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This is the sixtieth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Nfirea Bareare faces off against the troll, leading with an attack with an [Acid Arrow]. The troll blocks the attacks, though the spell burns its arm. The troll now distracted, Nfirea orders Enri Emmot to run and find help. The girl with great difficulty complies and hurries again, leaving Nfirea alone to deal with the troll. The boy readies himself against the demi-human recalling that trolls to be weak against fire and acid and at the level of gold ranked adventurers. Knowing his chances are not good he nevertheless decides to use [Hypnotism], stalling the troll as it raises a fist at him. Nfirea runs through and dodges the blow, but fails to avoid a knee by the monster that sends him sprawling to the ground. He shot another [Acid Arrow] at the troll's feet, but the demi-human is more or less unharmed. Reeling from the pain, Nfirea cruses at his luck, but decides to take comfort that at he bought enough time for Enri to escape. Saying Enri's name makes Nfirea remember that he promised her that he would give her his answer. Struggling to get up, the boy is about to be crushed by the looming danger of the troll's fists.

Enri hurries back to where Nfirea and the troll are with a pair of goblins. She sees the troll about to land a killing blow to her friend and knows that she and the goblins will not make it in time. The fists swing down, and Enri closes her eyes to prevent her from seeing what she assumes will be the death of Nfirea. Suddenly a crosier blocks the fists of the troll. The item belongs to none other than Lupusregina Beta. The maid after confirming Nfirea to be alright, casts [Heal] to restore him to full health. She has the boy move aside so she can deal with the troll. Nfirea seeing Enri, nearly collapses by she manages to catch him before he falls over. Hugging him, Enri is glad he is alright, which causes Nfirea to embrace her back. Their tender moment is interrupted by a teasing Luspusregina, who to the surprise of the two humans, defeated the troll in a flash, leaving only bloody mess which is then set to flames by the maid. Unperturbed by their shock, Lupusregina states that she is happy that things have been solved. Soon several more members of the Goblin Troop arrive to help. Seeing that her role is over, the maid quickly says her goodbyes but not before thanking Nfirea on his successful new purple potion. Enri thanks her for her help, as she leaves.

The goblins having come to the scene tell their mistress and her friend to rest while they gather the others. Now alone the two chat on how lucky Nfirea was just before, brushing close to death. Nfirea states that he wouldn't be doing that again, which Enri agrees. After a brief moment of hesitation Enri confesses that she might like him, though is not sure but knows that she doesn't want to lose him. Enri asks Nfirea to confirm if these feelings are love, which the boy answers that he does not know but would be happy if it is.

The next day Nemu Emmot is pulling her sister's arm to hurry outside the Emmot home where Jugem and Nfirea are waiting. Nfirea blushes at the sight of Enri in her nice dress. Enri feels weird wearing it but Nfirea assures her that she looks beautiful, causing the gilr to be turn red as Nemu and Jugem smile with pleased lookd on their faces. Nfirea decides to change the subject and asks Juegm how he is adjusting to the new magic sword he acquired. The goblin troop leader reports he is getting use to the weapon, which is far better than the one he previously used. However he brings up that the previous owner of the sword, the troll was weird as it felt as if the troll was already dead when he defeated him. Enir wonders if he was facing a Zombie Troll, which Jugem cannot confirm but it may be possible.

Before they go any further into the matter, they are interrupted by the cheerful voice of Lupusregina. The red-headed maid is soon silenced with a quick chop to the head by a maid behind her for being loud and rude. The Emmots and Nfirea recognize her to be one of Ainz Ooal Gown's maids, which the woman then introduces herself as Yuri Alpha. The maid explains that she and Lupusregina have come to bring them to Ainz's domain. Enri wonders if its alright if she brings Nemus, which Yuri states it is fine as this visit is a reward for Nfirea's potion. Lupusregina also adds that this visit is due in part of Nfirea's success as her boyfriend causing the two teens to blush. Yuri scolds her sister for her lack of decorum, as she brings forth a a gigantic wooden closet from a void. Setting it up a doorway appears which Nfirea recognizes to be either a pocket space or a high tier spell. Yuri invites the group to come in, and leaves the protection the group to Lupusregina as she walks in first. Nfirea comments that items from Ainz to be amazing from the horn and potion he possessed, which Enri agrees as she reaches out to hold his hand. Just as Nemu calls out for them to hurry, the couple smile at each other and walk hand in hand toward the entrance.

Major Events[]

Character Appearance[]

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New Characters[]

  • There are no new characters introduced in this chapter.

Abilities Used[]


  • Acid Arrow
  • Hypnotism
  • Heal

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2020 Issue.


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