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This is the sixty-first chapter of the Overlord Manga.


In Arwintar the Imperial City of the Baharuth Empire, Momon and Nabe are seen walking through the western district of the prosperous city. Momon notes the vitality of its citizens. The adventurer wishes for the time being to tour the city for two days as he wants to visit the Central Market where it is hailed by other adventurers to be a place where magical items could be bought. On the third days he plans to visit the city's Adventurer's Guild as he wants to make connections with the Empire's adamantite adventurers. All in all their visit to the capital should take around a week.

At the Singing Apple Inn, a young man approaches the entrance, where he finds a half-elf named Imina in a heated argument with a man demanding to know where 'she' is. Imina refuses to divulge the individual's location, when the man who entered the inn intercedes. He is introduced as Hekkeran Termite, the leader of Foresight. Hekkeran asks that the two keep it down as there are other customers at the establishment trying to relax. The other man though is annoyed by the intrusion, until Imina states that he is Hekkeran and the leader of her group, he swiftly changes his tone in a more polite manner. Once again he asks if Hekkeran knows where Ms.Furt is as he has some business involved with her. This only serves to aggravate Hekkeran who tells the man to get lost. Intimidate the man dashes away, but not before yelling over his shoulder to tell the Furt girl that the deadline is approaching.

Hekkeran asks his companion what that was all about but the half-elf is in the dark as he is and suggests that he speak with 'her' when she comes back. The leader of Foresight complains as he doesn't want to pry into a friend's business and wonders aloud if there is a way to avoid doing so. However said friend Arche Eeb Rile Furt comes in with Roberdyck Goltron asking what her leader means by that. Hekkeran and Imina hastily state that it's nothing, before the former, seeing that everyone is present, calls a meeting of Foresight. The team then summarize a request from Count Femel to investigate a ruin which appears to be an underground tomb located in the Re-Estize Kingdom. The compensation for the job consists of a down payment of 200 gold coins and then an addition 150 after the completion. The group note that the quality of the contract and amount of the reward is extremely high. Hekkeran states that there is going to be a bonus at the end based on the results of the investigation. Though all magical items found in the ruin would belong to the count, the ones who found them will receive an additional bonus of half the market price of the items. Also the offers for this contract is being negotiated with other worker teams so the request could be a joint-operation. From the request Hekkeran seems will last only three days as it is an archaeological survey. But there is a small bit of information that draws concern, from Roberdyck and Arche as the tomb is unexplored. The two had searched through the records of the past about the tomb's origin but were unable to locate anything. So far all they find were a bunch of villages in the area where the tomb is located, which they could investigate, however the client specifically asked that they do not make any unnecessary movements as the area is under the direct control of the royal family of the Kingdom. The request is basically doing dirty work for the Empire. The information on the ruins is uncertain, but Hekkeran thinks the rewards are great. Before Hekkeran decides on whether or not to accept the contract, he turns to Arche as he has one question for her.

The leader of Foresight tells her about the strange man that was looking for her and his message. Arche then states to her comrades that she is "in debt", much to their shock. The girl elaborates that her family belonged to a noble house, however that was until the Bloody Emperor revoked their nobility status. However her parents refused to accept the reality and continue to live the same aristocratic lifestyle, leading them to borrow money from shady sources. Since her family considers losing their nobility a disgrace, Arche never told her comrades of her circumstances. Hekkeran, Roberdyck and Imina are visibly disgusted by Arche's parents' behavior and wonder if they should have a proper 'talk' with them. Arche asks them to calm down, as her parent's habits have gotten to this stage already and thus she has plans to take her sisters away from them. Hearing that she has sisters, Hekkeran relents, allowing himself to trust Arche's request and let her handle it. Putting aside Arche's family issue, the group go back to the main topic on whether or not to accept the mission from the count. The trio exclude her from the vote, which Arche understands due to her debt might cloud her judgment and is thankful that the team did not remove her from Foresight. Hekkeran tells Arche that they would never do that as her skills as a magic caster would be a huge loss for them. One by one the three workers vote to take the job, citing it to be a decent piece of work. Arche sees that they are accepting the job for her sake and tries to ask them not to force themselves, but the trio insist that they are doing it for the reward. Hekkeran chuckles to Arche that though they will be the first to explore the ruin, they won't be able to make it public, causing her to smile and say "thank you".

Later Hekkeran and Roberdyck are seen alone drinking at the bar. Roberdyck asks his leader if Arche will be alright. Hekkeran states that Arche will be fine, but most likely will have to drop out from being a worker as she has take care of her sisters. Being a worker is a hazardous employment but Hekkeran believes that Arche skills as a 3rd tier magic caster will serve her well at another job, plus she has a Talent that is comparable to Fluder Paradyne which will make her valuable anywhere. The priest muses that Foresight was lucky that Arche came to their team, but now they face the eventuality that Arche will leave Foresight. Roberdyck asks if Hekkeran plans on recruiting another magic caster or perhaps disband the team. Hekkeran states that acquiring a new teammate would take some time to get used, but it's too dangerous for a three person team, and wonders if they should go back to working as adventurers. Roberdyck shoots down that idea as he simply can't follow the regulations of the Temples if he wants to help people. The priest thinks maybe he will retire, which to Hekkeran is not a bad idea, as he has enough money saved up and maybe will find work in helping the people or going to live in village in the countryside. As for Hekkeran, he wonders what he should do afterwards. The priest chuckles as Hekkeran's future can't simply be decided by himself, hinting at the latter's relationship with Imina and his recent escapade to find a gift for her. Roberdyck's teasing causes Hekkeran tobe momentarily embarrassed which the priest enjoys.

Elsewhere, Arche returns home to find that their parents have bought a new art piece at fifteen gold coins. When asked why they bought such a thing, her father states that it was necessary for aristocrats to spend money on such things. His daughter though reminds him that their family are no longer nobles, which causes his expression to harden and shout that once the emperor dies they will instantly gain back their status. Holding onto the belief that their family's proud history as nobles will triumph. He refuses to acknowledge that his expenses are a waste but investments to his family's image. Arche then tells him that he's stupid and that she won't be providing for him or her mother anymore as she has already done enough for them and intends to take away her sisters. Leaving behind her dumbstruck parents, Arche is greeted by her younger sister Ureirika who happily hugs her. Arche then asks if she could guide her to Kuuderika as she has something very important to tell them both. While holding Arche's hand, Ureirika comments that her sister's hand is rough, but states that she likes it causing Arche to thank her.

Foresight attends a gathering of the most famous workers in the Empire for Count Femel's request. There present are Dragon Hunt, Tenmu, and Heavy Masher. Hekkeran seeing the leaders of each team speaking decides to go and say hello. Gringham, the leader of Heavy Masher, greets Hekkeran as a previous acquaintance. Hekkeran seeing that most of his team is missing ask what happened, which the other leader states that the remaining members are resting after completing a job. He meets for the first time Erya Uzruth of Tenmu who is hailed as being a sword genius and a match of the Kingdom's strongest, Gazef Stronoff. While having an air of haughtiness , Erya is polite towards Hekkeran, but it vanishes once his cold gaze lands the members of Foresight, particularly Imina who he sees is an elf. Recalling that Erya was from the Slane Theocracy, Hekkeran warns the swordsman not to harm his companions. To that Erya assures him that he will be an ally on this mission. He then excuses himself, content with leaving he command of authority of the journey to their destination to the remaining leaders as his only concern is being at the frontlines when the encounter monsters. As he leaves to return to his team, which is composed of a trio of timid female elves. Hekkeran's face twitches at the sight of the oppressed women, but is distracted by the leader of Dragon Hunt, Parpatra Ogrion who comments that Erya is dangerous which Hekkeran agrees, though he would not might if he ends up dying on the mission. However he could be a problem as Erya's overconfidence could doom the rest of them. Hekkeran asks Parpatra on his opinion of Erya's strength. The old man does not disclose his opinion but mentions that a third adamantite adventurer team has appeared in the Kingdom. Gringham has heard the rumors about the adventurer team, Darkness and it leader Momon, though is skeptical some of the claims like defeating a Gigant Basilisk with only two people. The more information he collected on Darkness, the more it seemed dubious such as the defeating a demon that had a 200 difficulty rank and caused turmoil in the Kingdom. He believes that the rumored are the work of the Kingdom's Adventurer's Guild, deliberately spreading it out of personal interest to gain additional adamantite adventurers. Hekkeran thinks that could be possible, though Parpatra states that the rumors might be true as adventurers of orichalcum and above are often encouraged to become adamantite. Such a thing would need to be clarified by Hekkeran's own eyes. A cry is heard and the trio of leaders spot that Erya slapped one of his elves. The others in Foresight note their distaste of Erya, citing the rumors of him being a vile man are true with Hekkeran commenting that Erya can only match the skills of Gazef and not his noble personality.

A butler calls the gathered workers to attention, thanking them for answering his master's request. For their mission the butler explains that a total of six adventurers would be escorting the workers to their destination and guard their coaches while traveling to the Kingdom. To the workers surprise the steeds that will be pulling their coaches are Sleipnirs, highly rare magical beasts that are each worth five of more warhorses. Erya notes that the adventurers accompanying them are of gold class and asks if they will be adequate in guarding their carriages or camp drawing grim faces from the eavesdropping adventurers. The butler assures the worker that it will not be a problem as he introduces the other two adventurers who recently climbed to adamantite rank: Momon and Nabe. The appearance of the two rumored adventurers causes the doubts of the workers to vanish. Seeing the reactions of the workers, the moods of the adventurers change. They allow Momon to converse with the workers whilst they handle the rest, content that Momon will take charge in security.

Before deepening his relationship with the workers, Momon asks them their reasons for going to the ruins. Unlike adventurers which are compelled by the guild sometimes to take requests, workers have no such obligations. The answer he receives is "for money". Gringham speaking for the workers state that the reward offered in the request is enough for them to risk their lives for. Momon hearing their decision understands and thanks them for their time in answering his pointless question before heading away to his carriage.

At the outskirts of the ruins, Hekkeran is observing the site from afar with his friends. Seeing that it to be in the middle of a meadow, Hekkeran feels that someone might control the ruin. Imina agrees that if that's the case the presence of undead would be expected. If that would be the case then they would be required to wipe the area out and drive the undead away with holy power. For Roberdyck he hopes that the case, as an abandoned golem in the ruins would be preferable. He asks Arche what's the current strategy planned by the leaders of the workers, which appears to be a night infiltration of the ruins from four sides and gather at the large crypt in the center. After Arche tells him this, she scolds he as he should have been present, but since Hekkeran was aware that the other leaders didn't go the meeting, he figured that she was the best for the job. Before heading back to camp, Arche tells her friends that the ruins baffle her as she couldn't find the background or period from when the ruins were built. It was as if they appeared out of nowhere and from what she could tell by the statues they seem to resemble a period before the Evil Deities, but the cross-shaped gravestones don't make sense to her. Hekkeran comes over and tells her that just means that there is bound to be something interesting in the ruins. One by one her friends stimulate her curiously and thirst for knowledge of what could be in the ruins and how exciting it will be. Though Arche admits should would prefer to find money there.

Back at camp, when night falls, the workers finished their evening meal and make way towards the ruins. They are watched by Momon and the leader of the other adventurer team. Despite the roles of workers and adventurers, the leader muses that the workers make it back safety. When he asks Momon what he thinks, the dark armored warrior states that all of the will die. Realizng that he spoke his thoughts out loud, Momon hastily tells his peer that he meant that he was being mentally prepared for the workers dying as they are going into an unknown territory. Thus holding on to high hopes results in being disappointment. The adventurer takes Momon's word as the latter excuses himself to retire to his tent with Nabe.

Now alone, Ainz removes his helm, revealing his skeletal face. Ainz then tells Narberal that he will be returning to Nazarick, while Pandora's Actor will take his place. While Ainz is gone, he asks Narberal to take care of anything that might come up.

Major Events[]

  • Momon and Nabe arrive in Arwintar.
  • Foresight agrees to accept a job from Count Femel to investigate some ruins. They understand it may be one of their last jobs as Arche intends to retire from being a worker to cut ties with her parents and take her sisters away.
  • At Count Femel's estate Foresight meet with the other adventurer teams that accepted the job, such as Dragon Hunt, Heavy Masher and Tenmu.
  • The workers are introduced to the members of Darkness.
  • At the ruins, the workers arrive to investigate and Momon changes back to his identity of Ainz Ooal Gown to allow Pandora's Actor to temporarily replace him as an adventurer.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

New Characters[]

Abilities Used[]

  • No abilities were used during this chapter.

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace January 2021 Issue.
  • Arche's total amount of debt was not disclosed, unlike in the Light Novel.
  • Unlike in the Light Novel, Roberdyck and Hekkeran's private talk took place in the market of Arwintar and not in the Singing Apple Inn.


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