinue their descent.

Outside where Dragon Hunt is, one of Parpatra's teammates ask if staying back is a waste as they could have left the task of searching the surface to the other teams. The old man states that he is right, as any of the teams, save for Erya's could have done the job. But things are not too bad as Parpatra ensured that his team would get the right to be the first searchers of the tomb the next day. It's too risky to be the first ones to go into an unknown location. Hence why he let the other workers go in first to act as canaries as this strange tomb may contain unknown dangers. Best to let the other teams take the risk than Parpatra's team. The team now understand Parpatra's choice and agree that it's the best course, trusting him judgement as their lives are more valuable than treasure.

A voice interrupts the team, commenting on that they are wonderful team. Dragon Hunt on alert direct their attention to the five women in maid costumes at the top of the stairs to the Central Masoluem. Though confused at their prescene, as no one shouldn't be at this location other than them, Parpatra believes that his team can handle the strangers. Due to their sudden appearance it confirms his suspcions that there is a hidden passageway somewhere on the surface. One of Parpatra's teammate makes a snide comment about the women being maids in a cemetery to be in bad taste. Just as soon as he made that joke, he and his comrades feel a sudden chill as the womenly coldy regard them with killing intent.

The women talk among themselves planning on killing the workers in the most unimaginable way. One of the women, breaks the discussion stating that the workers deaths is a definite regardless. To Dragon Hunt she formally introduces herself as Yuri Alpha the leader of the Pleiades. Unfortunately Yuri informs them that their meeting will be short and quick as they cannot deal with themselves, but introduces the workers to their opponents. Clapping her hands, Yuri summons five Nazarick Old Guarders that appear from behind Parpatra's team. The maid them contemptuously announces them to being the training session.

Major Events[]

  • The workers explore the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and discover various treasures prompting them to devle deeper into the dungeon.
  • Dragon Hunt remains to continue to scout the surface on the pretense of locating a hidden passageway, while the other workers descend into the tomb.
  • Ainz Ooal Gown makes preparations for the workers to test out the dungeon's security systems.
  • Parpatra Ogrion and his team are confronted by Yuri Alpha and the Pleiades who force them to fight the Nazarick Old Guarders.

Character Appearance[]

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Abilities Used[]


  • Continual Light
  • Detect Magic

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace March 2021 Issue.


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